PMP Certification Training Course in USA

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If you are looking for a course with high job prospects, the PMP Certification in USA has to be the perfect destination. The PMP Training in USA is among the most prestigious certifications available to project management professionals all across the world. The PMP course in United States offers mastery on project management concepts, empowers project managers and allows them to land high-paying jobs easily in some of the most innovative companies. Enroll now to strengthen your career with the PMP training online.
Ranked #1 PMP Certification Institute By Street Insider.

Key Features

  • rightcir35 Hrs Live Virtual training
  • rightcirCourse Completion Certificate
  • rightcir35 PDUs offered – PMI® Approved
  • rightcirPMI® Authorized Instructors
  • rightcir100% Money Back Guarantee
  • rightcirApplication assistance with PMP Application Template
  • rightcirNo Cost EMI Available
  • CSM VideoQuick Explainer
    3 Minutes
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Reasons to do PMP Certification Training


What To Learn From This PMP Course

The PMP certification proves your proficiency in project management and is highly recognized and appreciated. It's a crucial tool for professionals looking to sharpen their project management and leadership skills and for companies looking for highly qualified project managers at all levels. It has a wide audience and is one of the project management certifications that international corporations value the most. Because PMP-certified managers are paid more than non-certified managers, both employees and companies can benefit from this qualification.

Within the PMP course duration, the PMP certification and PMP Training cover everything from project planning and scheduling to resource and risk management. If you're looking for a career with many possibilities, this place is for you! Additionally, the rigorous certification procedure can provide knowledge and the ability to cope with complicated tasks.

Project management experts with the PMP Training understand how to efficiently manage projects from beginning to end, monitoring, and closing, in today's complicated business environment. They comprehend fundamental concepts from core project management courses including scope definition, cost control, resource management, risk assessment and management, quality control methods, and communication tools.

PMP® Certificate


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Course Reviews

StarAgile And Instructor Provide A Great Overview On Project Management And What Is Important For The PMP Exam

StarAgile and instructor provide a great overview on Project Management and what is important for the PMP exam. Instructor is a well experience PM and provides valuable real world scenarios for each method or tool at a PMs finger tips.


Justin Lopez

Senior Associate Lead

verified-logoVerified Learner

The PMP Class Leas By StarAgile Was Well Structured

The PMP class leas by StarAgile was well structured. The instructor was very knowledgeable and sparked lots of great discussions.


Saba Mokhtari

Deputy Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Had A Great 2 Weekend PMP Prep Training Class With StarAgile

Had a great 2 weekend PMP Prep training class with StarAgile. He kept the class on pace and offered real world experience to the class.



Chief administrative Officer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Really Enjoyed The Training I Received

I really enjoyed the training I received. The instructor was exceptional to say the least, and covered everything we wanted to cover, as well as the required PMI content.Thank you for making this such a great experience!


Joe Wallace

Reliability engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

This Was Good Jump Of To The Depths Of PMP

This was good jump of to the depths of PMP.


Jennifer D

Global IT Team Lead

verified-logoVerified Learner

PMP® Certification and Training FAQ's

What is 100% money back guarantee?

Yes, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee for the PMP course. To see how it works, please see:
We provide a 7-day money-back guarantee if you don't think your course meets your expectations. Simply submit us a refund request within seven days of your purchase, and we'll give you a full refund with no questions asked!

What is the average salary for PMP Certified professionals?

The average pay differential between PMP-certified professionals and non-certified professionals is 20%. Professionals with PMP Certification typically make around $112,000 per year.

What are the Career benefits of doing a PMP Course?

The abilities and knowledge of PMP-certified experts are acknowledged across the world. Around the world, there are more than 450k certified experts.

Salary Increase- Better salaries are earned by certified professionals. They make more than 20% more than non-certified professionals, according to certain polls.

Better Employment Prospects- Professionals who have completed the PMP course are given greater work opportunities since they are more qualified to deliver complicated projects with high-quality results.

