PMP® Certification Training in Gurgaon

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* Pass PMP Exam in 1st Attempt | 100% Success Rate in PMP Exam
* Delivered by PMI Authorized Instructors
* PMP Certification in Gurgaon covers 49 processes from PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition
* 35 hours of live PMP classes online with lifetime access to class materials
* 1.5K+ Mock Exam Questions & 35 PDUs from PMI®
* Assisting with PMP Exam Application Submission
Ranked #1 PMP Certification Institute By India Today.

Key Features

  • rightcir35 Hrs Live Virtual training
  • rightcirDelivered by PMI® Authorized Training Partner (PMI® - ATP)
  • rightcirCourse Completion Certificate
  • rightcir35 PDUs offered – PMI® Approved
  • rightcirPMI® Authorized Instructors
  • rightcir100% Money Back Guarantee
  • rightcirApplication assistance with PMP application template
  • rightcirNo Cost EMI Available
  • CSM VideoQuick Explainer
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Reasons to do PMP Certification Training


PMP Certification Training Overview

Our PMP certification course is your gateway to becoming a skilled project manager and achieving the success you deserve. StarAgile is recognized as an Authorized Training Partner by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This live online PMP classes includes 35 PMI–approved PDUs (Professional Development Units) which is a prerequisite of the PMP certification exam. 

The goal of these units is to improve your leadership and project management skills so that you are ready for high–paying jobs in a variety of fields. On average, a PMP-certified professional earns up to 20% more than their non-certified peers. The intent of this PMP certification training is not just to provide a certification, but also to bring value to the individuals who are working in the industry. 

PMP Eligibility and Prerequisites

The eligibility criteria and prerequisites for the PMP certification course are mentioned below:

Eligibility Criteria for the PMP training are:

Educational Background: Candidates should have a secondary degree (high school diploma, associate's degree, or the global equivalent) or a four-year degree (bachelor's degree or the global equivalent).

Project Management Professional Prerequisites:

  • For those with a secondary degree: A minimum of 7,500 hours leading and directing projects is required for this PMP training
  • For those with a four-year degree: A minimum of 4,500 hours leading and directing projects is needed.
  • Project Management Education: All candidates must complete 35 hours of formal project management education. This requirement can be fulfilled by our PMP certification course.

PMP® Certificate


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Course Reviews

Thrilled To Announce My Achievement Of The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate From PMI, Highlighting My Commitment To Project Management Excellence

Thrilled to announce my achievement of the Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate from PMI, highlighting my commitment to project management excellence. Excited to leverage this certification for continuous improvement and heightened leadership. Grateful to Visakh R J for invaluable training, and special thanks to StarAgile for the right guidance in my professional journey


Karthick Srinivasan

Internal logistics Process Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Excited To Share My PMP Certificate Achievement! Big Thanks To Visakh R J For Continuous Encouragement And A Fantastic Learning Journey

Excited to share my PMP certificate achievement! Big thanks to Visakh R J for continuous encouragement and a fantastic learning journey. Gratitude to StarAgile for partnering with excellent training professionals.


Nilanjan Dasgupta

Senior Associate Lead

verified-logoVerified Learner

Exciting News! Thrilled To Announce My PMP Certification Achievement, A Rewarding Journey Into Effective Management And Leadership

Exciting news! Thrilled to announce my PMP Certification achievement, a rewarding journey into effective management and leadership. Grateful for the unwavering support from peers and family. Special thanks to Team StarAgile for guidance, and a shoutout to Visakh R J for being my guiding light in leadership nuances.


Rishabh Kalra

Lieutenant Colonel

verified-logoVerified Learner

Excited To Share My New PMP Certification! Grateful For Visakh R J And The Supportive StarAgile Team Who Played A Crucial Role In My Success

Excited to share my new PMP certification! Grateful for Visakh R J and the supportive StarAgile team who played a crucial role in my success. Your mentorship, encouragement, and insightful feedback were invaluable. Thank you, Visakh R J, for being an outstanding mentor in achieving my professional goals.


Murugesan Ramalingam

Business Analyst-Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Feeling Elated And Blessed To Share That I'm A Certified PMP® Project Management Professional From PMI

Feeling elated and blessed to share that I'm a Certified PMP® Project Management Professional from PMI. Major thanks to Visakh R J for your support and training, and a special shoutout to StarAgile for their invaluable support throughout the journey.


