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100% Job Guarantee*
DevOps Course in India is an excellent path to understanding the concepts of DevOps online and mastering aspects of software development and automated building. One of the Best DevOps Training in India provides certification with knowledge of tools such as Git, SVN, Docker and Nagios. The DevOps Training institute in India is aligned with industry standards to offer the best learning modules and practice insights. With DevOps Training in India and DevOps Certification in India, candidates can find themselves placement opportunities in a wide array of industries.

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Key Features

  • 40 Hours of Live Virtual Training
  • Hands-On Assignments for Each Module
  • 20+ years Highly Experienced Trainers
  • 6 Months Project Experience Certificate
  • Life time Access to Recorded Sessions
  • 35 PDU's offered
  • 20 Live Demos of Popular DevOps Tools
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • No Cost EMI Available

Reasons to do DevOps Training Course

DevOps Course Certificate

What is DevOps? What will you learn from the DevOps training

If you’re in the technical field, you must already be aware about the role of DevOps in revolutionizing software development and deployment in organizations by picking and removing the conflicts between development and operations teams. This conflict is the major challenge that companies have faced for years in the past. In simple terms, DevOps uses the combination of development and operations and as a result, boosts the efficiency, speed, and security of software development process and delivery compared to earlier methodologies

In this DevOps training in India course, you will learn DevOps objectives, benefits, concepts, and workflow. You will learn with real-time industry examples and case studies. After the course completion, you will master the following principles using DevOps tools like Git, SVN, Nagios, Docker, Jenkins and more.

  • Inter-team Collaboration 
  • continuous development and deployment
  • Automation
  • Integration 
  • Communication 



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Course Reviews

StarAgile Trainer And The Training Method Is The Best Even I Am A Working Professional With 15+ Years Of Experience With A Coding Knowledge Still They Way They Teach Is Fabulous To Attend And Quality Wise No One Can Compare The Training

StarAgile trainer and the training method is the best even I am a working professional with 15+ years of experience with a coding knowledge still they way they teach is fabulous to attend and Quality wise no one can compare the training. Thanku StarAgile for making me a part of your training.


Mansi Sharma

DevOps Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

The Training Was Absolutely Superb

The training was absolutely superb. A great introduction to DevOps. Gives an overview of DevOps components, related processes, and primary reasons for implementing DevOps. The course is mostly a conceptual overview and discussion of elements involved, thus no tool knowledge or hands-on necessary.


Niranjan Reddy Nellepalli

DevOps Application Developer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Really Liked The Hands-on Examples Covered During This Training Program

I really liked the hands-on examples covered during this training program. Nice DevOps Course. Explains the process in detail with examples. gives you an idea of what next things you can do if you already using DevOps, It's helped me articulate DevOps concepts in the office and communicate effectively with the development and operations team.


Abhishek Jagadish

Reliability Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Excellent DevOps Training

Excellent DevOps training. it was a great learning experience. The session was completed handled on a practical based and hands-on based. Would recommend others to take training from StarAgile


Manoj Puneeth

Release Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Best DevOps Training Institute

Best DevOps training institute. Projects and case studies were given to practice for each and every tool. Trainer explained from basics to advance level. A certificate from IBM helped to get more opportunities. Thanks to StarAgile


Manoj S

Platform Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Best Professionalism, Good In Quality And Top In Training Thank You StarAgile For This Opportunity

Best Professionalism, good in quality and top in training thank you StarAgile for this opportunity. Your trainings are the best and the kind of support you give I have never seen like this anywhere.


Ankush Chauhan

DevOps Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

StarAgile DevOps Training Has Been A Great Experience

StarAgile DevOps training has been a great experience. The instructor was engaging all of us effectively and the classes were very interactive.


Sunil Kumar Reddy

Automation Architect

verified-logoVerified Learner

Training Was Very Professional And Taught Us Very Clearly

Training was very professional and taught us very clearly. I would definitely recommend others to attend this DevOps training program from StarAgile.


