Top 10 Benefits of CSPO Certification

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Mar 25, 2019

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Academic qualification is a must in the competitive world to find a job? But will that alone help you stay in the corporate environment till your retirement? Gone are the government job days where you complete education, write some qualifying examination and find a job. You’re settled for your life. The current scenario is dynamic and one needs to update skill on an hourly basis to run the race.

Wondering about your next step in the agile atmosphere? Stay relaxed as you have several certification courses offered for the agile community and you need to choose the best one and keep climbing the mountain. There is no limit to expanding your knowledge until you feel so.

When we talk about agile projects that moment we think about CSM (certified scrum master) certification. But, there is something called a certified scrum product owner CSPO certification. We will understand what is this certification all about, who can do it, how to do it etc. Beyond, that we would also want to let you know the benefits of acquiring a product owner certification.

What is Product Owner Certification?

Before we talk about the scrum product owner certification, let us understand the role of a product owner in an agile team. This person is the backbone of the project and ensures delivery, sticks to the implementation schedule continuously meet customer need and assures quality within the given time and budget. In short, like a scrum master’s relevance to the team, a PO is important from the business point of view.

Now, coming to the course details, a certified scrum product owner helps the agile team create the right product vision, and orders the product backlog. Overall, CSPO Training will align the product owner’s thought with the client’s expectation. They can understand client needs better than before.

Certified Scrum

Product Owner Course

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Who can attend the CSPO training?

All individual who aspires to take ownership and define the product vision can attend that certified scrum product owner training. To be specific, product manager, product owner, business analyst, managers, and chief operating officers can take part in the CSPO certification training and get certified.

That does not prevent the developers and testers from attending the training as they can always look for a role progression by enhancing their knowledge and skills. Everyone can wear the PO hat with CSPO online training and certification.

How to get through CSPO certification in India?

Scrum Alliance is the accrediting body that conducts the scrum product owner certification exam and issues certificate. It is a must that each aspiring individual must go through a 2-day training program from a recognized training institute for getting certified.

In case, if you are one among the aspiring individual, then you must know the top 10 CSPO certification benefits

1. CSPO Vs Educational Background

When you attend the Product Owner training course in India, then stop worrying about your educational qualification. Below pie chart compares the salary with each educational qualification.

From that, you can infer that irrespective of the academic qualification one can earn a salary at par after passing CSPO certification exam. Don’t worry about the past as the present is in your hands.   Every certified scrum product owner resume will carry the same weight age.

2. Master Scrum with a Scrum Master

A certified scrum trainer earns the eligibility to train certified scrum product owner online course. This means you will benefit from learning all the scrum concepts from scratch. Don’t bother if you missed or did not want to get CSM certified, as CSPO will cover agile manifesto and its impacts on scrum framework. Also, you will learn the cycles and roles used in Scrum. Two in one bonus as you will get a deep understanding of the scope of a PO in this training.

3. Define Product backlog

The first step in a PO career is to understand a product backlog and define the same. PO does not interact much with the team as a scrum master does. Therefore the to-do a list of the product backlog must be well defined for developers to work in line with the PO. Certified scrum product owner training  provides a real-time example and make the learner know the crux of the backlog. The PO will now know how to get the developers to pull backlog from him and he will no longer push them with force.

4. Methodical Approach to prioritize product backlog items

Well trained PO will now know the right way to transform themes and epics into actionable user stories. Keeping the business goal and the overall strategy in mind the PO will be taught to prioritize the product backlog items. At every stage of product development, the PO will interact with the customer to update the team about the priority. This step is important otherwise the entire project team will be shooting at their feet and that’s exactly where CSPO certification course provides help and overcome all issues. The CSPO training material will include detailed scenario-based content to provide clarity to the PO.

5. Project charter development

At the surface level, a PO is looked like an owner of the product who constantly talks to the client to update backlog status with the team. However, this person should know the right method of developing the charter for the product.  Product chartering will motivate the team dedication and hence a clear objective is achieved across the team. The product owner certification scrum alliance program is designed in such a way to help the PO develop a project charter.

6. Appropriately use velocity ranges

Accurate planning with a fixed timeline and fixed date is important and the same is obtained by properly utilizing the velocity range. A product owner certification exam will contain questions related to velocity ranges. It will be more of practice-based and hence one must attend the training to develop the system and make accurate estimations. An effective way of using a burndown chart to improve the team’s succession is one of the important session of the training.

7. Quickly gel with agile practitioners

In general agile practitioner will have a different mindset than others. You can understand CSPO certification value in this process as you will be able to get along with the practitioners. As a PO is the person who does the client-facing role it is important that he/she goes well with the customer. If the client is an agile expert, then with the knowledge gained from the training and the CSPO exam will let the PO understand the requirement clearly.

8. Understanding the team

Indeed, it is said that a PO deals with the business side, however, their understanding of the team plays a vital role in successful delivery. They cannot push backlogs on the developers and for that, an understanding of the team deliverables is the key. The PO must help the team point towards the target. The best scrum product owner certification will guide every PO to handhold team and meet customer need.

9. Expand the career horizon

So far we spoke about the project, client, team, and delivery. Now, let us also give an insight into the personal growth of an individual who undergoes certified scrum product owner training in India. We will talk about salary later; first, let’s see how a CSPO certified individual finds a job. Every organization is embracing agile approach and product owner certification is worth it when you want to switch from one industry to another. Even within agile projects, you can change to the PO role by attending product owner certification training. Therefore, in the competitive job market, you can find a place for yourself.

10. Increasing the earning potential

Last but the most important part about the scrum product owner certification is the salary. Yes, you can improve your earning potential by obtaining a CSPO certification. You can refer from the image taken from PayScale, that at each level of experience you get make difference in getting paid with a CSPO certification.

For instance certified scrum product owner salary in India with 1 – 4 years of experience will be paid 9% more than that of others without certification. Likewise, across experience, you can see the advantage of getting certified. At this juncture if you compare the CSPO certification cost, then you will certainly agree that it is very small for the returns you will get.

Certified Scrum

Product Owner Course

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Coming to the end, we would like to reiterate that a Product Owner Certification not only opens an avenue for a career opportunity but makes you a professional product owner. Start looking for CSPO training near me and register in the best institute. Get certified by scrum alliance and enjoy 2 years membership with the agile community. Here you can learn and exchange new ideas. Every two years CSPO Certification validity terminates and you need to renew online following a simple process.

Again to remind you that this course is just not for product owners, but for all those want to define the product vision. Get trained today even if you are a fresher in the job as you can gain experience and reach the top within no time.

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