Most Difficult Projects- Individuals who have received certification have access to work on more difficult and important projects. Managers with the PMP certification have excellent abilities and expertise in managing and guiding complicated projects.

How many PDUs I will get after completing PMP Training in United States?

Aspirants receive 35 PDUs upon completion of the PMP Certification Training in United States.

What are PDUs and SEUs?

The Project Management Institute for Project Management Professionals is linked to PDUs (Professional Development Units).
The Scrum Alliance partners with SEUs (Scrum Education Units) to grant the CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) certification. Both are methods for keeping track of ongoing education needed to get or keep certificates from these organizations.

How many attempts are allowed for PMP Course?

There are 3 chances to take the PMP Course. The first chance will cost $555 for non-members and $405 for members. The second chance will cost $375 for non-members and $275 for members.

Is the PMP® training course in United States aligned PMBOK® Guide - Seventh Edition and course changes implemented by PMI®?

Yes, PMP training is in alignment to PMBOK® Guide - Seventh Edition.

How many questions are there in the PMP Certification exam?

The PMP certification test consists of 180 questions. The percentage breakdown of questions by question type is shown below:

Sr. No.Domain NamePercentage of Questions
1Project Initiation13%
2Project Planning24%
3Project Execution31%
4Project Monitoring and controlling25%
5Project Closure7%

What is the eligibility criteria for PMP certification?

Here is the eligibility for PMP Training

  • Four years of education
  • 36 months of project leadership
  • A CAPM Certification or 35 hours of project management study or training

— OR —

  • A diploma from high school or an associate's degree (or global equivalent)
  • 60 months of project leadership
  • A CAPM Certification or 35 hours of project management study or training. 

What skills your will learn after PMP Course Online?

It broadens understanding of the essential tools, techniques, and approaches used in project management. exposes a person to a variety of tools, including Gantt Chart, WBS, projects, and cost estimates. educates experts on how to effectively complete projects on time and within budget.

Is this live training, or will I watch pre-recorded videos?

Through the Zoom technology, lectures are streamed live online. During class, you may engage in discussions and ask questions because we do interactive sessions. For the purpose of test preparation, people are given recordings of each session.

Is PMP Course Good for Architects?

Architects may improve project quality by learning project management skills like cost control, collaboration, and quality control from a PMP course, thus the answer is definitely yes.

Is PMP Course Equivalent to a Degree?

The answer is that the PMP Course is equal to a degree since it is internationally recognized and the practical knowledge and skills acquired are those of a degree program.

Is PMP Exam Worth It?

Because the PMP certification is widely recognized and because PMP-certified professionals make 20% more on average than non-certified professionals, taking the PMP Certification is worthwhile.

Which Certification is best after PMP Training in United States?

After finishing PMP Training, the following certifications are best:

2 PRINCE (the UK and Commonwealth nations)

PCM CCR (the USA and other countries)


Certification by PMI

Certification by CSM

Is PMP Still in Demand 2023?

Project managers must have the PMP certification, and it's worth will increase by 25% between 2018 and 2023. A PMP certification entitles the bearer to a 20% raise in pay.

Why StarAgile for PMP Training?

One of the most reputable brands in coaching and consulting for highly regarded global IT firms and its resources is StarAgile. Its training courses are a fantastic resource for information and offer experience in obtaining the most recent certifications and successfully implementing them across organizations.

More than 50,000 professionals have been educated by StarAgile, and we are the only company with a 4.9/5 rating on Google.

What is PMP Course?

One of the most well-known certifications provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is the Project Management Professionals (PMP) course. Having project managers who have earned the PMP certification is a pleasure and an honour for any business. It enables a person to work anywhere, using any methodology, and in any sector. Individuals that are PMP certified are always favoured over non-PMP professionals. Additionally, they receive a larger remuneration package and industry prominence on a global scale.

What are the Payment method for PMP Training?