Aanandha Eashwaran Kailash

Deputy Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Thrilled To Share My PMP® Certification! Thanks To Visakh R J For His Well-designed Training Methodology

Thrilled to share my PMP® certification! Thanks to Visakh R J for his well-designed training methodology. Major support from StarAgile played a crucial role in achieving this certification. Grateful for their invaluable guidance!


Arun Kumar

Associate Director, Technical Support

verified-logoVerified Learner

Excited To Announce My New PMP® Certification From PMI! Grateful For The Accurate Guidance And Motivation From My Trainer, Visakh R J

Excited to announce my new PMP® certification from PMI! Grateful for the accurate guidance and motivation from my trainer, Visakh R J. This achievement marks a significant milestone in my professional journey, and I look forward to applying the knowledge gained in future projects. Thanks, Visakh R J, for your invaluable support throughout the certification process.


Manju Bhaskar

Chief administrative Officer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Delighted To Share My PMP® Certification! Special Thanks To Visakh R J For Guidance And Support, And To StarAgile For Arranging Fruitful Training Sessions

Delighted to share my PMP® certification! Special thanks to Visakh R J for guidance and support, and to StarAgile for arranging fruitful training sessions. Visakh R J played a crucial role in setting up the mindset and PMI expectations for the exam.


Neelam Jethwani

Assistant Project Coordinator

verified-logoVerified Learner

Privileged And Confident To Share My PMP® Certification From PMI

Privileged and confident to share my PMP® certification from PMI. Special thanks to Visakh R J of StarAgile, whose guidance and support played a major role in the preparation process.


Alagendra Subramaniam

Software Development Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Thrilled To Announce My Success In Clearing The Project Management Professional Course With An Overall AT Grade

Thrilled to announce my success in clearing the Project Management Professional course with an overall AT grade. Huge thanks to Visakh R J for invaluable support and guidance. Gratitude to StarAgile for providing this learning opportunity.


Priya Menon

Deputy General Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Excited To Share My New Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification! Special Thanks To StarAgile For Their Invaluable Support And The Best Trainers Who Played A Crucial Role In Achieving This Milestone

Excited to share my new Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification! Special thanks to StarAgile for their invaluable support and the best trainers who played a crucial role in achieving this milestone.


Narasiman TM

Subject Matter Expert

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Owe A Major Thanks To My Mentor Visakh R J For Outstanding Teaching And Continuous Motivation

I owe a major thanks to my mentor Visakh R J for outstanding teaching and continuous motivation. A special acknowledgment to StarAgile for playing a major role in this achievement. Thank you, Visakh and StarAgile!


Abdul khadar

Project Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Exciting News! Successfully Cleared The PMP Exam! Big Thanks To My Incredible Trainer MR

Exciting News! Successfully cleared the PMP exam! Big thanks to my incredible trainer MR. R J Vikash (Visakh R J) and StarAgile for their invaluable support and guidance. This accomplishment means a lot, and I look forward to applying my PMP expertise in my professional endeavors. Highly recommend Visakh R J and StarAgile for those considering the PMP exam journey!


Barun Sha

Chief Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Thrilled To Achieve PMP Certification From PMI, Enhancing My Managerial Understanding

Thrilled to achieve PMP certification from PMI, enhancing my managerial understanding. Grateful for my family's unwavering support and major role in achieving the ambitious timeline. Heartfelt appreciation to Visakh R J, whose exceptional guidance was pivotal. Recommend his sessions for certification success. StarAgile played a major role in this accomplishment.


Kriti Arora

Lead System Analyst

verified-logoVerified Learner

Exciting News! Just Earned My PMP Certification After Months Of Dedication

Exciting news! Just earned my PMP certification after months of dedication. Thrilled to have reached this milestone with exceptional coaching and guidance from StarAgile and Visakh R J. Ready to apply this knowledge to take on new challenges!


Divya V

Data & Analytics

verified-logoVerified Learner

Delighted To Share My Successful Completion Of PMP Certification From PMI

Delighted to share my successful completion of PMP certification from PMI. Thanks to StarAgile for invaluable support, and heartfelt gratitude to Visakh R J for his coaching and guidance.


Manas Tiwari

Project Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Thrilled To Announce My Successful Attainment Of The PMP® Certificate! Huge Thanks To Visakh R J And StarAgile For Their Exhaustive Sessions And Mentoring, Crucial In My Preparation

Thrilled to announce my successful attainment of the PMP® Certificate! Huge thanks to Visakh R J and StarAgile for their exhaustive sessions and mentoring, crucial in my preparation. Grateful for their support!


