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Project management institute (PMI) offers PMP certification to all those who complete 36 hours of training and pass an online examination. Working experience in the project will count as project experience and not necessarily only project managers should apply for this certification. 

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After taking training for 36 hours and spending a minimum of 50 hours in preparation one can appear for the test by making the required payment. However, you will get all the guidance along with the training. PMP exam questions are hard to crack, but with proper practice it becomes easy. 

PMP Exam Pattern

There will be 180 PMP exam questions. The weightage of the PMP exam questions is mentioned in the below table. 
% Questions
Monitoring and controlling
You can find PMP sample questions which will help you to understand the toughness level of the test. You must score a minimum of 61% to pass the examination and get the certification. 

PMP Exam Questions

1. If you want to close the procurement, this is done as part of which process?

1. Plan Procurement Management process
2. Control Procurements process
3. Close Procurements process
4. Conduct Procurements process

Answer:  2

Explanation:  Closing is done as part of control procurement and close procurement process is no longer exists in 6th edition of pmbok

2. RFI, RFP, RFQ are called 

1. Procurements documents
2. Bid documents
3. Agreements
4. Independent estimate 

Answer:  2

Explanation:  Bid documents are RFI, RFQ, RFP

3.Before selecting the seller which technique helps in evaluating the sellers

1. Source selection analysis
2. Source selection criteria
3. Statement of work
4. Work breakdown structure

Answer:  1

Explanation:  Source selection analysis helps in ranking and finalizing the criteria

4. The procurement knowledge area is having which processes?

1. Plan procurement, Conduct procurements, Control procurements
2. Plan procurement, Conduct procurements, Control procurements, Close procurement
3.  Plan procurement, Conduct procurements, Monitor procurements
4. Plan procurement, Conduct procurements, Monitor procurements, Close procurement

Answer:  1

Explanation: Only three processes. 

5. Which option is correct in regards to the processes under Project risk management knowledge area?

1. Plan risk Management, Identify risks, Perform qualitative risk analysis, Perform Quantitative risk analysis, Plan risk responses, Implement risk responses, Monitor risks
2. Plan risk Management, Identify risks, Perform qualitative risk analysis, Perform Quantitative risk analysis, Plan risk responses, Implement risk responses, Control risks
3. Plan risk Management, Identify risks, Perform qualitative risk analysis, Perform Quantitative risk analysis, Plan risk responses,  Monitor risks
4. Plan risk Management, Identify risks, Perform qualitative risk analysis, Perform Quantitative risk analysis, Plan risk responses, Control risks

Answer:  1

Explanation:  There is a change in the 6th edition.

6. You are working in project oriented organization. The project is coming to an end and the team are worried about their new work. As a project manager what can be done?

1. Ignore them, they are no longer your concern.
2. Talk to the sponsor to try to reinstate the project.
3. Delegate to HR for post project staff assignment.
4. Call them for a meeting to discuss team members concerns.

Answer:  3

Explanation: Delegate to HR for post project staff assignment is the better solution.

7. You are the project manager of a software company. During a review, you discover some design requirements are not taken into account. You should:

1. Instruct your team to incorporate the requirements and do an analysis to figure out the potential impact.
2. Inform your project sponsor that the project may be delayed because of the missed requirements.
3. Go ahead with production because incorporating the requirements may delay the schedule.
4. Escalate this issue to your senior management.

Answer:  1

Explanation: It is better to incorporate missed requirements and analyze for further risk and if required inform the impact

8. Statistical sampling involves choosing part of a population of interest for inspection. In this context, which of the following statements on attribute sampling and variables sampling are accurate? A. Attribute sampling shows degree of conformity. B. Attribute sampling indicates that the result either conforms or does not conform. C. Variables sampling indicates the result rated on a continuous scale. D. Attribute sampling and variables sampling are done during Control Quality.

1. B, C and D
2. A, C and D
3. A, B and D
4. A, B and C

Answer:  1

Explanation: Attribute sampling says yes or no

9. You are measuring the length of the sample white board markers to see if all the markers are within the permissible limit or not . Which tool is useful for this kind of situation

1. A Histogram as it shows the number of markers which are deviated from expected length
2. A Run chart; which indicates the trend about defects in markers
3. A scatter diagram as it shows the relationship between defects and reasons for defects
4. A Control chart as it will show whether the markers length are stable and predictable

Answer:  4

Explanation: Control chart helps in understanding if the length is within the limit and acceptable

10. Which of the following statements on quality planning is inaccurate?

1. Quality planning is performed in parallel with the other project planning processes.
2. During quality planning, you should be aware of governmental regulations, rules, standards, and guidelines specific to the application area.
3. You can use cost benefit analysis as technique to see is it worth spending money for quality
4. During quality planning, you can use change requests to take corrective or preventive action or to perform defect repair.

Answer:  4

Explanation: Change request will be used during manage quality and control quality processes

11. You are the project manager with seven team members. One more member will be joining the team after a week. What will be the number of communication channels once the new member joins your team?

