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CSM Certification Training in Bangalore

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Certified Scrum Master Training in Bangalore unleashes a leader in you and prepares you to become a Scrum master. CSM training provides detailed knowledge of Scrum framework used in agile management and enables practitioners to learn Scrum implementation. CSM Certification Bangalore is one such institute that opens up various avenues for the practitioner aiming to learn details of Scrum lifecycle. Practitioners will get to learn scrum organization and setting up of a project in their respective organizations

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💡 One among the top 10 most valuable certification

💡 90% of the people get job after CSM Certification

💡 Scrum Projects more successful compared to waterfall

Key Features

  • 2 Days Classroom Training
  • Training by experienced Scrum Alliance Certified Instructors (CSTs)
  • 16 PDUs and SEUs
  • 2nd Day Scrum Alliance Exam & Certification
  • Practical Knowledge with Role plays, Games, Case studies & Simulations
  • Scrum Alliance exam fee included
  • Join 20+ Scrum WhatsApp groups
  • 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Key Features

  • 2 Days Classroom Training
  • Training by experienced Scrum Alliance Certified Instructors (CSTs)
  • 16 PDUs and SEUs
  • 2nd Day Scrum Alliance Exam & Certification
  • Practical Knowledge with Role plays, Games, Case studies & Simulations
  • Scrum Alliance exam fee included
  • Join 20+ Scrum WhatsApp groups
  • 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Scrum Master Certificate

Certified Scrum Master

What is Scrum? What You Will Learn in Scrum Master Training?

What is Scrum? What do you learn in Scrum Master training in Bangalore?

Scrum is a project management framework that emphasizes on strengthening teamwork, accountability, and iterative progress. It centers around functional software, communication, collaboration, and adaptability. The training program comprehensively educates an individual through a defined and empirical process encompassing agile history, framework, manifesto, and principles. Scrum Master certification Bangalore helps participants garner the basic skills to understand Scrum and implement it effectively. Furthermore, it disciplines candidates on fundamental concepts like sprint backlog, product backlog, burndown charts, etc. that help them in delivering projects efficiently.Scrum training further enlightens upon the practical knowledge of Agile aids in implementing its practices in a productive manner. It focuses on how to work with a team and as a team, prepare workflows based on the requirements, create charts, predict backlogs in story points and a lot more. On the whole, with CSM training in Bangalore, participants gain expertise that is required to successfully implement Scrum methodology for any project to deliver high-value products.
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CSM Course Advantages


Scrum undoubtedly is one of the effective Agile approaches and it offers organizations many advantages. Some of them are the following:-

  • In Scrum, projects are shorter, which reduces the overall development costs. Additionally, it also helps in lowering the cost by making the most of the team member’s skills and time.
  • Scrum process is strengthened by the knowledge of product owners who emphasize primarily on user experience, thereby ensuring value to the clients.
  • A product is released in every Sprint, which is an increment. Therefore Scrum ensures that ROI is generated at every stage.
  • In Scrum, testing happens at every stage of the development process. This ensures that bugs are fixed at the initial stages and expected quality is maintained throughout.
  • By dividing the development process in Sprints and highlighting the priority features, Scrum streamlines the tasks for team members. This makes the overall development process simple, organized, and efficient.
  • Since the development process is completed in multiple stages, there is a lesser risk of the team losing focus. This also reduces the chances of product failures.
  • Scrum enables developers to choose their tasks, thereby infusing a sense of being ‘self-organized’ within the team members.
The client is present in every meeting so there is transparency in the process, which assures them that their needs are being effectively catered to.

Who Can Attend CSM Training?

  • Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Managers
  • Software Developers
  • Product Owners
  • Software Development Managers
  • Software Architects
  • Software Testers
  • Team Leads
  • QA Managers

CSM Certification & Exam FAQ's

1. CSM certification cost in Bangalore?+

The CSM certification cost/fees in Bangalore doesn’t differ much from institute to institute. An established institution charges around INR 24999 + taxes for a Scrum Master Certification course.

2. From which certification body would I receive Scrum Master certification?+

You will obtain the CSM certification from Scrum Alliance.

3. What is the cost for CSM certification renewal?+

The Cost of scrum master certification renewal is $100.

4. What is the process for Scrum Master Certification renewal?+

For renewing Scrum Master Certification, log in to your Scrum Alliance profile. Go to ‘Settings’, then click on the ‘certification dashboard.’ Once you do that, select ‘Actions’ and click on the renewal link and pay the renewal fee of USD 100 via the payment modes offered.