Mrudul Khati

Engagement Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Ending The Year On A High Note! Thrilled To Announce The Successful Clearance Of My Certification, A Significant Milestone

Ending the year on a high note! Thrilled to announce the successful clearance of my certification, a significant milestone. Grateful to StarAgile and my amazing trainer, Visakh R J, for their invaluable guidance throughout my certification journey.


Deepa Dubey

Global IT Team Lead

verified-logoVerified Learner

Exciting News: PMP Certified! Thrilled To Share That I've Obtained My PMP Certification From PMI

Exciting News: PMP Certified! Thrilled to share that I've obtained my PMP Certification from PMI. Grateful to my phenomenal trainer, Visakh R J, and the StarAgile team for their support. Let's connect, collaborate, and continue to grow together!


John G.

Enterprise Data Operation - Lead

verified-logoVerified Learner

Excited To Share My Achievement Of Obtaining The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification! Thanks To Visakh R J For Immense Guidance And Support, And To Team StarAgile For Providing The Best Platform

Excited to share my achievement of obtaining the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification! Thanks to Visakh R J for immense guidance and support, and to team StarAgile for providing the best platform. Grateful for this accomplishment and ready to begin a new professional journey!


Neha Ujjwal

Assistant Professor

verified-logoVerified Learner

PMP® Training and Certification FAQ's

What is the average pay for those with the PMI®-PMP® certification?

According to the PMI website, project managers who are PMI-certified make 16% more money than project managers who are not PMP®-certified. The United States sees a rise in this percentage to 32%. In the US, project managers with PMP® certification training in Gurgaon can expect to make up to Rs.24,255,008.00 annually.

What career advantages do holders of the PMP® certification have?

With their exceptional communication skills, risk management, people management and additional skills, PMP®-certified project managers are more highly paid than project managers who have not acquired their PMP® certification training in Gurgaon. They are always in demand, their certification is also globally accepted.

Is there a full money-back guarantee offered by StarAgile? What is the process?

The guarantee for money-back is 100%. Candidates may claim a money-back if they decide within the initial week of training given in the PMP® course that it is not for them. Without any queries, our staff will complete a 100% refund within 7 working days.

Are the StarAgile contact hours valid after a certain amount of time?

There isn't any expiry date for contact hours offered by StarAgile. Though it is the best institute for PMP®, candidates must earn it since it is a prerequisite for the PMP® certification training exam. 

How long is the deadline for submitting PMI audit documents?

The candidates must submit all required documentation to the PMI within 90 days of starting the online application.

What occurs if someone doesn't fulfil the PMI audit requirements?

On submission of false information, candidates are not allowed to take the PMI test. Applicants need to ensure that each and every piece of information they provide in the application for the PMP® course in Gurgaon is accurate.

Does any documentation or paperwork required to be submitted when reporting PDU activities?

To get the PMP® certification in Gurgaon renewed, PDU activities must be reported. However, when reporting PDU actions, candidates are not required to submit supporting documentation. Once they have completed the online activity reporting forms within the allotted time, they just need to turn in an SDL worksheet comprising all of the SDL activities.

Who can earn PMI-PMP® course certification in Gurgaon?

Program managers, project managers, development team managers, team leads, business analysts, PMO office representatives, off-site and on-site coordinators, delivery managers, QA Managers and architects can all earn the PMP® course certification training in Gurgaon. 

How long is the validity of PMP® course certification?

The validity of PMP® course certification in Gurgaon is for 3 years. The applicants must acquire PDUs in order to get PMP® qualifications renewed.

What prerequisites must one meet to earn the PMP® certification?

Candidates aiming for the PMP® course in Gurgaon should hold a degree of 4 years in a field of study associated with project management. Candidates should possess a minimum of 3 years of project management experience. Additionally, they should be CAPM certified or have 35 hrs. of project management training.
Candidates for the PMP® certification training Gurgaon program who have completed their high school education may also apply. To qualify, candidates must have at least 60 months of experience managing various projects. Additionally, they must complete either the 35hrs project management course or the CAPM certification.
If the candidate has a Master’s Degree, then they must have atleast 24 months of project management experience and 35 hrs of project management education or CAPM certification.

Describe the training procedure for PMP® certification?

The following are the steps in PMP® certification in Gurgaon training:

    After getting the application form for PMP®, a 90-day period is provided for completion and submission.

    A 5-day window is given by PMI to verify their application.

    On application approval by PMI, candidates must present all supporting documentation for their education, work history, and certificate of the training program period of 90 days.

    Payment of PMI-PMP® application fee.

    The 365-day period for taking the PMP® exam after fee payment.

    The certification cycle starts after one passes the PMP® exam. 