Rohit Kumar Deo

Security Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

It Was An Amazing Experience, The Trainer Engaging And Very Knowledgeable In DevOps Concepts

It was an amazing experience, the trainer engaging and very knowledgeable in DevOps concepts. He explained each topic in a way that everyone will understand.


Abhishek Baranwal

Release Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Was Impressed By The Approach Of DevOps Training

I was impressed by the approach of DevOps training. Would like to opt for other certifications in the future from Star agile. Both teaching and non-teaching staffs are always approachable n friendly.


Anirudh.S Suresh

DevOps Evangelist

verified-logoVerified Learner

DevOps Certification and Training FAQ's

How does Job Guarantee* Work?

  • Maintain at least 85% attendance in live classes for each phase of the program
  • Successfully clear all the courses and modules of the program
  • Submit all your course-end projects and capstone project within the given timelines.
  • Complete all the mandatory assignments and projects within the given timelines.
  • You need to clear the mock interview once you graduate from the course. Only those candidates who clear the mock interviews and projects will be allowed Career Services by StarAgile. 
Job Guarantee is completely dependent on how the student is attending training and career preparation sessions. From StarAgile, we will provide complete assistance with your resume preparation and we will prepare you to crack interviews in the first 5 attempts. However, StarAgile provides 20+ Guaranteed interviews to have a 100% placement track record overall.

Will the Job Assistance program guarantee me a job?

Job Guarantee is completely dependent on how the student is attending training and career preparation sessions from StarAgile. We will provide complete assistance for your resume preparation and we will prepare you to crack interviews in first 5 attempts. However, StarAgile provides 20+ Guaranteed interviews and has a 100% placement track record overall.

I am a fresher. Can I participate in the Job Assistance Program?

As this training starts with the basics, it is suitable for freshers with zero DevOps knowledge. Yes, you can take part in the Job Assistance Program and get 20+ guaranteed job interviews

How can a fresher get a job as a DevOps Engineer?

After you successfully complete StarAgile's DevOps certification course, you can easily land a lucrative job in the DevOps domain. We provide complete assistance for your resume preparation, mock interviews, assignments, and capstone projects as well as we will also prepare you to crack interviews.

Do you offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, we do offer a 100% money-back guarantee on Devops training online. To avail this, you need to attend our first-day complete DevOps online training and if you still don’t like our course, we will refund the entire paid amount. No questions asked on the refund.

Who will train me in DevOps online training and what are their skills?

We have a highly qualified team of DevOps-certified instructors. All our trainers have more than 20 years of experience in providing industry-standard training and working in the domains like IT, Agile, ITSM, and/or DevOps. We select each trainer through a rigorous selection process that includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they join us. We consider a high alumni rating for our faculty retention.

Why should I enroll in DevOps online training? Compare its edge over classroom training.

Online training always gives you a competitive edge over traditional classroom training. It not only saves your time and saves you from busy traffic, but also gives you the flexibility to learn from your choice of place and time. Avoiding travel helps you save money as well. You can easily study in the best training provider without compromising on the quality due to the non-availability of the training center in your locality or city. Plus this is the safest mode of study during the pandemic era.

What are the technical skills one can gain from attending DevOps online training?

Post successful completion of the devops course, you will acquire hands-on proficiency in the DevOps delivery model. You will master the following skills and will be ready to implement DevOps.
  • Master the concepts and methodologies of DevOps.
  • Knowledge about version control systems, CI tools, and cloud models.
  • Expertise in understanding the relevance of cloud in DevOps and use AWS as well as deploy the private kubernetes cluster.
  • Ability to work with Git with GitHub and Bitbucket.
  • Learn to configure popular devops tools, Jenkins, Git, and Maven.
  • Ability to configure test-driven framework using Junit  and behavior-driven (development) framework using cucumber.

Who issues the DevOps Course Completion Certificate?

