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Nov 22, 2022

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Zephyr For Jira

Jira is a software that supports all Agile technologies like kanban, scrum, etc. It is a project management tool that allows project managers to create reports, backlogs, agile boards, and other add-ons required to manage software development projects. 

Zephyr For Jira is a native application that introduces test management capabilities in any Jira project. A lack of testing applications can create multiple challenges while getting software validation. Software testers often get tickets with no information or documentation. This results in mediocre test cases as software testers are unable to write test cases that include boundary analysis, multi-device testing, web responsiveness, and other test terms without enough information. 

Zephyr For Jira helps software testers meet these challenges by creating end-to-end test cases. Zephyr Jira can be deployed for Jira Data Center, Server, and Cloud as per the requirements. The main capabilities of the Zephyr Test Management Tool include the following:

  • Creating test cases with complete information 
  • Managing and organising test cases by components and product releases 
  • Automating test cases 
  • Assigning tests to the QA team
  • Analysing test execution and its results

Key Features of Zephyr Jira 

Software testers vouch for these features of the Zephyr Test Management Tool:

Testing capabilities inside Jira 

The unavailability of testing tools and the inability to perform testing in Agile mode are the main concerns for software testers. However, Zephyr Test Management Tool resolves these concerns by allowing them to integrate testing into a project cycle. It empowers them to make a decision based on the software quality easily. 

Creating, planning, and executing test cases 

It is easy to create test cases using Zephyr Jira. One can also view and modify tests and attachments for each test. Creating text execution cycles and executing them is also possible through Zephyr Jira. 

Monitoring quality & progress

The integrated dashboard of Zephyr Jira allows software testers to monitor all project activities and evaluate them using testing metrics. 

Software development teams often struggle while analysing the progress of their projects. The inbuilt reports of the Zephyr scale help them easily track the team's testing progress.

How to track a team's progress in Zephyr Jira

Test managers need a bird's eye view when tracking their team's progress. For that, they need to find the remaining tests to be executed, several successful tests, tests that failed to execute successfully, and other additional information. They might also need to share these details with other teams or stakeholders of the organisation. The following steps can be used to track the team's progress via Zephyr Test Management Tool:

Step 1: Start by setting up test cases in the Zephyr scale 

Teams need to start by setting up test cases in the Zephyr scale. They would need to go through extensive tutorials to do so. Only a comprehensive Jira course would provide them with extensive training to set up test cases and manage other tasks via Zephyr Jira. 

Step 2: Executing test cases 

Once the test cases are set up, team members can execute the test cases. Zephyr Scale Cloud provides the flexibility to execute each test case individually. Moreover, to execute them, there is no need to add test cases to the test cycle. The test cases can be created and linked with the user stories. Then, they can be executed directly via Jira Issue.

The status of test cases, team members to whom individual test cases are assigned, the environment (usually the operating system), the execution date, and other details of individual test cases can be easily tracked in Jira Issue. 

Step 3: Tracking the team's progress through test execution reports 

The test reports can retrieve the status of the testing tasks and other details. It also allows testers to analyse the text execution progress and overall quality of the software.

It is possible to open a project in Zephyr Scale by clicking on the reports tab. This tab can be easily located on the top right corner of the screen. The summary of the test execution results can be accessed via the Text Execution tab. Here are some benefits of using the Zephyr Scale in Jira for testing:

  • It is possible to generate reports for one or multiple projects simultaneously. Testers can also generate reports for a specific test version or cycle. 
  • The test execution results of the latest or all test executions can be used to generate reports. Finally, it is also possible to filter the type of data that the tester wants to display in the report. 
  • Test reports can be filtered according to the projects. Testers can also generate cross-project reviews as the client demands. These features can be utilised to investigate reports that are lagging on estimates. 
  • The reports could be filtered through versions, epics, or stories so that test managers get easy visibility of the testing progress of their team. 
  • After applying multiple settings and filters, they can finally click the 'Generate' button to create reports. A PDF report can be retrieved using the 'Print' button on the screen's top right corner. The PDF files can be easily shared with stakeholders and other teams later. 
  • It is also possible to export raw data of the reports to an excel sheet or any other spreadsheet app by using the 'Share' button.

How to learn using the Zephyr Test Management Tool

  • Zephyr is one of the best test management tools integrated into the Jira software. Software testers can attend a Zephyr Jira training course that covers all aspects related to the software development life cycle. 
  • The Jira course must include hands-on training on creating software release schedules, defining user stories, listing requirements, and more. 
  • Candidates must be trained to go through the test execution process and track results. Moreover, they must be trained to use Zephyr Jira in real-life scenarios and daily reporting. 
  • By the end of the Jira course, they must be adept in every aspect of Zephyr and learn how to manage test cases with it. 


At StarAgile, we provide extensive Jira course training, including access to Jira reports, Jira screens, workflows, and more. We provide insights regarding the management of components and issues through Jira. By enrolling in this course, candidates can grab job positions such as Jira configuration engineer, Jira Admin, Jira software tester, Jira application developer, Jira consultant, and more. Key benefits of joining StarAgile's Jira course training are: 

  • Grasp the basics and concepts covered in Atlassian Jira 
  • Configure Zephyr Jira and other tools are per the requirements 
  • Set up test schedules and test cycles via Zephyr Jira
  • Get a high salary for being a Jira-certified professional
  • Enhance project management and software testing skills simultaneously
  • Get more job opportunities as compared to non-Jira certified professionals in both domestic and international markets

Contact StarAgile Consulting today to gain all these benefits and more! 


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