    3 years for every certification cycle. 60 PDUs must be earned to keep the PMP® certification in Gurgaon status active.

    After submitting the 60 PDUs report and paying the renewal money, PMI will authorise the renewal application.

    When the applicants fail to submit the cost of renewal, the PMP® certification training Gurgaon status will be held or stopped.

    When applicants don't meet the criteria necessary to keep their PMP® certification status, the certification will expire. They will be forced to reapply for the PMP® certification and go through the entire process again as their certification status expires.

    Will students have to watch pre-recorded videos, or is this live training?

    The Zoom platform hosts live sessions of training. The applicants can ask the instructors questions in person during these sessions to seek answers to their problems and questions. In order to assist them in studying for the PMI-PMP® test, participants are also given recordings of these sessions.

    What certifications are available post-PMP® training in Gurgaon?

    The applicants will get a course completion certificate and a PDU certificate for 35hrs of official training after finishing the PMP® training in Gurgaon, which is a prerequisite for sitting the PMP® exam.

    What is the PMI®-PMP® exam's question count?

    There are 180 questions in the PMI®-PMP® exam.

    The percentage breakdown of question type is shown below:

    Sr. No.Domain NamePercentage of Questions
    1Project Initiation13%
    2Project Planning24%
    3Project Execution31%
    4Project Monitoring and controlling25%
    5Project Closure7%

    What is meant by PDUs and SEUs?

    Professional Development Units (PDUs) are related to the PMI-PMP® certification, while Scrum Education Units (SEUs) are connected to the Scrum Alliance. Applicants who have successfully passed these corresponding certificates must continue acquiring these units in order to keep their certifications active.

    What makes StarAgile the best option?

    Leading MNCs rely on StarAgile, the best institute for PMP®, for training and consultation services. As a result, their training courses include a great deal of information and aid candidates in shaping both their professional and personal identities.

    Can architects take a PMP® course?

    The PMP® course is appropriate for architects since it enhances their skills in project management and prepares them to put such abilities to use in managing teams, regulating budgets, and raising the calibre of projects.

    Is PMP® still needed in 2023?

    In 2023, the PMP® certification course remains in demand as businesses continue to seek out PMP® professionals to oversee their most important projects. The need for PMP® professionals is supposed to rise by 25% between 2018 and 2023. Considering the global average, PMP® experts earn 16% more than non-PMI project managers.

    How much does the PMP® Course exam cost?

    The following variables affect how much the PMP® certification costs:

    Fees Type 
    Member Status
    PMI® Membership Fees

    Rs. 11,481.82
    CBT Test Fees
    Rs. 33,454. 21

    Rs. 45,844.66
    Re-examination CBT Fees
    Rs. 22,715.82

    Rs. 30,976.12
    Total Fees that PMI® Charges
    Rs. 44,936.03

    Rs. 45,844.66

    What skillset do candidates get after finishing the online PMP® course?

    During the online PMP® course, applicants are taught the fundamentals of project management. They also get knowledge of the applications as well as functions of many tools, including WBS, Gantt charts, project and price estimates and more. They are acquainted with the project's scope, budget and other project management elements. They gain knowledge on how to finish a task on time without sacrificing quality.

    Does StarAgile help the candidates in the application process PMP® certification exam?

    As the students finish and submit applications, they are provided with full support. The applicants can use an excel sheet calculator, which includes fields for their employment history. They can use this sheet to complete the form. Throughout the virtual live training sessions, instructors give a thorough lecture on the application procedure.

    What is meant by live virtual training?

    Among the formats for the online PMP® certification in Gurgaon course is virtual live training. Candidates can attend the live session through their laptops or PCs by using video conferencing applications like zoom, Gmeet, etcetera. The candidates can also interact with the instructors and fellow students in live lectures.

    How many times can you take the PMP® certification exam?

    Three attempts in a year are allowed to complete the PMP® certification. In case you still can’t qualify the exam, then you should take the training again. 

    What equipment is required to participate in online PMP® training?

    To finish the online PMP® course in Gurgaon, one only needs a PC or laptop that has a Windows operating system higher than XP SP3 or a Mac operating system higher than OS X 10.6 and internet access of data around 512 Kbps. During live training, candidates should have a headset so they can hear the guidelines and raise any questions they may have.

    Who offers the PMP® training in Gurgaon?

    StarAgile is the best institute for PMP® and provides PMP® training in Gurgaon on behalf of the renowned PMI institution.

    Does a PMP® course count as equivalent to a degree?