You will receive your DevOps Course Completion Certificate from the tech giant, IBM. This certificate authenticates your knowledge of critical concepts as well as technical know-how. 

List the objectives of the DevOps Training Online

    StarAgile’s DevOps training online program lets you learn major valuable DevOps skills including:

    • Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Delivery
    • Hands-on experience with DevOps tools like Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, and more
    • Understand how DevOps complements the Agile methodology and DevOps on AWS.
    • Hasslefree work by improving the feedback loops. 
    • Effective communication skills
    • Real-time examples with results.
    • Mastering the automation process.
    • Expertise in applying DevOps in an enterprise environment.

    What must I do to lead my career in DevOps?

    After the completion of this DevOps course in India, you will become an expert in continuous development and deployment. You will master the popular DevOps tools like Git, Docker, Jenkins, and more. You will learn through hands-on real-time examples and case studies to become a DevOps practitioner. However, you need a certain amount of industry experience to become a DevOps practitioner. So what are you waiting for? Register with us today and enroll to the DevOps training in India and become the most sought-after DevOps Engineer.

    How Does No Cost EMI Works?

    You will get an option to make payments in EMIs with no extra interest or taxes. StarAgile offers an interest-free EMI option to learners for a duration of 3, 6, or 9 months. To avail this facility, you must verify your PAN and AADHAR cards and present three-month bank statements

    How much does DevOps certification training cost?

    The good news is that there is no additional certification fee for DevOps. Our Course fee is all inclusive of the DevOps certification training cost as well.

    What are the prerequisites to learn the DevOps course?

    Though there is no prerequisite to learn DevOps, it is advisable to have an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma. Technical background and a basic understanding of Linux, web development, and Java programming is also preferred.

    Explain the fundamental skills required by a DevOps engineer

    This DevOps Certification Course Online makes you master the key skills required to become a DevOps engineer. These skills include Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Deployment, Delivery, and Monitoring via DevOps tools. Git, Docker, Chef, Jenkins, Puppet, and Nagios are some of the tools that you must be familiar with as a DevOps engineer. You should also have a basic knowledge of the Agile and Scrum methodologies, and cloud platform providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Also, understanding the fundamentals of Linux and having a grip on the scripting language is a must.

    How does 3 C's form the basic methodology of DevOps?

    Three C’s in DevOps refer to the fundamental principles of DevOps, known as CI, CD, and CM.
    CI – Continuous Integration
    CD – Continuous Deployment
    CM – Continuous Monitoring
    So basically, DevOps is all about automating your software development workflows and deploying enhanced quality code. This results in a continuous and iterative process to build, test, and deploy by removing bugs and ultimately avoiding code failures.

    Will there be projects or case studies as part of this DevOps online training program?

    Yes, we do provide projects and case studies as part of this DevOps online training program. Below are some of the projects that come with this course:

    Project 1: Dockerizing Jenkins Pipeline
    By Dockerizing Jenkins Pipeline, you will have to demonstrate continuous integration and delivery.

    Project 2: Manage and Monitor the Docker Containers with Dry Tool
    Learn how to install Dry, while understanding and monitoring its interaction with Docker containers and images.

    Project 3: Deploy Angular Application in Docker Container
    Get hands-on experience in Angular application on Docker. It is imperative that the Angular application is developed with the Angular CLI and Docker Compose for development and production.

    Project 4: Automated Delivery of WordPress Application on Kubernetes
    In this project, you will have to deploy the WordPress application to the Kubernetes cluster. You will also be able to automate the delivery with Jenkins and manage the source code versions on GitHub.

    Can a beginner master DevOps concepts? If yes, how?

    DevOps is undoubtedly a vast domain and it is advisable that you possess the working knowledge of Unix or Linux. However, our devops online course in India is designed in such a way that it is easier for a novice to understand and learn DevOps quickly and hassle-free. The learning path of our devops online training also provides extensive support and guidance to help you master DevOps principles and practices. Don’t wait any longer and enroll today to experience an unmatched devops training experience in India.

