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Feb 27, 2020

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What is Scrum Alliance Membership? offers membership for every candidate who has attended the courses and passed the course requirements. Every individual who goes for the membership pays $100 and renews his certification. 
This is a 17-year-old non-profit certifying body offers training and certification in the scrum framework. It proudly offers membership to all its certificate holders with a purpose. Every individual with this feather on their cap gets access to the entire community. There are many institutes that offer training and recommend each participant for certification. 
Scrum Alliance is supported by the largest agile community; this organization offers to reach to larger people population across the globe through this membership.
Top 4 advantages of Scrum Alliance member 

Why should you earn?

The membership provides a platform for everyone involved in Scrum including Developers, Agile Experts, Scrum Masters, Scrum POs, and all Scrum enthusiasts to regularly update their Scrum/Agile expertise, and it's a great opportunity for professional networking. Members get access to several resources on scrum alliance and free courses, and they get to build their image as experts on Scrum/Agile.
1. Develop and contribute 
One of the key benefits is to develop and contribute to your Scrum/Agile skill base and collaborate with the global and regional community.

2. Be an expert 

Once you contribute to the Scrum Alliance community you will get recognition as Scrum experts.
3. Resource access
After becoming a member of the Scrum Alliance you will get access to a lot of resources online such as blogs and websites resources.
4. Get better job prospects
Once you get access to the community you can get excellent job prospects through the global community of people who work across the globe. Since you are a Scrum Alliance member you will get a job instantly and can get placed anywhere in the world.

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Plus points of obtaining this Scrum Alliance membership 

You get access to 500,000+ person community after renewing your Certified Scrum Master certification. By getting access to this community you get support and benefits of free educational webinars, discounted global and local conferences as well as agile careers and job postings, etc.
There is a discount of $200+ on registration if a member of the Scrum Alliance wishes to attend the scrum gathering and that will pave way for a renewal of $100 fee is worth the amount and win a standpoint for many benefits of attending the conferences and much more.
Many regional events such as conferences and meet up are sponsored by the Scrum Alliance to support the local agile scrum communities.
How to retain your Scrum Alliance membership
The first time you attend the training and write the exam to get certified. Few certifications require only training but not an examination. You will get access to the website and accept their license to get certified. In both models namely examination and non-examination you create a profile with the certifying body and become a member. Now, on that login page, you need to update details and renew your membership. 
Let us see how we can do that by following the steps given below. 
There are two steps to renew Scrum Alliance membership.
1.Update SEUs
2.Pay renewal fees 
Your membership gets renewed for 2 years 
You need to earn scrum education units (SEU) to renew your certification and hence membership. Yes, the first time you will go through a paid training process to get certified. But, in subsequent times you need to stay engaged with the agile community and enhance your skills. By doing so you will get SEU. There are several ways to get these points. 
1.Take part in webinars
2.Attend gatherings local and international 
3.Watch online videos
4.Take classes or mentor amateur professionals 
5.Read books and blogs 
6.Write papers and blogs 
Each of the above-mentioned activities will provide you with 1 SEU for one hour. Based on the membership you want to renew collect points. See table below for details 


USD 100
A-CSM, A-CSPOAdvanced30USD 175
CSP-SM, CSP-PO, CSPProfessional40USD 250
With these SEU points, you are ready to renew. 
Reach your profile page in the and follow the steps 
  • Click on the top right side where you can see your NAME
  • Choose Dashboard option from the drop-down menu 
  • There you can see Scrum Education Units 
  • Choose the blue-button Manage SEUs
  • Based on the category/s you have gathered points select those options 
  • Add multiple activities until your total SEU points are included
  • Click submit 
Now, this will reflect on your profile page. Any activity is done in the 2 years after getting certified or after the previous renewal is taken into consideration. 
Now, again follow these steps for payment and renewal
  • In your profile page click your name and reach the dashboard 
  • Click on Actions and select Renew Certification 
  • Select the name of the certification to renew where you will see your SEU points
  • When they meet the requirement you can click renew and that will be accepted 
  • Then make payment to complete the process. 
You are done and enjoy 2-year scrum alliance membership. 
Note: In case you missed renewing after 2 years, still you have grace time for 90 days from the expiry date. This chance is final and if you miss your certification will lapse.

Certified Scrum

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Finally, what can you expect from along with the membership?
  • You can link the LinkedIn account with the digital badge that you obtained from the certifying body.
  • With this membership, you can start a local scrum user group and stay connected with the community in sharing knowledge.
  • By getting the CSP certifications you get an admiring opportunity to access the exclusive Comparative Agility Tool. 


Education - Scrum Alliance has over one million credentialed members who have earned certification (e.g., CSM and CSPO) through training and, for advanced certifications, proven and practical experience. 
Advocacy - Scrum Alliance invests in coalitions, innovation labs and thinks tanks, business outreach, and global conferences. 
Community - Over 300 Certified Agile Coaches and Certified Scrum Trainers are affiliated with Scrum Alliance. These experts and thought leaders help individuals and businesses to become more agile and sustain their agility over the long term.
Scrum Alliance members also learn from one another through global and regional meetings, local user groups, and resources offered at  StarAgile is a registered educational partner offers certified scrum master and cspo certification 

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