5. Scrum Master Certification validity?+

CSM certification is valid for two years from the date of completion of the exam. Post this duration, you have to request for renewal by paying USD 100 per two years.

6. How do I download the CSM Certificate after completing the examination?+

Once you pass the exam, you will receive a mail wherein you have to accept certain terms and conditions. Post that, you have to fill relevant information that has been requested and print your certificate.

7. Can I retake the Scrum Master Certification Exam if I fail in the first attempt?+

Yes, you can take the CSM exam again if you don’t pass it on the first attempt. However, you will have to pay an additional fee of USD 25 in order to retake the CSM exam for third time.

8. What is the passing score for Scrum Master certification in Bangalore?+

Candidates must get a minimum of 37 questions correct from the 50 questions (74%).

9. How much is the exam cost/fees for CSM certification in Bangalore?+

There are no separate charges for exam, CSM training in  Bangalore amount includes certification charges also and training fee is 24999 + GST per individual.

10. Is CSM Certification Bangalore online and open book examination?+

CSM Certification Bangalore is an open book examination that has to be completed within 60 minutes.

11. Can I pause the Certified Scrum Master exam for some time and resume it later?+

Yes, you can take breaks in between but your overall time allotted for the exam will be affected. You can also revisit any question and change the answer until you click the exam submit button.

12. What is the duration for the Certified Scrum Master Certification exam?+

You have to complete the CSM exam within 60 minutes. Additionally, you must take the exam within three months of completing the training course.

13. Is Scrum Master Certification online or paper-based exam?+

Scrum Master Certification Bangalore is an online exam that you can attempt via a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet

14. What is the pattern for Scrum Master Certification exam questions?+

CSM exam is a free online test that can be taken multiples times. The exams consist of 50 multiple choice questions that the candidates have to answer in 60 minutes. Individuals cannot pause the test and are allowed to take breaks but the test time will be reduced by the amount of the break duration.

15. What is the weightage for Scrum Master certification questions from each domain+

The CSM exam will contain 50 questions with the percentage coverage on each domain as given below.

CSM Domain
Topics Covered
% of Questions in the test
 Scrum and Agile

Manifesto values and Principles.

Scrum definition and connection with agile

 Scrum Theory
The empirical process, 3 Pillars, Details about iterative and incremental characteristics
 Scrum Values
Five scrum values – How and Why
 Scrum Team
Importance, role, characteristics of the scrum team
 Scrum Master
Scrum master role, service to the organization and the product owner
 Scrum Events
Purpose of the sprint, sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review, and sprint retrospective.
 Scrum Artifacts
Purpose of scrum artifacts, Product backlog, Sprint backlog, Definition of Done

16. What is the exam process for Scrum Master Certification in Bangalore?+

To obtain Scrum Master Certification Bangalore, you have to attend a two-day training course in Bangalore provided by a certified Scrum trainer. Post the training, you can take a mock test before applying for the main CSM exam.

17. What is the Scrum Master Certification cost in Bangalore?+

The overall cost for CSM certification training in Bangalore would be approximately INR 24999+ taxes (including the exam fee as well). However, reach StarAgile team to avail discounts.

For more details Scrum Master Certification Cost

18. Can someone take Certified Scrum Master certification without training?+

Professionals are required to take an in-person two-day Certified Scrum Master training in Bangalore with a certified scrum trainer from Scrum Alliance in order to be eligible for the CSM exam.

19. Eligibility Criteria for CSM certification Bangalore+

There are no specific eligibility criteria for CSM certification Bangalore. However, it is recommended for applicants/professionals to have a basic knowledge of the Scrum framework and methodology.


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CSM Certification and Training FAQ's

1. Why should I register CSM training in Bangalore with StarAgile?+

StarAgile is one of the leading CSM training institutes in the country. We have a staunch experience in offering training programs to over 10,000+ professionals with a 100% passing track record.

2. Who is Certified Scrum Master?+

Certified Scrum Master is basically a servant-leader for the Scrum team. A Scrum Master is responsible for supporting and promoting Scrum implementation by helping everyone understand the theory, practices, values, and rules associated with Scrum.

3. Why Scrum Master certification in Bangalore is in high demand?+

Scrum Master Certification Bangalore offers professional detailed knowledge of Agile development process and garner them the skills to work efficiently with a team. Along with strengthening the skills of professionals, it also helps them obtain a better pay package. Certified Scrum Masters are in high demand as they are able to understand the process better than rest of the individuals in the team.

