Top 10 DevOps programming languages in 2024

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Apr 15, 2024

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Eager to know the buzz word in realms of technology in today’s world? This word is defined by development and operations happening in one go. There are a lot of positions in demand for engineers, architects, operations engineers, and software developers in the current world. Yes, I am talking about the very term DevOps.
Generally, the DevOps skills consist of Linux skills, Coding skills, Scripting Skills, Operations skills, Cloud, Database skills and few important soft skills. It is hard work and interest to learn on a day-to-day basis is required for attaining these skills to become a DevOps specialist. 
However, it is not impossible to attain these skills as well.  Automation is one of the key requirements in DevOps. So you must know a few Operating systems, Programming Languages, and Scripting Languages. In this article, we will help you choose the right languages that are used in DevOps and what are their benefits.

Why DevOps programming Languages?

The DevOps position requires you to be good at programming and Scripting. DevOps engineers will get involved in Build, Deploy, Testing and release of the applications or software. 
Not only that he/she will play a key role in Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous testing, app programming, automation, and the scripting phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). 
Because of these requirements, DevOps engineers need to know key programming Languages used in the DevOps for any projects. There are a lot of programming languages and scripting languages but few are unique to DevOps. The top programming languages required for DevOps is listed in the table below.
top programming languages required for DevOps

What to look for in programming languages for DevOps? 

The programming languages must be stable, object-oriented, secure, and scalable. We will discuss some of the features of programming languages for DevOps. The features are 
  • Stable - The programming languages must be stable, in the sense, it has to undergo a lot of loads if not fail safely. 
  • Performance - The programming languages must meet the performance criteria by meeting the continuous uptime of the applications and meet disaster and business continuity of the enterprises.
  • Secure - The software developed must not consist of vulnerabilities, programming errors and information security risks.
  • Scalable - The program must meet user demands which are fluctuating.
  • Object- Oriented - The OOP has many features such as Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Inheritance, objects, class, and Abstraction.
  • Modularity - The programs must exhibit high efficiency and help to achieve micro-services oriented applications
  • Portability - The programs in the future must run on the latest and various operating systems and deployment environments.

Best Programming Languages for DevOps



This programming language came in to picture in 1980 and by 2024 is the best choice for many applications such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things. The python has many standard libraries for different applications is the de-facto standard, so that you need not have to rewrite many codes available in python again. Python consists of vast libraries in itself. Thus it is preferred over many languages by the programmers. Also, it has become a very important language for DevOps engineers and Architects.


This programming language is very old and because of its inherent features such as Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Inheritance, objects, class, and Abstraction. It is also stable, highly efficient and secure. C programming is still suitable for its data structures and excellent programming constructs. C/C++ are compliers and is suitable for many applications
The Linux operating system is a highly secure and command level OS. You need shell command level programming to use Linux. Linux even though open sources, however, has many libraries and secure OS preferred many DevOps engineers. Bash and Power shell are built over Linux and are highly efficient. Because of its inherent features such as scalability, security and stable this OS is preferred by many organizations over many other OS.
GO programming language also called Golang was introduced in 2008. This language is built on C and uses a compiler to compile codes. Go is one of the best choices for DevOps. Some of its features are it offers excellent performance, has an added advantage of concurrency and is a highly portable programming language.


Ruby is similar to python and has many advantages. Like python, it consists of many modules written by the programmers and contributed to the development of Ruby. One can write a procedural code using Ruby and it also is written in Object-oriented programming if one wishes to write. Threads are common in ruby and can be used in programming. It is another choice for DevOps and preferred by many for its great features of Object-Oriented Design (OOD) and many inbuilt modules that you need not rewrite the code again.


The disadvantages of run time applications of Java were removed in Scala, however, all the advantages of Java such as OOD were introduced in Scala, which made it popular. You can use threads and OOD in Scala. It also consists of all the modular constructs of Java.


Java is one of the most popular programming languages available in the market. And that's why it is used more often in website programming and other applications. The design of Java is based on OOD concepts that were introduced in C++ earlier.

7. Javascript

Javascript is mainly a scripting language. You can use it for the client-side and server-side (with the help of Node.js) scripting in many web-based applications. It is one of the most preferred and popular scripting languages available today.


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language used mainly for Web-based applications. PHP has many built-in libraries and is an interpreter used for web-based scripting on Linux servers. PHP is as popular as Javascript and is used widely by many developers and enterprises.


Perl is a general-purpose, high level, interpreted and dynamic programming languages. It is used for GUI development, text interpretation, and processing, web applications, used with popular database integration and low/high-level apps. It is also widely called “the duct tape of the internet”. And is used for complex to simple tasks and is used for small to large projects.


SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is used to query, modify and store data in backend relational databases. It is used widely and is the most popular database language. Its container supports many operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, Windows, and Mac. Because of its container support, it is widely used in DevOps for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. It’s very simple to learn and execute and supports the Build, test, deploy and release of DevOps.

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To sum up, many programming languages are used in DevOps and its advantages are described above. It is not impossible to learn all the languages and that is where DevOps training will help you. 
One best method is to understand all the languages and be a master in each one in a programming language, scripting language, operating system and database query language, this way you will be able to meet the technical requirements of DevOps. 
Try to adapt to the changes in technology faster and learn as many things as possible in your day-to-day activities to become a successful DevOps programmer. 

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