    How can you become a DevOps engineer?

    LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs of India report lists DevOps engineers as the most in-demand role. DevOps and agile together are transforming businesses across the globe. Professionals who have successfully completed the DevOps online training and got certified can work on real-time projects  in IT companies. These skilled professionals are also called DevOps engineers. DevOps engineers are responsible to implement the DevOps lifecycle in their projects and collaborate with the development, testing, and operations team.

    Do you provide any practice tests as a part of this DevOps Master Certification?

    Yes, we believe in imparting practical knowledge to our learners. You will get access to multiple real-time development projects during the DevOps Master certification and will be accredited post project completion.

    How will I execute the assignments during DevOps online training?

    We use AWS cloud for all our practical sessions, assignments, case studies, and projects. We will guide you to set up your AWS Free Tier account once you enroll in the course. We will also help you to install tools in your personal laptop, which will help you practice even when you’re not in class, per your convenience.

    What is the duration of the devops training course?

    We understand the learning goals and needs of working professionals and hence offer a relaxed class timetable spread over weekends and weekdays.
    If you are a busy professional, you can register for a 5 weekends instructor-led training  followed by a real-time project. We also organize exclusive batches for corporates on special request.

    Define the SDLC of DevOps?

    The SDLC of the DevOps refers to the below-mentioned five critical functions of the development phase and is a continuous process. This implies that development has to be on the lines of continuous development.
    1.    Development
    2.    Testing
    3.    Integration
    4.    Deployment
    5.    Monitoring
    To master DevOps, you must understand the uniqueness of DevOps lifecycle. Join DevOps online training to gain an in-depth understanding of the SDLC process .

    Why should I take Devops certification training from StarAgile?

    We have now successfully trained more than 3,00,000+ global professionals. StarAgile is the only name in the training industry having 4.9/5 rating on Google.
    StarAgile is now a trusted entity and offers exclusive coaching and consulting services for IT giants like Microsoft, Honeywell, L&T, Intel, Schneider Electric, SunGard, etc.

    What are the system requirements for Devops course in India?

    You will require basic computer systems to attend the DevOps training:
    • You should have a Windows / Mac / Linux PC, a minimum of 4GB RAM, 20 GB HDD Storage, and a Core i3 or above processor.
    • Decent Internet speed: Preferably 2 Mbps or higher
    • Headset, speakers, and microphone: For uninterrupted audio settings, it’s advisable to use good quality headphones or speakers and a microphone. Per your comfort, you can either use a headset with a built-in microphone, or have a set of separate speakers and a microphone.

    What is the primary role of a DevOps engineer?

    The primary role of a DevOps engineer is to become a communicator and facilitator. You must have the patience to listen and speak as you have to act as a bridge between the operation and the development teams. Collaboration is the key attribute of a DevOps engineer.

    How should I make payment for DevOps course in India?

    We accept payment via multiple online and offline modes. You can pay via Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, Cheque /Wallets/ NEFT to enroll in the DevOps course in India.

    Upon completing the DevOps Training in India what certification will I obtain?

    We are India’s No:1 Agile and Scrum Institute with 4.9/5 star rating on Google. Our certificate courses are accepted by almost all tech giants and top global MNCs.

    Certificates from IBM and StarAgile will be awarded to all the learners upon successfully completing the DevOps course and the projects. (after expert review).

    Who is the target audience for the DevOps Certification Training in India?

    The DevOps Certification Training in India is best suited for:

    • IT Professionals
    • Software Testers
    • System Admins
    • Solution Architects
    • Security Engineers
    • Application Developers
    • Integration Specialists
    • Or IT professionals  willing to learn DevOps.

    Is this live virtual DevOps online training or pre-recorded videos?

    We use the Zoom platform for conducting our online classes. Our classes are highly interactive and engaging and equal participation is allowed in the sessions through class discussions and Q&A sessions. Each participant will receive session recordings for future reference.