Credit cards, debit cards, net banking, checks, and wallets, are all acceptable forms of payment for the PMP certification training. It is a great deal of matter that we accept all the possible methods when it comes to the payment of fees.

Who can go for PMP Certification Training in United States?

Architects, project managers, program managers, QA managers, on-site and off-site coordinators, leads, delivery managers, practice managers, consultants, PMO office representatives, development team managers, and business analysts are some examples of professionals in this category.

What is the exam fee for PMP Certification in United States?

PMP® Certification Exam fee Details are :

Fees Type 
Member Status
PMI® Membership Fees

CBT Test Fees

Re-examination CBT Fees

Total Fees that PMI® Charges


What is the process for obtaining PMP Certification in United States?

Below is a list of the PMP certification process:

Step 1: Submitting the Application (Individual has 90 days to submit the application since starting the application)

Step 2: Review the application's completion (5 Days since application submission online)

Step 3: The auditing process (Once the application is selected, 90 Days is allocated to each individual to send the audit material)

Step 4: Process for Paying Applicants (Application payment is a precursor to scheduling the exam)

Step 5: Eligibility for Multiple Choice Exams (1 year from date of the application approval)

Step 6: Certification Process (Cycle begins the day an individual passes the exam)

Step 7: Maintaining Credentials (one should obtain 60 PDU in three years)

Step 8: Renewal of Credentials (One can complete renewal by submitting 60 PDU and paying renewal fees)

Step 9: Suspension of Credentials (Takes place if certification maintenance condition is not met and submitted by completion of third anniversary of date of passing the exam)

Step 10: Expiration of credentials (Takes place post certification maintenance condition not met and one needs to reapply)

Who provides the PMP Training in United States?

PMP Training is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), an organization of international renown. 

How many years PMP certification is valid?

PMP Certification is valid for 3 years. To renew a certification, one must satisfy the maintenance requirement. Apart from the scheduled time, it is a fact that the course can be stretched further if the person concerned wants to learn more. Your PMP certification will entirely expire if it is suspended and you do not renew it within a year. You must retake the PMP exam, pay all associated fees, and pass the exam in order to renew your PMP certification after it has expired.

Do you provide assistance for the PMP certification exam application process?

Yes, we offer full support for the application process. We will send an excel sheet calculator for you to use to fill out the application's project experience section.
Additionally, at the moment of Live Virtual training, our educators will explain the entire application procedure.

What certification do I get post PMP training in United States?

We provide a course completion certificate and 35 hours upon successful completion of PMP training in the United States. PDU certificate, which is required to sit for the PMP Certification Exam.

Is PMP Certification exam fee included in the course fee?

The exam fee is not covered in the PMP Training fee, therefore no.

How does StarAgile reassure me that the course materials and PMP training I get in the United States will assist in passing the exam?

Our PMP training in the United States and course materials are specifically designed to meet certification requirements and will aid in passing the test in 45 days. Pre-recorded videos, live virtual training sessions led by highly qualified instructors, five simulation examinations, five projects, five case studies, and end-of-chapter quizzes are all included in our course package.

Does StarAgile offer Live Virtual and online classes for PMP Training in United States

As of now, only one training option is provided by StarAgile: live virtual (interactive) training. However, everyone will be later provided with recorded videos of PMP Certification Training

What is Live Virtual training?

Video conferencing will be used to conduct Live Virtual training. Aspirants taking PMP Training in United States have two alternatives for taking classes: they can attend in person or participate virtually from a desktop computer. The course teacher and other classmates are visible and audible in real-time.

What infrastructure do I need to attend PMP Training Online?

The system specifications are pretty simple:
OS: Windows versions greater than XP SP3 and Mac versions greater than OS X 10.6
Internet speed: ideally more than 512 KBPS
Any respectable headset with a clear microphone for speaking and listening

PMP® Certification & Exam FAQ's

What is the cost of PMP Certification Training in United States?

