Jira Scrum Board - Steps to Configure Scrum Board in Jira

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Feb 19, 2024

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JIRA Scrum Board

JIRA Scrum Board is a collaboration tool that helps teams reach a common objective through incremental-iterative delivery. By fostering a collaborative culture, the scrum architecture helps software teams to manage complicated projects.

An increasing number of teams utilize Agile techniques in rapidly changing situations to develop and deliver products that satisfy their customer expectations. One of the most significant parts teams must decide which methods and tools to incorporate while using the agile methodology. Professional project management systems support several agile techniques.

A board is a visual representation of concerns from many projects, maintaining flexibility means of evaluating, managing, and updating on continuing work. Physical Scrum Boards have numerous advantages over their computerized equivalents. The current sprint status is completely accessible to everyone on the team and all other parties interested in using physical boards.  

Attendees of the JIRA training session will understand how JIRA is organized and gain hands-on experience using the JIRA tool by executing typical tasks. The participants will learn how to use JIRA Agile to design, plan and manage work from start to finish. The teams work through real-world scenarios utilizing a JIRA instance setup.

Benefits of Using JIRA Scrum Board

JIRA Software is a task management system for agile development that fits any agile approach. Scrum is an agile technique that involves the development of products through a sequence of fixed-length iterations. This section is organized on four pillars: sprint planning, daily scrums, sprints, and retrospectives. JIRA Platform gives a complete database of adaptable tools that enables your project manager to easily perform these events.

Scrum boards are now used to visually represent all of the work completed throughout a sprint. Scrum boards in JIRA Software can be modified to meet your team's specific workflow. Additionally, you may easily add a better working relationship to various epics, assignees, and initiatives. After the sprint, take a short snapshot of all the resolved concerns, and any unresolved issues will instantly be added to the queue for the following sprint planning.

A JIRA scrum board works much like a task board; it serves the following purposes:

1. Improve communication and accessibility

JIRA's scrum board serves as the unified platform for all work that a team must finish. Because everyone on the team may access it at any moment, everyone knows what's required of them and can detect potential bottlenecks.

2. Encourage the use of sprint planning and continuous improvement

The sprint is the foundation of the scrum system, allowing organizations to create a potentially releasable product increment. The JIRA scrum board is meant to help teams meet their objectives around sprints.

3. Enhance attention and management for teams

When teams are overworked or lose focus on critical milestones, they fail work schedules. JIRA scrum boards bring visibility into the ongoing performance using burndown and velocity analytics.

4. The development of technology

Most people associate the process with software development teams that create and deliver code. This is factual, and teams can access information such as code changes, branching, pull requests options, and deployment statistics when using a JIRA scrum board - all from a single perspective.

5. Marketing

Marketers execute huge, complicated initiatives – such as product announcements and events – that require a diverse team of individuals with specialized expertise. The JIRA scrum board is an excellent tool for segmenting work associated with web design, asset and content generation, and among other things, to ensure that each project launches on time.

6. Business & Human Resources

Recruiting, hiring, and notifying personnel of corporate news is a self-contained organization's internal project. JIRA scrum boards are great for tracking project progress, maintaining professional and company data online, and more.

Steps To Create Scrum Board in JIRA

Creating Scrum Board in JIRA

To begin utilizing JIRA Agile for Scrum, you must first construct a Scrum board for your work. If you used the Agile Scrum project template to develop your task, a Scrum board is automatically produced for you.

The Scrum Board is a physical panel that displays user history in the existing sprint. If you wish to build a board for an existing system or if you wish to cover many projects, you must do it individually. To create a scrum board in JIRA, follow these steps:

First Step

To develop your board, press the (...) tab at the top left-hand corner of the Agile board's homepage.

Second Step

By clicking the "Create board" option, the popup window will open. It demonstrates two methods for creating a scrum board or a Kanban board.

Third Step

To develop your scrum board, select the "Create a Scrum board" button. It will prompt you to select a board from an existing system or a previously stored filter.

Fourth Step

To proceed, make a choice and click on the Next button. You can select an engaging project for aboard. These boards might include a single or more projects. Additionally, you may use the back button to return to the main page or the cancel button to exit the current browser window or screen at any moment.

Fifth Step

Finally, it opens a dialogue box in which the board title will be requested, and the project will be selected from the menu. Give the appropriate name, select a project, and click on the "Create Board" option to make a scrum board. Additionally, keep in mind that clicking the return button will take users to the previous section of "Create an Agile board," while clicking the cancel link will exit this dialogue box.

Sixth Step

When your scrum board is successfully established, you will see the completion dialogue box. A scrum board shows an "MFP Sprint 2" latest sprint where all concerns and their corresponding version are shown. A Backlog section with no concerns is also at the scrum board's base. By selecting an issue on the right-hand side of the scrum board, you may access the issue's details. On the left-hand side, there are tabs for EPICS and VERSIONS.

An appropriate board can be developed and utilized for monitoring based on the project's requirements in terms of their attention to the workflow process or planning. All boards can be handled using the JIRA Drag & Drop functionality, and different types of reports may be generated.


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Jira is one of the most robust task management applications available. That's why developers like it. Scrum is a well-known framework for agile development. Jira Platform includes tools for tracking and scheduling tasks as well as monitoring progress.

JIRA was created to aid agile teams in planning, tracking, and distributing software. Its tools and techniques assist in all phases of project management and streamline the project team's work. In particular, for Scrum projects, the JIRA training course includes various agile tools that assist with sprint planning and retrospectives.

The JIRA certification course will concentrate on the practical application of JIRA about the Agile responsibilities of Project Manager, Scrum Master, and Team Manager. This is enhanced with the JIRA Agile plugin, enabling teams to interact and provide transparency on readily configurable JIRA Agile boards. JIRA learning enables a team to adapt their actual physical boards into strong electronic boards that facilitate reporting.


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