    DevOps Certification & Exam FAQ's

    What is the DevOps Training Cost in India ?

    Check out the below table for a clear idea of DevOps Training Cost in India:

    S. NoDevOps Training Cost at Different Aspects
    1DevOps Training Cost in India for Instructor-led Training
    ₹15999 - ₹20999
    2DevOps Training Cost in India for Classroom Training (Exam Fees Included)
    ₹17999 - ₹20999


    DevOps Additional FAQ's

    What is the Salary of a DevOps Engineer?

    The role of DevOps engineer has become one of the most sought after DevOps job roles across the globe lately. Per a Payscale report, DevOps professionals with 1+ years of experience in India earn between 4 LPA to 20 LPA with the median salary being 7.15 LPA. The salary range also depends on the skills and experience of the professional.

    Does DevOps require coding?

    Yes, you are expected to have basic programming and coding knowledge like Javascript, Java, and Python. Coding is a required skill in automation and in developing the software or the applications in a DevOps culture.

    Which DevOps Tool is in Demand in 2022?

    Here are the top tools under various DevOps processes categories used in automation, integration deployment, and delivery::

    JENKINS, GIT, SELENIUM, NAGIOS, PUPPET, ELK STACK, ANSIBLE, DOCKER, SPLUNK, CHEF, etc. However, these are just some of the many popular tools used in DevOps culture. For in-depth knowledge about the DevOps tools, enroll in our 36 hours of DevOps course in India.

    Features of the best DevOps course

    StarAgile offers DevOps courses and is considered the best due to the following reasons. 

    • It offers Live Virtual Training for 40 hours and lifetime access to the recorded videos
    • End of each module assignments are given. 
    • Trainers are industry experts with more than 2 decades of experience 
    • Upon successful completion of the course and project one will get 6 months project experience certificate

    Who issues the DevOps Course Completion Certificate?

    StarAgile provides the DevOps course completion certificate after completing the training with projects. The projects that are completed after the training are well verified by experts and then approved for certification. Also, StarAgile offers 6 months project experience certificate to all those participants who have completed the training including the project submission.

    How Long will it take to complete the DevOps Course?

    Carefully curated for the working professionals, we offer the DevOps course on weekends( for 4 weeks) with real-time hands-on training within the module. The instructor-led sessions suit everyone’s needs and you can learn DevOps with top instructors from the comfort of your home or office and on your terms.

    Can a beginner learn DevOps?

    Yes, a beginner can learn DevOps. However, DevOps is not a standalone technology or tool, and it’s more of a methodology or approach to software development and operations. So, it’s important to have some basic knowledge of both software development and IT operations before you start learning DevOps.

    Can a non-technical person learn DevOps?

    Ofcourse, a non-technical professional or a fresher can also learn DevOps. All they need is the willingness to learn new skills and the right training partner. DevOps allows businesses to improve the flow of communication and collaboration between software developers and IT operations professionals. Anyone can learn DevOps, if they have the right resources and and knowledge of tools.

    What skills are needed for DevOps?

    Below are some of the important skills required for DevOps:
    • Knowledge of DevOps tools 
    • Knowledge about how automate the DevOps pipeline
    • Writing Clean codes and integrating codes
    • Security skills
    • Know-how of important programming languages including Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, etc.

    How do I prepare for DevOps certification?

    You can start your DevOps certification journey by learning any Scripting Language and Linux Fundamentals.

    Is DevOps study material accessible even after Devops Course training is over?

    Yes, the DevOps study material is accessible even after completing the  DevOps Course training. Our learners have lifetime access to the recorded study material and other learning resources which can be referred anytime.

    How to choose the best DevOps online training institutes in India?