The cost of PMP certification training is not set because it is based on your decisions. Whether you enrol in the classroom or online PMP certification training will depend on your preferences. To get the required 35 contact hours of training, you must pay the trainer, institution, or online service provider's costs. You also need to pay PMI Institute's examination expenses ($555 for non-members and $405 for members).

What is the duration for PMP Certification Exam?

The PMP certification exam lasts for 230 minutes in total, during which time candidates must respond to 180 questions.

Is the PMP Certification in United States open book and online?

The PMP course includes an online test. But The PMP Exam is closed-book. It implies that you are not permitted to consult any materials while taking the exam. You will have 230 minutes to finish the exam. 

What is the weightage for PMP® Certification Training questions from each domain?

PMP certification training questions are distributed for each domain as follows: –

Sr. No.
Domain Name
Percentage of Questions
1Project Initiation
2Project Planning
3Project Execution
4Project Monitoring and controlling
5Project Closure

What is the process for PMP Certification renewal?

The process to renew your PMP Certification consists of the following 5 steps: -

Step 1: Accumulate 60 PDUs (Earn 60 PDUs in the three-year certification cycle).
Step 2: Complete the certification renewal application.
Step 3: Ensure once more that you uphold the PMI Code of ethics
Step 4: Pay your renewal cost in step four.
Step 5: Obtain proof of your certification status from PMI.

Is the PMP Certification Exam Changing in 2023?

The PMP certification exam has not changed. The PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition, and the most recent Exam Content Outline will be used by students (ECO).

Can you take the PMP exam without experience?

Without prior experience, you cannot take the PMP Exam. The PMP Certification is regarded since certification requires the necessary education and three to six years of work experience.

What is PMP Certification passing score?

The PMP certification passing rate is between 61% and 62%, however, they currently employ a convoluted method that is not based on a predetermined passing grade. It is reportedly close to a passing score of 62%.

What is the exam pattern for PMP Certification Training Online?

There are just 180 questions on the new and improved PMP Exam, and you have 230 minutes to complete it.

Can I retake the PMP Exam If I fail in first attempt?

Yes. You can retake the PMP Certification Exam. Re-examination attempt fees for members are $275 and $375 for non-members.

Can someone take PMP Course Online without training?

A person must complete 35 hours of formal training in order to meet the eligibility requirements; this requirement cannot be met by only reading the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition (the reference book for the PMP certification Exam), on their own. The aforementioned hours can be achieved through formal schooling (such as an MBA) or through training facilities that are REP or non-REP.

Is PMP online or paper passed exam?

PMI provides both paper-based Exams and computer-based Exams, however, only applicants who live at least 186.5 miles from a CBT (Computer Based Exam) Center are eligible to take the paper-based Exam. If a company arranges PBT for its employees, the 186.5 miles restriction is not applicable. Additionally, PBT Exam results may not be available for 6 to 8 weeks following the exam, however, CBT exam results are available right away.

Can I pause the PMP exam for some time and resume it later?

No. The PMP certification exam cannot be stopped, however, breaks can be taken as often as you like; just keep in mind that this time will be added to the exam's allotted time.

How can I download my PMP Course Certification after passing the Exam?

The Prometric team will provide you with a printout once the exam has been properly completed. Within one to two weeks, the PMI will send you an email, following which you may view your certification details in your account and on the PMI register. Your certificate will arrive in four to six weeks.

From which certification body would I be PMP certified?

The 1969-founded PMI (Project Management Institute) offers the PMP course. Through worldwide advocacy, cooperation, education, and research, PMI provides value for more than 2.9 million professionals working in almost every nation on the planet.

PMP® Additional FAQ's

What is PMP Audit?

A PMP Course audit examines the PMP programmes, including the PMP certification procedure and the standing of PMP course candidates. You will be notified in advance if your credentials need to be confirmed, and it is done with applicants who have been chosen at random.

