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Jan 31, 2024

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Welcome, all PMs and aspiring individuals. We understand your thirst to grow. You try every possible thing to stay on top of everyone in the organization. Yes, you perform, perform and perform. But do you know performance won’t suffice in the competitive world? Then what else is required? Best performer backed with a prestigious PMP certification is considered the star performer in the industry today.

Why do you think PMP is the best certification considered by many employers? Why do companies pay 20% more salary for PMP certified professionals? Why and why. These entire “why” got only one answer and that is PMP certification is the esteemed course to accomplish. In this blog let us tell you about the PMP certification value and the direction to achieve PMP certification offered by PMI.org.

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Quick points that make PMP certification the best

  1. PMP certification exam is focused not on one domain or geography but goes global. This means upon successfully completing the PMP certification course one can adapt to work in any business, place, and method. Yes, it is a versatile course that makes you ready to travel as a successful PM, program manager or a delivery manager.
  2. The earning prospective of a PMP certified professional increases to a maximum of 20% when compared to others. It is because the course curriculum is well-structured and helps the PM to deliver work in a unique way.
  3. It is possible for you to connect your team with all across the globe and hence you make the organization complete project on-time. They get the reputation and hence bid for more projects confidently.

In short, this certification does not provide benefit for a single individual but the entire organization. Find below a chart representing the reasons for the failure of a project. Majorly you can notice that each area that may be the cause depends on the proper planning and execution. Thus a well-trained PM is required. Without wasting much time let us explain how you can accomplish PMP certification in India.

PMP Certification


Do not bother too much as the process is simple if you follow the right path. We will discuss each step in detail in the following order.

  • Who are you and are you eligible to attend PMP certification classes
  • Know the exam prerequisites
  • What should you do next
  • What will you learn
  • How much should you spend
  • On the day of examination
  • If you already have a certification but want to keep it active, then what must you do?

Before we give you a lengthy answer let us go through the image which contains everything you need. However, we recommend you to read until the end to have a clear understanding of each information.

PMP Information


Unlike few certifications, pmp certification syllabus is not common for an individual across the level. It requires some expertise in the projects for a better understanding. Therefore we would not recommend this one for a fresher. They must gain some knowledge in projects and also must have gone through one full project life cycle before registering for a certification. Refer the image to know who exactly can qualify for certification.


Just because you qualify doesn’t mean you can apply for the pmp certification exam as there are few things which you need to do before applying. So what are they? 

You need to have the right education, experience, and training. There are two options in this and one with professional qualification and another with a secondary degree. 

In case you have a secondary degree, then you need to have experience in the leading project for a minimum of 3 years. For those who obtained a degree attending a four-year course like engineering can have close to 2 years experience managing projects to apply not for the certification but for a pmp training course. 

Yes, either way, you need to attend a 35-hour training program from institutes of repute to master the project management course syllabus with practical examples. Look at the image for clear understanding and under both options the 35-hour training is inclusive. 

The Project Management Certification training program is designed in such a way to make you realize each and every step in managing a project along with the team and enhances your delivery skill. 

All you need to do for attending this training is to search for pmp training near me on your search engine and choose the right institute. Then you can stay assured of not only getting certified but also understanding the PM skills and roles thoroughly. 

PMP Certification


Delivered by PMI® Authorized Training Partner

View course

How much should you spend? 

Once you have the education and experience, then you appear for the training and complete the same. Now, its time to pay the exam fees for taking the examination. However, when you associate with the training institute, then they will arrange for your examination as well. Therefore, check for pmp training price and stay secured that you will get certified by the PMI. 

Check the image for a cost which is clearly mentioning about the members and the non-members fees. You can become a member to additionally stay connected with the fellow members and discuss various aspects of project management. All these will be taken into consideration by the training institute and they charge somewhere around INR 50K for completing the training and obtaining certification. 

Also, make note that you need to pay an additional USD of 375 or 275 based on whether you are a member of PMI to appear for the examination the second or the third time. This cost is saved when you go through the training institute as pmp training guaranteed pass is the slogan of training institutes. They will ensure that you are well-prepared for the examination and there is no question of re-examination. 

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PMP Examination Blue Print 

It is important to discuss the blueprint of the pmp training exam because this makes this certification an esteemed one. Yes, the examination covers all the aspects of PM and hence makes you a successful PM and can manage projects in any domain, location and methodology. 

PMP Examintaion Blue Print.
There are six domains and each carries a weight age based on its need in the project. Which means project execution is the key step in any project. Failing in this area will collapse the entire project and needs a complete rework that involves man-hours and cost. Therefore from the graph, you can interpret the value of each domain in project management. The explanation on each section in the blueprint is another new topic by itself and hence we will share the details in another post. 

Examination Details 

After you cross all these pmp certification steps, you will be ready to appear for the test. The test is called a CBT which means center based test and it is online with 200 multiple choice questions to be completed in 4 hours. 
There are 175 and 25 scored and unscored questions respectively. This means answering 175 scored questions will decide your final score and 25 unscored questions are asked in between to decide the difficulty level of the next question. Nonetheless, no one knows which is scored and unscored. So consider all questions seriously and answer correctly. 

Final suggestions 

We are glad to provide you with all the details about the PMP certification examination. We agree that these are not new information but we have tried to summarize the important points for your quick reference. By the way, did I forget to tell you what pmp certification full form is, then let me tell you it is Project Management Professional and wishing you good luck to become a certified professional soon by obtaining the certification offered by Project Management Institute.

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