    Don’t get confused with the excessive numbers of DevOps training providers in India. Know your learning requirement and choose the one that best fits in. The below checklist can help you:
    • How many hours of training do they provide? It must be a Minimum 36 hours of training (In-person or live virtual).
    • Do they provide a Project experience certificate ?
    • Do they offer access to recorded training and other free learning resources?
    • How many PDUs are offered ?
    • Does the training include Live demos of DevOps tools ?
    • Are Hands-on assignments for each module included in the course?
    • Do they provide an authorized Course completion certificate ?

    DevOps vs Agile

    DevOps is a culture while agile is a methodology. With agile, one can focus on increasing the efficiency of the developers which results in improving the development cycle. DevOps, on the other hand combines the development team with the operations team to enable continuous integration and delivery. DevOps is clearly a successor to Agile overcoming all the challenges agile methodology faces.

    Is DevOps hard to learn?

    DevOps is a culture as stated above. So you need to acquire the skills and knowledge required for success in a DevOps environment. This may seem vast and challenging. But the right DevOps course can make you proficient in DevOps with the right resources and training.

    How DevOps is different from Agile?

    DevOps has evolved to bring development and operation team work together holding hands. It primarily focuses on continuous development, testing, deployment, and delivery. On the other hand, Agile is an iterative method focusing on a collaborative work approach. Also, it looks at customer feedback at every stage and makes releases in batches. Overall, the Agile process allows handling of any complex project in phases. To know more about DevOps attend DevOps training in India organized by StarAgile. 

    What is the difference between Agile and DevOps?

    DevOps works on continuous integrations and delivery by involving two large teams to employ several hyper-releases of software. Agile weekly manages development schedules by collaborating with smaller operational teams by engaging sprints.

    What is a DevOps Life Cycle?

    Throughout the development cycle in the project, rigorous development, testing, and integration are needed. Therefore, to have the best processes running in the project, DevOps is seen as the best software development software and it is used by many big tech giants to make sure that the timely delivery of quality projects can be achieved.

    List some of the best DevOps certifications

    Below are some of the advanced DevOps certifications, you can consider after a basic understanding of DevOps:
    • A basic DevOps certification training to understand the DevOps tools and CI/CD pipeline with DevOps lifecycle .
    • AWS DevOps training for in-depth AWS architecture knowledge.
    • Looking forward to learning containerization and orchestration? Docker and Kubernetes certification courses are your pick, then.

    Is DevOps a good career in 2022?

    DevOps is in high demand across industries in 2022. Per indeed.com, there has been a 75% rise in listings of DevOps jobs. And another report states that LinkedIn has recorded a 50% rise in mention of DevOps as a skill. DevOps is a highly paid job role as well.

    How DevOps is helpful to developers

    DevOps brings in all team together and work towards a common goal. Thus it allows the development team to quickly fix any bug. Further, implementing new features has become simple with DevOps. It has greatly improved team communication.

    How DevOps help business?

    The DevOps culture benefits business through enhancing team collaboration and communication. The more effectively the employees communicate and work together, the better results they deliver. This increases employee camaraderie and boosts employee confidence and productivity. That's why DevOps is the most effective team management strategy. It also results in faster deployment, enhanced customer satisfaction, better innovation, high motivation among the team members, and fewer problems or better problems ability.

    Are DevOps Engineers, Developers?

    Though DevOps engineers and software developers are both computer science professionals involved in code releases, still there are major attributes that differentiate them, including skills, knowledge and experience necessary for each role. However both are responsible for operations and perform like system admins. A well-trained DevOps engineer can try his luck into development and perform improved  coding and deployment.

    How DevOps is supporting other IT domains

    DevOps has undoubtedly aided in digital transformation. It has enabled positive changes in IT infrastructure by shifting the cultural mindset of the business, removing fatal silos, and allowing continuous change and rapid experimentation. Hence in almost all  IT domains, DevOps has resulted in a safe, durable and swift transformation to software services and applications. To conclude, DevOps has helped in creating the IT infrastructure more durable, transparent, lively, on-demand, and testable.

    Is DevOps Certification in demand?