How does the PMP audit process work?

If PMP chooses to audit your application for PMP Training or PMP course, they will email you to let you know. A random selection technique is used in the PMP audit. Your PMP application will be approved when the PMI audit procedure has taken at least five working days. They would conduct a random audit using the information and references provided. Following approval, you will have a year to arrange for payment of the cost and the exam.

The process goes as follows:

  • Download the audit package from your email.
  • Print the audit forms.
  • Get it signed by your manager or supervisor for the relevant experience that you have.
  • Get the photocopies of your Degree/Diploma.
  • Get the photocopies of your relevant certificates.
  • Send the forms and all the photocopies of the certificates to the below-mentioned address,
  • PMI®
  • Attn.: Certification Audit
  • 14 Campus Blvd
  • Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 the USA

How Important is the PMBOK® Guide - Seventh Edition book to prepare for the PMP® Exam?

There are many available course materials, including the PMP certification exam reference book. However, reading the PMBOK Guide - Seventh Edition book is crucial for everyone taking a PMP course.

What are Digital License Keys? And how will I receive them?

Digital license keys are the special keys that you will get from StarAgile via email if you enrol students after December 1, 2020. You can use these digital keys to access the best PMI-verified PMP certification course exam preparation and training materials. Within 14 days of enrolling, StarAgile will provide you with the digital licence keys.

How do I use digital keys received from StarAgile?

Once you have your digital keys, you must redeem them by going to, entering your login information, or creating a new account, and selecting & Add course.

What content will I have access to once I redeem the Digital keys?

 The following resources will be available to you once you have redeemed the digital keys:

  1. Workbook comprising educational material and practical exercises for students
  2. Highlight Videos: Extracurricular Resources for Students Checklists for students to use online to confirm adequate understanding of important concepts for project managers
  3. Files pertaining to the course, such as activities
  4. Checking one's own knowledge: Pre- and post-class evaluations
  5. Post-class survey: a form for rating the PMP course

What is validity of my digital keys?

The digital licence keys remain active for a year after being redeemed. As soon as you obtain your digital keys from StarAgile, we advise you to use them.

What has changed in the new PMP Certification exam format?

The enhanced domains for the new PMP certification course Exam format now include a wider range of abilities and strategies. The updated three domains are covered by 180 questions on the new PMP exam, which will include multiple choice, multiple answer, matching, hotspot, and fill-in-the-blank questions.

Does PMP expire?

There is no expiration date for the Project Management Professional or PMP certification. The PMP certification must be renewed every three years, nevertheless. For renewal of your PMP certification, you must get 60 professional development units (PDUs) in the three years following your last PMP certification.

Is the PMP Certification exam going to change after the PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition is published?

After the seventh edition of the PMBOK Guide is published, PMI will no longer be upgrading the PMP certification course exam.

Is PMP Training in demand?

The PMP training accreditation can result in job progression and greater compensation. Project Management professionals (PMP Training) is in high demand. By 2027, the Survey predicts that there will be 22 million additional employment openings in the project management field.

What is the PMP renewal fee?

In the United States, the renewal fee for the PMP certification is $60 for members and $150 for non-members.

Does PMP Certification in United States increase your salary?

After earning your PMP certification, your potential income rise will depend on a variety of variables. However, research by PMI found that after taking the PMP certification course, PMPcertification holders typically make 20% more money than non-certificants.

Is the PMP exam hard?

Yes, the PMP certification exam is among the most difficult Exams available. For this qualification, you must comprehend how experts manage projects. The PMP training Exam includes most of the curriculum.

What are the responsibilities of Project Manager?

The project requires planning, resource allocation, task distribution, and overall management to be carried out successfully. The project manager is in charge of this duty. You will get to learn all about this in details in your PMP Training in United States.

How can the PMP Course Certification status be verified?

The PMP course or PMP certification can be verified via the PMI Certification Registry. The names of the respective PMP certification holders can be found by conducting a search using the first or last name in the field given.