    Since the PMP® certification in Gurgaon is among the most specialised and widely recognised programs in project management studies, acquiring it is equivalent to earning a degree.

    Is the cost of the PMP® exam covered by the course fee?

    No, the PMP course fee doesn't include the PMP® certification exam fee. 

    How can StarAgile guarantee that the candidates will pass the exam with the assistance of the PMP® training in Gurgaon and the course materials provided?

    Extensive study material is provided at PMP® course certification in Gurgaon. These learning tools are designed specifically for the certification prerequisites and aid candidates in exam preparation in about 45 days. Live virtual sessions, pre-recorded videos, quizzes, five projects, five case studies, and five stimulation exams are all included in the course material. 

    How can applicants pay their PMP® application fees?

    Net banking, NEFT, debit card, credit card, cheques and mobile wallets are the online payment options for the application fee of PMP®. 

    Does the PMP® Exam Pay Off?

    Yes, it is worthwhile to get PMP® certification training because it opens up work opportunities in a variety of industries and increases individuals' earnings.

    What does a PMP® course mean?

    Among the PMI's most well-liked project management courses is PMP®. Due to their versatility in handling different projects and circumstances, PMP®-certified project managers are favoured over non-PMP® project managers.

    What is the number of PDUs a graduate of PMP® training in Gurgaon will receive?

    The applicants will receive 35 PDUs on completion of the PMP® training in Gurgaon.

    Are online live virtual classes for PMI -PMP® offered by StarAgile?

    Two online PMI-PMP® training options are provided by StarAgile, the best institute for PMP®: live interactive virtual training using recorded videos.

    Which certification follows PMP® training the best?

    After completion of the PMP® course, some of the top certifications available are 
    PMI-ACP Certification (Agile Certified Practitioner) 
    CSM Certification (Certified Scrum Master) 
    PMI-RMP (Risk Management Professional)
    PMP® CCR (Continuing Certification Requirements): For applicants looking for work in the US and other nations
    PRINCE 2: for job seekers in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth nations

    PMP: Eligibility, Prerequisites & Exam FAQs

    Are there any classes for PMP® training in Gurgaon?

    Yes, there are several best institutes for PMP® in Gurgaon. However, the aspirants must choose only a PMI-approved PMP® course in Gurgaon which provides adequate study materials and multiple tests to ensure their success in the first attempt at the PMP® exam. 

    Is it possible to take the PMP® exam online?

    Yes, one can take the online PMP® exam to get the PMP® certification in Gurgaon, provided they schedule the exam in advance. 

    How to verify the status of one's PMP® course certification?

    The individuals taking PMP® training in Gurgaon can verify their PMP® course certificate's status by entering their first or last name on the PMI certification registry. The search results will display a list of PMP® certification holders with that name. 

    Which is regarded as the best PMP® training institute in Gurgaon and why?

    The best institute for PMP® training in Gurgaon should include the following features in them:
    PMI - Approved institute
    Experienced and well-qualified professional teachers
    Online live training
    Quizzes, activities, and other tests at the end of every session, and
    Pre-recorded live video sessions

    How to claim a PMP® digital badge?

    The PMI initiates the distribution of digital badges by informing the candidate that they have been selected for the PMP® certification via email. They must click on the 'Accept' button on the right side of the badge image displayed on the email to get to the PMI's official website. The candidates are then required to create an account on the website and claim their digital badge. 

    What happens in the PMP® audit process?

    The PMI initiates the audit of the PMP® course in Gurgaon for the selected candidate by sending them a notification for the audit via email. One needs to follow the following steps to get through the audit procedure smoothly:
    Step 1: The candidates should start by downloading the audit package attached to the email and printing the audit form. 
    Step 2: One needs to get the supervisor or manager's signature on the audit form as proof of their work experience. 
    Step 3: Finally, the candidate needs to attach a photocopy of all the necessary documents, including a diploma or any other relevant degrees, to the audit forms and send it to the following address - 
    Attn: Certification Audit, 
    14 Campus Blvd, 
    Newton Square,
    PA, 19073-3299 the USA. 

    Can the PMP® certification expire?

    No, the PMP® certification in Gurgaon can't expire. However, the certification can get suspended if one fails to renew it within three years of acquiring the certificate from PMI. Furthermore, one needs to have at least 60 PDUs to get their certification renewed.

    What is a PMP® digital badge?

    After the completion of the PMP® course, every candidate gets a digital badge that employers can use to verify the credibility of their skills and knowledge electronically. It helps them in showcasing their skills to their peers and employers.

    Which among PMP® and Prince2 is the best project management course?