    According to a study by indeed.com, the job openings have witnessed a 75% rise in listings of DevOps jobs. Not only this, top social media sites like LinkedIn have recorded a 50% increase in the usage of DevOps as a skill.

    What DevOps Engineer does?

    DevOps engineer is an IT professional and collaborates with software developers, system operators (SysOps), and other production IT staff to manage code releases and deployments. He must possess relevant hard and soft skills to overcome the traditional barriers between software development, QA, testing, and IT operations teams and foster a collaborative, holistic environment. He is required to oversee multiple phases of DevOps life cycle management and DevOps pipeline by coordinating with the IT developers. He is also accountable for creating a DevOps culture by coordinating with the developers in operations, development, testing, deployment, etc. Do attend our DevOps online training to understand the role of a DevOps engineer in detail.

    How do devOps helps an Organization

    With DevOps, organizations are now able to process continuous software delivery with very little complex problems in fixing and getting swift solutions to problems. DevOps has made it possible for the big tech giants to revolutionize their performance levels through successful deployment like never before.

    Is DevOps a highly paid job?

    Upon successfully completing this online DevOps training, professionals with 1-2 years of experience can earn an average salary of 7 LPA. This significantly increases with increase in work experience. So it is undoubtedly one of the highest paid jobs of the IT domain and the DevOps engineers are in greater demand than ever.

    Is DevOps easy to learn?

    Your willingness to learn new skills can make this learning journey an easy and enjoyable one. If you already have a technical background or this domain interests you, certainly you will enjoy learning DevOps. 

    Trusted by over 50,000 customers around the world

    About DevOps Certification

    DevOps Training in India

    India is a diverse country with multiple cultures, languages, traditions, races, and religions dwelling in its lap. Also its economic growth in recent times has been remarkable and the IMF predicts that India will become the world's fifth-largest economy, with a GDP of roughly $5trn at market prices by the year 2027. Even after the COVID pandemic crisis,  India is rebounding in growing leaps and bounds and thus has widened employment scope across various industries like telecommunication, banking, transportation, and IT. And thus DevOps has a great and promising future in India. The practical applications of DevOps is exponentially increasing. This high demand for the DevOps  certified professionals is well reflected in the salary of DevOps Engineers in India.

    What does the DevOps course in India entail?

    This 36 hours online DevOps training, designed in collaboration with the tech giant, IBM will square your DevOps skills with industry standards. Staragile’s DevOps course is exclusively online workshop and follows a blended model of learning: interactive classroom or virtual online sessions to give you hands-on experience. The program comes with multiple projects, simulations, case studies, and mock tests to help you earn the certification hasslefree. This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the DevOps tools right from the basics to an advanced level. This DevOps online training course curriculum helps you develop the key skills necessary to become a DevOps expert, and covers various topics of DevOps  like Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Deployment, Delivery, and Monitoring using DevOps tools. The DevOps tools covered are Jenkins, Ansible,Git, Docker, and more. You will easily learn the key skills and 7 best practices to become a DevOps Architect. The DevOps course in India also boosts your knowledge of the basics of Agile and Scrum methodologies and enhance your understanding of the two major cloud platform providers—Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure

    This DevOps course is available in a structured learning path created by industry experts. All our instructors are highly qualified and have industry experience of more than two decades. You will learn through  high-quality e-learning content, real-life case studies, chapter-end quizzes, simulation exams and other free resources. Domain industry experts mentor candidates with constructive feedback. Live projects are assigned to all candidates for real-time experience during the training sessions. Skilled professionals review the codes and provide feedback accordingly. On completion of the course, an authorized certificate is awarded to all learners. The course also covers the topic on control of the version, automation, coding, and continuous integration (CI), and deployment.

    The DevOps training in India is for any DevOp aspirant or professional who is keen on becoming a certified DevOps Architect and ready to take the next career leap. So what’s stopping you? Enroll today and join the league of the most in-demand DevOps professionals.


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