4. Career benefits by doing CSM Certification in Bangalore?+

Scrum certification in Bangalore focuses on the prominence of ‘self-organization’ that helps professionals avail many benefits that include:- Efficient participation in team activities while ensuring a sense of ‘self-organization’ Being self-motivated in order to offer maximum productivity. Development of an organized and productive work environment that facilitate both individual and company growth. Enabling professionals to work in a streamlined and organized environment.

5. What skills does CSM Certification in Bangalore offer?+

Scrum training in Bangalore programs allow professionals to understand how to efficiently work with a team. Furthermore, it allows managers to become better coaches, enhance communication skills, and mitigate risks in order to deliver a successful project.

6. Who should take this CSM Training in Bangalore?+

Anyone can take Scrum Certification training course in Bangalore and strengthen their skills and career opportunities. Generally, CSM training is taken by project managers, coders, product owners, developers, testers, architects, program managers, delivery managers, QA lead, etc.

7. What are the prerequisites for Scrum Master Certification Bangalore?+

There is no specific qualification experience required to obtain the Scrum Master Certification Bangalore. Professionals simply have to attend a 2-day CSM training in Bangalore from a certified Scrum trainer and clear the online CSM exam.

8. Does StarAgile provides Scrum Master Certification dumps?+

According to ScrumAlliance guidelines we shouldn’t share any dumps other than CSM workbook and pre-class reading material.

9. What is the certification process for CSM Training in Bangalore?+

The process starts with professionals enrolling in a 2-day training program. Training must be provided by certified Scrum trainers. Professionals can take the online CSM exam anytime within 3 months of the completion of CSM training in Bangalore. The results are immediately displayed on the screen and, after passing, candidates can download the certificate from their Scrum Alliance profile.

10. What is the average Salary for Scrum Masters?+

Per the latest survey conducted by different portals including Payscale, Glassdoor, Naukri, etc the average pay of Scrum Masters across different places are given below.

Annual Salary
2 - 4 Years
5 – 8 Yrs
INR 6.5 to 7.5 Lacs
INR 8.5 to 14.5 Lacs
USUSD 80 K to 105 K
USD 105 K to 120 K
Euro35K to 55K
Euro 60K to 75K

11. What is the exam pattern for Scrum Master Certification in Bangalore?+

It is an online exam that comes with 50 multiple choice questions that candidates have to complete in an hour. They are not allowed to pause the test or skip any question and revisit it later. To pass the exam professionals must get at least 37 answers correct (74%).

12.Till how long CSM Certification is valid?+

The CSM certification is valid for 2 years. Post this, professionals have to renew their certificate by paying USD 100 to Scrum Alliance.

13. Is 2-day training enough to take up CSM certification in Bangalore?+

Yes, a 2-day CSM training in Bangalore is enough to appear in the CSM exam. Moreover, with StarAgile, professionals obtain training from experienced and qualified trainers who can thoroughly complete the entire certification process in two days.

14. What certification will I receive after completing the CSM training in Bangalore?+

You will obtain a CSM certification from Scrum Alliance after successfully completing the CSM training in Bangalore and clearing the test. You will also receive 2-year membership from Scrum Alliance.

15. Is Scrum Master Certification fee included in the course fee?+

Yes, the CSM course fee includes CSM exam fee as well as certificate fee.

16. Can someone take CSM certification exam without training?+

According to the mandate issued by Scrum Alliance, individuals must take 2-days CSM training in Bangalore to obtain CSM certification.

17. What are the benefits of the 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance?+

With the 2-year membership, you can enjoy free access to the entire community of Scrum Alliance. You can share your views, get an opinion, or even share your articles on the website.

18. What is next after CSM certification?+

CSM certification opens many prolific career opportunities to the professionals. Individuals have the scope of becoming Scrum Master, Project Manager, Product Owner. Also, professionals can plan for advanced level certifications like A-CSM, PMI-ACP, CSPO or SAFe Agilist 4.6 training and certifications.

19. What is 100% Money Back Guarantee?+

StarAgile is one of the leading CSM training institutes that offer students Scrum training from certified and experienced trainers. We have a 100% passing track record and offer 100% refund if you fail to clear the test. The refund is initiated within seven working days.

20. How should I renew my CSM Certification?+

Visit the Scrum Alliance website and log in to your profile. Fill in the necessary details and accept the license agreement. Go to the certification dashboard and click on ‘Action’. There you can renew your certification by paying the fees.