    The PMP® certification training in Gurgaon is a knowledge-based training course whose foundation was laid by the US. Whereas, Prince2's foundation was laid by the UK and is a process-based training course. Both certifications are globally recognised as project management certifications, and one can choose any of these based on their preferred mode of study. 

    Is the 7th edition of the PMBOK guide important in preparing for the PMP® exam?

    The PMBOK guide 7th edition is one of the reference books one refers to during the preparation process for the PMP® examination. Therefore, some of the best institutes for PMP® in Gurgaon make it essential for their students to go through it, and every candidate must use this book. 

    What are the roles and responsibilities of a project manager?

    The project managers play a vital role in ensuring the correct implementation of project strategies. Their primary responsibilities include:
    Allocating tasks to individuals
    Distributing resources among project team members
    Managing and planning the overall project. 

    When should the candidates start collecting PDUs for the continuance of their PMP® certificate?

    The candidates should send proof of earned PDUs one day ahead to the completion of 3rd year after acquiring the PMP® certification. So, the candidates should start collecting the PDUs as early as possible to ensure their PMP® certification in Gurgaon continues. 

    Is there a chance of getting a salary hike after acquiring the PMP® certification?

    According to a report by PMI, PMP® certified individuals receive a 20% higher average salary than their non-PMP® accredited peers. 

    Will the PMP® exam pattern change after the release of the 7th edition of the PMBOK guide?

    There is no information from PMI regarding the changes/updates in the PMP® certification in the Gurgaon exam after the release of the latest PMBOK guide. The seventh edition is already an updated version and comprises all the latest and most accurate project management concepts and terms that project managers frequently use. 

    Where can one use PDUs?

    The professional development units or PDUs are mandated to retain the status of one's PMP® certificate. The certification holders can earn PDUs by attending seminars and events and completing courses in PMP® training in Gurgaon. The candidates can apply for PDUs related to volunteering, teaching and learning. Furthermore, the additionally earned PDUs are carried forward to renew the status of PMP® certification in Gurgaon in the future. 

    Which is the best project management course certification in Gurgaon?

    The best institute for PMP® in Gurgaon is one that focuses more on providing practical training rather than emphasising theoretical knowledge. So, the best institute for PMP® in Gurgaon is the one that includes project management courses as workshops. 

    What is the renewal fee for PMP® certification?

    The renewal fee for PMP® for individuals with PMI membership is INR 4,964.01. At the same time, the Non-PMI members are required to pay INR 12,410.03 as a renewal PMP® certification fee. 

    Which sectors need individuals with project management skills?

    There is a high demand for individuals with project management skills in multiple sectors, including IT, engineering, healthcare, construction, financial and law advisory firms, because they complete projects within the stipulated time. The professionals possessing PMP® certification training in Gurgaon are also required in startups and small enterprises. 

    How much time does it take to meet the eligibility criteria for taking the PMP® certification training course exam?

    Graduates having a minimum of two to three years of experience in any leading groups and diploma holders with a five-year of experience in leading projects are eligible to apply for the course and take the PMP® exam. The candidates should also complete the 35-hour formal PMP® training in Gurgaon to take the exam in any of the best institutes for PMP®. 

    Is the PMP® certification in the Gurgaon exam difficult?

    The PMP® course in the Gurgaon exam was designed to check the candidate's ability and understanding of project management concepts. Therefore, it is one of the most challenging exams in the world. 

    How has the new PMP® exam format changed?

    The PMP® has changed the exam format by reducing its focus domains from six to three. The newest format emphasises the following domains:
    Process: This aids individuals in enriching their technical knowledge needed for project management. 
    People: It makes individuals capable enough to lead and manage a team. 
    Business Environment: It enables professionals to ensure that their projects align with organisational strategies. 
    The exam's latest format will focus solely on Agile, hybrid and predictive approaches. The aspiring candidates of the PMP® course in Gurgaon should refer to the latest official updates provided by the PMI regarding the PMP® exam format. 

    Are there any institutes offering online PMP® certification training in Gurgaon?

    Multiple institutions, like the StarAgile institute, provide online PMP® certification training in Gurgaon to its students. 

    Why is PMP® training in demand?

    There is a rising demand for PMP® training in Gurgaon as it helps a professional get better job opportunities and receive higher pay scales than non-certified professionals. 

    What does a PMP® audit imply?

    PMP® audit is a process during which the PMI verifies a candidate's eligibility by verifying their documents and credentials. The applicants of the PMP® course in Gurgaon get a notice regarding the date and method of their audit process in advance. 

