Test Management in Jira – Best practices In Implementation of Jira Test Case Management

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Test management in Jira

In our last article, we went through the steps for writing test cases in Jira in detail. This section has covered other topics like how to view the test, tips on how the testcase works, etc. As an extension of this article, we want to provide you with detailed information about test management in Jira.

For anyone new to Jira, we recommend signing up for a Jira training course and getting a detailed demo on how to install, use Jira, write testcases, and manage it. For the benefit of readers, we provide an overview and explain a few things on this blog.

What is test management in Jira?

Users have two options for using the testcases. This is called evidence management. The first option is to customize Jira using manual tests and then run automated tests using a CI server. Here you can define acceptance, integration, and functional testing in Jira. The second option is to use a Jira test management plugin or tools to manage the testcases.

The 5 best testing tools on Jira

1. Zephyr

2. Radiography

3. TestFLO

4. Test management for Jira

5. QMetry

You can learn how to use these tools, applications, or plugins in Jira training courses. This section explains how to customize Jira through manual testing.

Manage Jira test cases

First, understand the capabilities of Jira

• Used to create dashboards and reports.

• Connect the defect and requirements

• Used in manual tests.

• Integrate the source code repository

• Imports from other systems too

• Create a subtask

• Create custom problem types including stories and test cases

• Control developers and quality team through workflow

Steps to customize test management in Jira

1. Write test cases that are explained in detail here. Check it out and come back to continue with the next steps.

2. Download and install the latest version of Jira.

3. Download and install Bamboo

4. Add testers, developers, and QA to Jira and create projects for the particular software tool to be tested.

5. Define the problem type and adapt it to map to the problem type in the test case.

6. Then create a sandbox configuration and use user stories.

7. Create a new screen to achieve a specific test transition by mapping the fields. Each screen is assigned to the screen diagram and workflow sections.

8. Assign custom screen patterns to each problem.

9. Add the new states to a custom workflow as shown in the following figure.

Steps to customize test management in Jira

Source: atlassion.com

Best practices for test management in Jira 

It is important to wisely manage test cases in Jira to increase productivity and reduce duplication and retesting. 

Test Case Management in Jira

1. Keep the test cases simple so that it is understandable. You can achieve this by creating individual entities in Jira and making them available external to the traditional workflow. 

2. Scaling the test library is challenging and hence test management becomes difficult. Therefore you must consider a standardized name convention to keep the test library healthy. 

3. Every test case specification was written must contain the detailed steps, test data, and the outcome expected below the test itself. This will further give clarity and easiness in the test management process. Jira was not built for test cases and hence such practices will allow effective test management in Jira

4. Always ensure to trace the test case from the beginning to go live throughout the testing lifecycle. Ensure clear traceability between test issues, plans, cases, and runs within Jira. 

5. Create a modular and reusable test case library. If the test case library is huge then navigation becomes hard and hence arranging them in a hierarchical folder is important. 

PMP Certification

Benefits and drawbacks of using Jira for test case management 

• Jira allows creating customized issue types 

• Further, it uses a single workflow suitable for a tester, developer, and QA 

• Allows usage if existing reporting 

• Also allows usage of purchased Jira testing tool 

• Need to be manually executed for a single time 

But the few drawbacks include 

• Can only integrate with testing framework via CI server 

• Cannot create test case coverage report for manual, automation, and session-based execution together 

• Testing specific functionality is not possible 

• Execution cannot be run more than once

But, these issues can be overcome by integrating testing tools with Jira to make use of all the Jira positives entirely. This is when exactly the tools like Zephyr, Xrays come into the picture. 

So what next?

Simple, you click our course page and know Jira certification cost. It is affordable and very effective. You can attend the classes at your convenience and zero travel required. With your computer, you can start interacting with our expert trainers from home and learn the effective way to use Jira and implement test management in Jira. 

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