Project Audit: Process, Types, Objectives and Goals

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Dec 14, 2020

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Project Audit

A project audit for a project manager is a reasoning working day. The word' audit' might end up with a bad connotation often, especially for the person who is put through it. Even though it's not necessarily a joyfully likely occasion, a project audit can result in a good result, regardless of the PM defeats it or perhaps not.

We need to understand this better and for that, you must enroll in a PMP certification training course to master the art.

Project Management Audit and Project Audit Objectives

Audits are usually completed by a uniquely specified review division, the Project Management Office (PMO), an authorized managing committee, or maybe an outside auditor.

The person liable for executing the review should be within the control of the specified expert as well as concern connected tips. The last goal of a project audit is to make sure that the undertaking fulfills the requirements of task managing via evaluation and investigation. PMP training will throw more light on the audit process.

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5 Major Goals of an Audit

1. The caliber of services and products are ensured

A project audit functions as a good guarantee application. It evaluates the task living cycle analyzing the outcomes yielded throughout the various phase, out of the look stage to setup.

When going over the style stage, a project audit reviews the concepts of the design, which includes the evaluation of alternate styles.

Also, it's evaluated if the answer is prepared for the pilot check and lastly, throughout the setup evaluation, the review assesses as well as confirms the setup in every site in which the item is followed.

The classification of the errors over the method plays a role in the declaration of the issues and also to comprehend whether the task ought to go on by way of a go/no-go choice at every point.

2. Task management quality check

A project audit determines if the project management fulfills the requirements by evaluating whether or not it is fully compliant together with the organization's policies, procedures, and processes. It further reviews the strategy utilized to simply help determine spaces to be able to expose the necessary enhancements.

3. Company risk identification 

Audits help to identify the risk factors due to the company policy which may impact the quality, environment, time, and budget.

The review further assesses the feasibility of the task of the terminology of performance and affordability by offering transparency as well as evaluating resources, time, and costs.

4. Performance improvement 

Keeping track of different phases of the Project Management Life Cycle can help the enhancement of the team’s efficiency.

The review additionally enables you to boost your finances as well as source allocation. Determining goals, preventive actions and corrective measures can result in an optimistic task result.

The troubleshooting procedure enables the team to offer answers and also aids in preventing problems that may recur down the road.

5. Learning

One can learn from experience with the help of the audit process as well as from the feedback obtained. Thus the team can contemplate their very own performance

Who is involved in the PMP Audit Process

Each company differs and hence auditing also will have variations according to the project-related procedures they normally use. 

Irrespective of the team size a PM leads through the audit process along with the team. It can include anybody who interfaced together with the task like the stakeholders and vendors. 

An exterior contractor can operate via the system with increased power as a result of the experience of theirs and never be biased by proximity on the project.

To have a clear understanding of who and all are part of the audit team you must attend a PMP certification course online to take part in role-plays and practical sessions.

Project Audit Process Checklist

Develop the Achievement Criteria

• Run selection interviews together with the sponsor as well as the manager to figure out as well as concur about the project's achievement requirements.

• Be certain that the key elements are in line with the company requirements

• Make a checklist keeping the achievement criteria in mind

• Share the checklist with the people on the primary group and also to the chief stakeholders 

• Appoint a person to meet the team and gather their responses. 

• Based on their views about the project's positive results, problems skipped challenges and opportunities, develop an inspection questionnaire and send it to the team

• Meet with the project team to go over the thoughts of theirs as well as suggestions about the project's present state


• Make a discussion together with the crucial internal stakeholders to determine as well as go over yesteryear, future, and present issues, opportunities, and challenges of the task

• Interview the outside stakeholders as well 

• Create a statement which summarizes the interactions as well as sets the basic issues of the project

• Conduct a root-cause evaluation to determine as well as achieve awareness directly into the primary factors of the issues.

• Audit each issue to figure out its impact and severity over the project

• Make priorities towards the issues, based on their severity and impacts

• Review all the issue groups to determine as well as decide which targets are already achieved and which are not met yet 

• Meet the primary key stakeholders to concur upon various other likely remedies (which haven't been specified through the quality plan) on the problems

• Define as well as capture the instructions mastered that will enhance the quality as well as the functionality of additional succeeding tasks inside a similar organization

• Ensure that the 2nd stage on the project audit checklist is finished


• Gather all of the files produced during the interview as well as group meetings carried out in the prior measures shown within this undertaking review checklist

• Gather the info from the questionnaires and combine them to make a document

• Make out the perfect solution which has been identified through the quality program and also effectively put on to dealing with the problems

• Make a summary of every one of the issues which have been effectively resolved

• Create a project audit report and add suggestions on the report

• Mention the specifics on the inspection process and submit to the management

• Make sure that the 3rd stage on the project audit checklist is finished

Eager to create a checklist for your team? You must attend training and get a PMP certification to make things happen as a PM.

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Types of Project Audit in Project Management

Undertaking an audit isn't the very best of occasions for any PM without having a clear overview of the numerous kinds of audits listed in the PMBOK. 

Take a look at the list given below for your overview 

Normal Audit 

This is called even simply' an audit' which is an element of Monitoring as well as the Controlling method team. It's additionally called Inspection as it's essentially a QC operation. Assessment is completed after the item is built

Quality Audit

This is included in the execution procedure and is a critical review of the project. They find out whether the team follows the business's process

Risk Audit

These audits are included in the Monitoring as well as the Controlling team. These assist with total procedure advancement. Here you can additionally audit as well as evaluate the usefulness of the project risk management process as a whole. 

Procurement Audit

The procurement Audit is an element of the Closing procedure team. As a component of procurements closure, an organized general comment flushes away concerns, sets up instructions mastered, ensures troubles are solved for succeeding tasks as well as identifies positive results as well as problems which justify transfer to various other procurements

Final Takeaway

Register for a PMP certification training with StarAgile and become a quality auditor of your team. This online PMP certification program is customized to every PM and will make you successful in your career. 

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