    PMP Course Additional Benefits

    What is the exam pattern of the online PMP® course in Gurgaon?

    In the PMP® online exam, candidates are provided with 180 questions to cover in 230 minutes. The candidates that tend to score between 61% and 75% in the PMP® course in Gurgaon clear the PMP® certification exam. 

    What is the allotted time duration for the PMP® exam?

    The best institute for PMP® allows a total of 230 minutes for every candidate to cover all 180 questions during the PMP® examination. 

    How long does the PMP® certification remain validated?

    According to PMI, the PMP® training in Gurgaon certificate remains valid for three years after the acquisition of the certificate. In case candidates want to extend their validity, they must submit proof of earned 60 PDUs to PMI, the best institute for PMP®. 

    Does the PMP® exam change in the year 2023?

    No, the exam remains the same in the best institute for PMP® in the year 2023 as well. Aspiring candidates should refer to the 7th PMBOK guide edition and the latest exam contents online to prepare for the PMP® training in the Gurgaon exam. 

    What Is the weightage of questions in each domain of the PMP® certification training Gurgaon examination?

    The below table reveals the weightage for each domain:

    Domain Name

    The weightage (in %)

    Project Initiation


    Project Planning


    Project Execution 


    Project Monitoring and Controlling


    Project Closure


    How does one enrol and schedule the PMP® certification training Gurgaon exam?

    The aspirants must follow the steps mentioned below to complete the examination process of PMP® training in Gurgaon:
    Step 1: Fulfil the eligibility criteria. 
    Step 2: Apply and submit the application. 
    Step 3: Review the application. 
    Step 4: Make the application fee payment. 
    Step 5: Schedule the exam. 

    How much does the PMP® certification training in Gurgaon cost to conclude?

    The below table will give candidates a clear idea about the PMP certification training cost:

    Different Aspects of PMP Certification Cost


    The online PMP certification in Gurgaon 

    INR 11,575.53 to INR 25,218.12

    Classroom training 

    INR 15,130.87 to INR 25,218.12

    PMP Certification Training Gurgaon with PMI membership

    INR  33,486.35

    PMP Certification Training Gurgaon without PMI membership

    INR  45,888.70 55

    PMI membership fee 

    INR 10,666.02 registration fee + INR 826.82 as an application amount

    Exam Fee 

    Is included in the training fee

    Re-exam fee for PMI members 

    INR 22,737.65

    Re-exam fee for non-PMI members 

    INR  31,005.88

    The renewal fee for PMI members 

    INR  4960.94

    The renewal fee for non-PMI members 

    INR  12,402.35

    What is the PMP® certification exam passing score?

    The PMI doesn't disclose the passing score of the PMP® certification in the Gurgaon exam to maintain its standards. However, it is said to be close to 61% to 62%

    Can the PMP® certification exam be paused and resumed later?

    Once the exam commences, the candidates are not allowed to pause the PMP® certification training Gurgaon exam and resume it later. However, they can take small breaks during the exam, but the examiner will include this break duration in the final duration of the exam. 

    What are the steps for the renewal of PMP® certification?

    After acquiring the PMP® certification in Gurgaon, the candidates can maintain the certificate status by following the steps given below for continuing certificate requirements (CCR):
    Step 1: The certification holders must earn a minimum of 60 PDUs and submit proof of it to PMI every three years. 
    Step 2: Complete the certification renewal form and submit it. 
    Step 3: Review and confirm the PMP® renewal application, PMI code of ethics, and professional conduct. 
    Step 4: Make the application fee payment. 
    Step 5: Once all the procedures get completed, the candidates will receive a renewal confirmation from PMI
    The best institute for PMP® in Gurgaon is one that helps its students during this process. 

    What is the sum of the PMP® course exam fee in Gurgaon?

    The course exam fee with PMI membership concludes at INR 33,502.95, while the non-PMI candidates' fees amount to INR 45,913.37 for the PMP® course in Gurgaon. Moreover, the PMI membership costs a total of INR 11,495.90 and an additional fee of INR 827.03 as a joining amount. 

    Does the PMP® course in the Gurgaon exam allow reattempts in case one fails to clear the exam?

    Three attempts are available in the PMP® course in Gurgaon for each candidate. The cost for second and third retakes is INR 22,737.65 for PMI membership and INR 31,005.88 for non-PMI candidates. 

    Can one register for the PMP® certification in Gurgaon course without experience?

    Candidates must have the required experience as mentioned in the PMP® certification training Gurgaon eligibility criteria before applying for it. They cannot apply for the course in case they fail to suffice the experience criteria. 