21. How many attempts do I have to pass the CSM Certification exam?+

You get two attempts in a single course period. For the third attempt, you will have to pay an additional fee of USD 25. Moreover, if you fail to pass the exam on the third attempt, you will have to take the training program again

22. How long does it take to receive CSM exam results?+

After completing the online exam, you are shown the result on your screen immediately.

23. Does Scrum Alliance offer online classes for CSM certification?+

Scrum Alliance does not provide online classes. They simply recommend the professionals to take a 2-days in-person training by certified Scrum trainer.

24. Scrum Master Certification levels?+

There are three levels in Scrum Master certification:
First – CSM (Certified Scrum Master)
Second – A-CSM (Advance – Certified Scrum Master)
Third – CSP (Certified Scrum Professional)

25. What is SEUs and PDUs?+

SEU stands for Scrum Education Units which is a continued education credits required to obtain certification from Scrum Alliance as given below.

Scrum Education Unit or SEU is a continuing education credit required to get Scrum Alliance. The SEU requirements and renewal fees will go into effect on February 4th, 2019 in the following manner: -

Certification (Two-Year Term)
SEUs Required
Fee Per Term
Foundational : CSM®, CSPO®, or CSD®
Advanced: A-CSMSM or A-CSPOSM
Professional: CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, or CSP®
PDU stands for Professional Development Unit, which is another continuing education credit that is necessary for the renewal of the Professional Management Institute(PMI) certification.

26. Does StarAgile offers Scrum Master Certification weekend courses in Bangalore?+

Yes, we offer Scrum Master Certification weekend courses in Bangalore and on special request we  also conduct weekday batches.

27. What does registration fee include?+

The registration fee covers study material, training, exam fee, certification fee and 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance.

28. Payment Procedure?+

Payment can be made via debit or credit card, wallet, or net banking.
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About Certified Scrum Master Certification

Certified Scrum Master Certification Training in Bangalore

Earlier known as the garden city of India, Bangalore is now the silicon valley of India. In the last decade, the city has developed into an epicenter of IT development in India as several multinational companies such as Google, Dell, Yahoo, and HP established their offices in the city. Apart from the multinationals, Bangalore has also been a perfect destination for startups such as Flipkart and Ola cabs to set their foundation and expand. Considering the high concentration of IT companies in Bangalore, the chances of getting a job as a Scrum Master is also high. So, it makes it all the more critical for an IT professional to get CSM certified.

  • Certified Scrum Master Certification in Bangalore is one of the most significant and globally recognized certifications conducted by Scrum Alliance. The certification allows you to become a member of Scrum Alliance, which gives you two-year access to attend Scrum Alliance gatherings, and an opportunity to become an Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) or a Certified Scrum Professional(CSP).
  •  The Certified Scrum Master Certification in Bangalore Training in Bangalore will help you understand the challenges of your company better and resolve them more efficiently. Adopting a new methodology is difficult for every company. Certification will help you to guide your company through this change seamlessly.
  • Having a Certified Scrum Master Certification in Bangalore training also plays a huge role in winning a client. Clients prefer to work with companies that practice agile methodology. Your scrum master certification will be a huge boost in gaining the trust of the client.
  • Most importantly, the CSM certification Bangalore helps in landing a dream job with a package as attractive as Rs 11 to 14 lakhs per annum in a city like Bangalore.

StarAgile is one of the few institutes that offer Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master Certification in Bangalore. It provides certified ScrumMaster certification training in Bangalore with the mission to guide IT professionals in their agile journey. The training is delivered by Certified Scrum Trainers who have more than 18+ years of experience. We, at StarAgile, believe in hands-on training. So, we provide training using Agile practices instead of PowerPoint presentations. There are also activities and videos that help the participants to understand the concepts better. StarAgile has trained over 6,500+ professionals for Agile and Scrum certification and have a track record of 100% passing rate.


A cheatsheet to Scrum Certification.

Bangalore is globally known for its software projects. Initially, before 2001, software development had predetermined steps like requirements, processes of design, implementation stages, verifying results, fixing bugs, and maintenance. Since then, the waterfall methods evolved into a precise engineering Agile process, where the project was amenable to change at all stages and led to quicker products to the market, and reducing time taken. Thus nearly all software, hardware, and business operations went Agile to reap the benefits. However, to understand and implement the Agile workflows, one needs the Scrum Certification and training. That is precisely where the Certified Scrum Master Certification in Bangalore comes in very useful. Here is all you need to know and join the elite band with Agile Scrum Master Certification Bangalore.