Which is the best PMP Training institute in the United States? Why?

The best PMP Training facility is not known by one name, but rather by having the qualities
listed below.
• Live online PMP training
• Lifetime access to video recordings
• Activities for PMP course
• An expert and knowledgeable trainer
• PMI-approved

Are there online PMP Training institutes in United States?

A number of institutions, including StarAgile, provide online training for PMP certification. The Covid epidemic gave birth to the idea of online training, which has since taken the lead as the preferred method of instruction.

Which the Best PMP Certification Training in United States?

The PMP certification course is one that is conducted more like a workshop than a lecture. Project management is an art that must be performed using real-world situations; it cannot be learned from books.

Which is better PMP Course or Prince2 Course?

The PMP Course was developed in the USA and is now recognised throughout the world. Similarly, Prince2 is a worldwide certification that was developed in the UK. It depends on what you want to learn and how you want to use the organization and best practices.

Can the PMP Certification exam be taken online?

Yes, you can take the PMP certification exam online. The date and time of your PMP certification exam must be scheduled in advance. This is so that a live proctor can see you take the exam since it is being proctored. You can take this online Exam from the convenience of your home or workplace. To take the 4-hour exam, you will need a webcam, a laptop, a strong internet connection, and a quiet area.

Trusted by over 50,000 customers around the world

About PMP® Certification Training

PMP Certification Training in United States

Professionals with more than 25 years of project management expertise oversee the StarAgile course for PMP Certification in the US. Anyone in the project management industry can benefit from the PMP online training in the US for career advancement.

StarAgile PMP training in the US consists of 36 hours of online instruction and 180 days of access to the e-learning materials. Numerous case studies, projects, and simulated assessments are included throughout the course. It provides a wealth of expertise in several areas, including project scope, timeline, resources, and cost control. After completing it, the participant becomes a skilled project management professional in the US.

Professionals in the IT business and many other fields where sizable projects and significant clientele must be handled benefit from the PMP course in the US. Early in your career, obtaining a certification may greatly help with professional advancement, fetch better compensation, and provide excellent employment chances with well-known corporations.

For PMI-certified PMP professionals, there are thousands of vacancies at all levels in the United States. The nation's economy is booming, and it is home to industry titans in the fields of information technology, banking, life sciences, building and construction, transportation, manufacturing, aerospace, and military. There is a high need across all of these industries for PMP Certified individuals with an in-depth understanding of project management principles.

In conclusion, making a wise investment in the StarAgile PMP training course might be a career-changing decision. Participants will have access to a strong professional network that will support them in the coming years. Therefore, enlist right away without holding back.

The StarAgile course for PMP Certification in the United States is managed by professionals with more than 25 years of project management experience. The PMP training online in the United States is helpful to anyone in the project management field, for career progression. 

The gripping sessions of StarAgile PMP training in the United States include 36 hours of online training and 180 days of access to the e-learning content. The course offers numerous case studies, projects, and simulation exams. It gives tremendous insight into multiple knowledge fields, such as project scope, schedule, resources, and cost control. On completion, it transforms the participant into an expert Project Management professional in the United States.

The PMP course in the United States is beneficial to professionals in the  IT industry and many other sectors where huge projects and important clients have to be managed. A certification early on in your career can enormously assist professional growth, command higher salaries, and open up great opportunities to work in major companies.   

The United States has thousands of openings at all levels for PMI®-certified PMP professionals. The country has a flourishing economy with global leaders in Information technology, finance, life sciences, construction, transportation, manufacturing, aerospace, and defense located here. All these sectors have a great demand for PMP Certified professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the principles of project management.

In conclusion, an investment in the StarAgile PMP training course can be a smart move towards a potential game-changer in one’s career. Participants will get a powerful professional network to stand by them in the years ahead. So, go ahead and get enrolled without hesitation.

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