1. 28
2. 21
3. 18
4. 36

Answer:  4

Explanation:  There are 8 people including you. One more will join that will become 9. for 9 people using formula n(n-1)/2=9(9-1)/2= 36

12. In accordance with the communications management plan, you have been providing the Sponsor with status updates on a daily face to face. From next week onwards he is permanently re-locating to different city and he requests the communication should be through video conferencing. What should the project manager do?

1. Update the communications management plan
2. Re-examine the stakeholder registry
3. Ask the Chief Financial Officer to talk to the Sponsor to get status updates
4. Continue providing the Sponsor with the status updates and ignore the Chief Financial Officer

Answer:  1

Explanation: Whenever there is a change in the communications requirement update the communications management plan.

13. Based on past estimates, there is a 15% probability for a particular event to occur every year. If a project lasts for three years, what is the probability of the event happening in the third year?

1. 15.625 %
2. 6.25 %
3. 15%
4. 45%

Answer:  3

Explanation: For third year also it may be 15% based on trend

14. Since you know the importance of risk management, you always include it as an agenda item in your weekly status meetings and spend ten minutes discussing the risks. Some of your project team members complain that since none of the risks are actually happening, discussing risk management issues in status meetings is a waste of time. What should you do?

1. Talk to your team members about the importance of risk management and why the project team needs to be aware of all risks at all points of time.
2. Agree with your team members and mention to them that henceforth, no more time would be spent on discussing risks in the project status meetings unless required in the future.
3. Call a meeting with your project sponsor and project management team to discuss potential training requirements for your project team members so that they can appreciate the benefits of risk management.
4. Escalate to your management that some of your team members do not agree with your risk management practices.

Answer:  2

Explanation:  As the project progresses if the risk is coming down, better to have less frequent meeting or revise the meeting plan as necessary

15. Delphi technique is one of the ways which helps in identifying the risk and analysis. What is the use of this technique?

1. Finds out a problem, discovers the reasons that led to it, and develops preventive actions.
2. Helps reduce bias in the data.
3. Examines the project from each of the SWOT perspectives to increase the breadth of the identified risks.
4. Provides a qualitative assessment of risk.

Answer:  2

Explanation:  Since this is done in a secret manner, helps in reducing the bias

16. What decision you make with this data? 30% probability of success with benefits of $700,000 70% probability of failure with loss of $300,000 Based on this information, you:

1. Suggest that the project should proceed.
2. Suggest that the project should be stopped.
3. Communicate to your senior management that you cannot take a decision whether to proceed with the project or not.
4. Start working on the project and ask your finance manager for additional information.

Answer:  3

Explanation:  Since EMV is zero take the senior management advice

17. You had conducted an independent estimate to find out the cost of raw material. However, when you asked for bids and proposals from prospective sellers, quoted less than your estimate. Which of the following can be a reason for the variance in the estimate? A. The procurement statement of work was not clear. B. The prospective sellers misunderstood the procurement statement of work. C. The procurement statement of work was not sufficient. D. There have not been major changes in the cost of material and labor since last year.

1. B, C and D
2. Only B and C
3. All of the Above
4. A, B and C

Answer:  4

Explanation:  D is not the reason because while doing independent estimate you must have already considered this variation of price during the period

18. Which is not a tool and technique under conduct procurement process? 

1. Bidder conference
2. Meetings
3. Advertisings
4. Source selection analysis

Answer:  4

Explanation:  Source selection analysis is not a technique under conduct procurement process

19. You are in the process of selecting an appropriate type of contract for your project. In this context, which of the following statements related to fixed price, cost reimbursable, and time and material contracts is NOT correct?

1. In a fixed-price contract, the product is well defined.
2. In a cost reimbursable contract, the risk of the seller is low.
3. In a time and material contract, the risk of the buyer is low.
4. In a time and material contract, the type of payment is based on unit rates for work done. The unit rate for work done is fixed, but the total cost increases with time

Answer:  3

Explanation:  In a time and material contract, the risk is with both  buyer and seller

20. During the Identify Stakeholders process, the project manager identifies all people or organizations impacted by the project, and documents relevant information regarding their interests, involvement, and impact on project success. Once identified, a plan needs to be created to keep stakeholders engaged throughout the project. In this context, which of the following statements is incorrect about stakeholder management?

1. Stakeholders exert influence over the project and its deliverables
2. It is critical for project success to identify stakeholders early in the project
3. All critical stakeholders should be engaged at the same time
4. A strategy or approach may be developed for engaging each stakeholder

Answer:  3

Explanation: Need not be 

You can apply for the examination after undergoing training with us. We will provide PMP questions based on our experience as a practice to prepare you for the test. Also, we conduct 5 PMP mock exam which will reflect the actual exam pattern and the distribution of questions. By answering these PMP test questions and passing the mock exam will make you know your qualifying ability before you appear for the real examination. 

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