What are Scrum and Agile:

Scrum is an Agile subset, with its framework, where each process of the subdivision is handled by lean teams of professionals from different fields and needs the supervision of a Certified Scrum Master. The professional certification is in vogue presently as more companies adopt the Agile framework. The CSM certification training in Bangalore is the first step to become a Scrum Master-SM. 

Role of the Scrum Master:

Let us understand the multi-faceted, extremely responsible, and complex responsibilities of a Certified SM. The scrum team has team members who are all experts in their field and are essential to the project. To ensure they remain productive, it is the responsibility of the Scrum Master to be able to lead from the front and be the unofficial buffer between the team, the PO (Product Owner), and the goal. This implies an understanding of planning the product backlog for the product development within a fixed time-box and the scrum framework. The SM is a coach/trainer, who is well-versed in scrum values, encourages the use of Scrum, and helps with strategizing the backlog management through effective scrum events. The SM is responsible for removing obstacles in team performance and ensuring scrum changes that improve the adequacy and improve the team’s performance. Though not a team lead, the job is responsible for project management and involves evolving both the self and the team to scrum values. That’s why you need professional Scrum Master training Bangalore.

The Scrum Certification Bangalore course:

Here are the steps for CSM training Bangalore. Firstly, after enrolling in a recognized accredited institute, one has to undergo the two-day mandatory training and earn 16 PDUs and SEUs, while qualifying through assignments, reading, training requirements, and practical knowledge tests. Training and attendance are essential to be eligible for the online examination. The institute provides the Scrum Alliance portal login. You get 90 days after the training to prepare for the examination. 

The exam for Scrum master certification:

The online test has 50 multiple choice questions required to be completed in 60 minutes. It will test your knowledge on Agile and Scrum theory, values, team and SM situations, artifacts, and scrum events. The passing score is a minimum of 74 percent needing at least 37 right answers. Your score will pop up after the exam. You can then download your CSM certificate. If you do not succeed, don’t worry! You can make up to two more attempts by paying 25 USD per attempt.

The prerequisites:

No experience and qualifications are mandated. However, knowledge of the process, implementation of scrum procedures, and the ability to practice, change, and learn are helpful.

What does one learn:

The educational plan leads you through the history, evolution, fundamentals of the Scrum and Agile manifestos, the basics of scrum values, Agile qualities, objectives, and standards. You learn the basics of roles in Scrum, Lean, how to coach, facilitate, and serve the scrum team and the PO. A detailed study of the globally used terms like Sprint, Product Backlog, Velocity, Burndown, Kanban basics, Poker Planning, various Scrum ceremonies, artifacts, increments, retrospective, and review meets, removal of distractions, forecasting, and other essential Agile and 

Scrum concepts are dealt with and assimilated through role-plays, simulated situations, and other modern tools.

The cost factor:

The authorized body for Certified Scrum Master training Bangalore is the Scrum Alliance, which is professionally and globally recognized as the best Scrum Master training in Bangalore. The Scrum training in Bangalore is imparted by certified trainers with work experience or CST- Certified Scrum Trainers. Besides maintaining the highest quality parameters, the CSM certification cost in Bangalore ensures an evaluation process and QC mechanisms to provide you emerge a full-fledged Certified Scrum Master Bangalore. 

The Scrum Master Certification cost across institutes in Bangalore is a steal at an average of 25,000 Rs plus taxes. This covers the value of the CSM Bangalore training, the virtual certificate valid for two years, and the cost of attempting the exam for the first time. Besides, the Scrum Master Certification cost in Bangalore has the apparent benefits of continued use of the library, the benefits of seeking online peer and CST solutions, constant updates, and your very own web page on the Scrum website to validate your credentials. After two years, you can renew your certificate (180 days before or 90 days after expiry) by using the earned SEU units and paying 100USD for the next two years. 

Who benefits:

Having said that the CSM is a Project Manager of sorts, a coach and trainer, the following persons will find the Certified Scrum Master training in Bangalore most suitable for improvements to their careers. Project, QA, and Product Managers, Team Leads and Managers, Scrum team members, Software Development Managers, Architects, Testers, Developers, and Scrum Product Owners can grow their careers with the Scrum Master training in Bangalore.

What after CSM certification:

The CSM certification program makes you a professional Scrum Master. Since the course is exhaustive and your accreditation includes your web page, you can look to serve as a Scrum advisor, mentor, motivator, team manager, facilitator, coach, or servant-leader. 

Why chose StarAgile:

When you want the best for your career development, you always choose StarAgile, the best institute that can hand-hold you through the Scrum Certification in Bangalore. Make your career choice with us today and become a Certified Scrum Master!

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