    Can the PMP® certification exams be taken online? Is it an open-book examination?

    Though the PMP® certification training in Gurgaon is an online exam, it doesn't permit candidates to refer to any notes or study materials during the exam. Therefore, it is a closed-book online examination. 

    Can one register for the PMP® online certification course without training?

    No, the 35-hour formal training program is an eligibility criterion that everyone must fulfil before taking the PMP® course certification in Gurgaon. This is done to enrich one's understanding of multiple project management concepts, as provided in the 7th edition of the PMBOK guide. The required hours can be acquired either by completing formal education like MBA or utilising REP and non-REP training institutions. 

    Which PMP® certification body prompts the certifications in Gurgaon?

    The PMI regulates the PMP® certification in Gurgaon. PMI was established in 1969 and has benefited over 2.9 million individuals in various departments such as research, education, collaboration and advocacy around the globe. 

    Is PMP® an online or offline mode exam?

    One can take the exam for PMP® certification training in Gurgaon in both computer-based online mode and paper-based offline mode as per the candidate's preference. 

    How can the candidates download the certificate after the completion of the PMP® course exam?

    Once the PMP® certification training Gurgaon exam gets completed, the candidates clearing the exam will receive a notification via email. These candidates can register on PMI and receive the certificate 4-6 weeks after registration. 

    Does the PMP® certification in the Gurgaon exam require prerequisites?

    Yes, there are certain eligibility criteria one needs to fulfil before appearing in the exam at the best institute for PMP®. Higher secondary and diploma holders require 60 months of experience in leading groups and 36 months of experience in leading teams for graduates. They must finish a PMP® training in the Gurgaon program of 35 contact hours to enrol in the PMP® exam course. 

    What is the fee structure for the PMP® certification training course?

    The PMP certification cost depending upon various factors are given below:

    Type of PMP fee

    Status of Membership


    PMI Membership Fees

    Rs 11,495.90 

    CBT Test Fees


    Rs 33,502.95 5


    Rs 45,913.37

    CBT re-exam fee


    Rs 22,723.25  


    Rs 30,986.25

    Total Fees that PMI® Charges


    Rs 44,466.80


    Rs 45,913.37 

    Trusted by over 50,000 customers around the world

    About PMP Certification Course & Benefits with StarAgile

    PMP Certification Training in Gurgaon

    If a person wants to get a high-salaried management job, they need to get StarAgile's PMP® course. It is the best institute for PMP® certification in Gurgaon, and one should take this course to increase their chances of getting a high paid job. 
    PMP® certification training in Gurgaon makes an individual capable enough to take top positions in a company. The course makes them competent enough to help them visualise the vision of the company and execute them in the given time with the allocated budget and project constraints. These professionals thus earn the trust of their clients and add credibility to their work with their universally recognised management skills. 
    With StarAgile's PMP® training in Gurgaon, an individual can easily get their PMP certification. This PMP® certification training in Gurgaon is compiled with the help of experts in the industry with high-quality content and is stretched over 36 hours of live virtual training. 
    In the PMP® certification training in Gurgaon, a candidate gets access to exclusive live sessions along with recording for revision. Furthermore, one also gets access to 35 PDUs, revision sessions, practice questions quizzes and five case studies that prepare them for the  PMP® certification exam. After clearing this exam, StarAgile gives the candidates a globally recognised course completion certificate. 

    Features of the PMP® course in Gurgaon

      The duration of the PMP® course in Gurgaon is 35 hours. 

      The validity of the PMP® certification obtained after training is three years, and it lasts for three years. 

      To enrol for the PMP® certification training in Gurgaon, one needs to have sufficient professional experience and academic qualifications.  

      After the completion of PMP® training in Gurgaon, a professional will get 35 PMI® Approved PDUs. 

      After completing the PMP® course in Gurgaon, people become eligible for jobs with an annual salary between Rs 17 lakh to Rs 25 lakh. 

      The PMP® certification is a globally recognised certificate, and one gets high-paying job opportunities after obtaining this certificate. 

      PMP® course in Gurgaon comes with a 100 per cent money-back guarantee. 

      The student who enrols in this course will get complete application assistance along with PMP® application templates. 

      The instructors in the PMP® training in Gurgaon are PMI® authorised. 

      Everyone who completes the PMP® course in Gurgaon will be awarded a course completion certificate. 

      One also gets an option of no-cost EMI while paying the fee for the PMP® course in Gurgaon.

      One should get the PMP® training in Gurgaon and lay down the foundation for a prospering career in project management.

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