PMP Certification Course in Calgary

The curriculum of a PMP Certification in Calgary is comprehensive, covering the concepts of project management and the latest edition of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The PMP Training in Calgary includes instructor-led classroom sessions, mock tests, and different exercises. The PMP Certification in Calgary is highly beneficial for people already who have experience in project management or who want to earn a globally recognized credential.

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Key Features

  • 35 Hrs Live Virtual training
  • Delivered by PMI® Authorized Training Partner (PMI® - ATP)
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 35 PDUs offered – PMI® Approved
  • PMI® Authorized Instructors
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Application assistance with PMP application template
  • No Cost EMI Available

Reasons to do PMP Certification Training


PMP® Certificate


What is PMP® Certification? What you can learn from PMP Certification?

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. PMP certification is a globally acknowledged project management certification that deals with a candidate’s ability to manage an organization comprehensively. It relates to the management of the people and the processes involved in a professional project. PMP course credential has international acceptance as a professional benchmark in project management.A candidate can benefit a lot by enrolling in PMP certification in Calgary. It is beneficial for both employees and employers. The former acquires the knowledge and skills required to handle complex projects in various multinational organizations. The latter earns client confidence by adding PMP-certified professionals to their team. Hiring project managers with PMP certification in Calgary training leads to better results with projects completed on time and within the budget without over expenses or delays.A PMP training course not only equips individual candidates with the necessary skills required in this field but also helps with networking with professionals across different organizations and verticals located all over the globe.PMP Training in Calgary offers substantial exposure to candidates to build better communication, strengthen leadership abilities, and enhance critical thinking and risk management abilities.In addition, PMP training in Calgary helps one learn how to solve problems effectively at a faster rate. PMP certification in Calgary applies to project management positions across industries, such as healthcare, construction, business, information technology, etc.

Training For Corporate Team

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Course Reviews

Very Knowledgeable Instructor

Very knowledgeable instructor. The course was properly structured and engaging. After attending the classes I felt more prepared for the PMP exam.



Chief Architect

verified-logoVerified Learner

Star Agile Was Very Knowledgeable About PMP And Its Contents

Star Agile was very knowledgeable about PMP and its contents. Appreciate the thoroughness and details. After some self study time after this course, I will feel prepared to take the PMP exam. Thanks StarAgile


Kasey Handlin

Procurement manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Completing The PMP Prep Exam Experience With StarAgile Was A Great Learning Experience Filled With The Instructor's Expert Knowledge And Participant-team, Real Life Applications

Completing the PMP Prep Exam experience with StarAgile was a great learning experience filled with the instructor's expert knowledge and participant-team, real life applications. I'd recommend this course.


daria Vaughn

IT Infra Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

The Informal Approach By Instructor Allowed For Real World Experiences To Be Flushed Out

The informal approach by instructor allowed for real world experiences to be flushed out. These experiences enabled the instructor to clarify PMI's "PMP" course purpose and details while relating national realities based on environmental and/or cultural situations.


Noel Johnson

Technical Project Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

This Course Has A Wealth Of Knowledge And Tools Available But Most Importantly The Instructor Brought Real World Experience And Deep Knowledge Of PMI, PM, And The Certification Test

This course has a wealth of knowledge and tools available but most importantly the instructor brought real world experience and deep knowledge of PMI, PM, and the certification test. I really feel well armed to study and take the exam. Thank you trainer, my fellow learners, and StarAgile.


Leighann Mansfield

IT Infra Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

PMP® Certification and Training FAQ's

Is a PMP course in Calgary equivalent to a degree in project management?

Yes, PMP certification in Calgary can be considered equivalent to a Master’s degree. A PMP course’s worth is globally acknowledged, and the skill set developed is that of a Master’s degree.

Does StarAgile offer a 100% money-back guarantee?

Yes, it offers a 100% money-back guarantee, but users need to know the process and what it requires. For example, suppose an individual feels dissatisfied with the mode of teaching. In that case, StarAgile offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. The person has to file a refund request before the purchase ends seven days, and the organization will refund all of the payment.

How many questions are there in the PMI-PMP exam?

The new pattern for the PMI-PMP exam comprises 180 questions; earlier, it was 200. It takes about 230 minutes to finish the exam. Those opting for computer-based tests get two 10-minute breaks between the test. Those opting for paper-based exams get no break in between. The exam consists of a mix of multiple-choice type questions; matching responses, hot area, choose the correct option, fill-in-the-blanks, etc.

What are the eligibility criteria for the PMI-PMP exam?

The eligibility criteria for the PMI-PMP exam:
A minimum of thirty-six months or three years of experience in project management if a candidate holds a four-year bachelor’s degree. Or sixty months of experience in project management if a candidate has a high-school diploma or associate degree (a two-year degree program). Having 35 PDUs is mandatory for everyone regardless of experience they carry.

How many attempts are allowed for the PMI-PMP Certification exam?

Only three attempts are allowed for each candidate to obtain PMP certification in a year. In the first attempt, the PMP certification cost is $555 for non-members and &405 for PMI members. The second and third attempts cost less as the price is $375 for non-members and $275 for PMI members.

What is meant by live virtual classes in PMP Training?

Live virtual classes are conducted via video conference to give PMP Training. A candidate can see and hear the trainer and classmates in real-time. Candidates also get chances to have open discussions with the trainers and clear their doubts.

Does StarAgile offer assistance for the PMP certification exam application process?

StarAgile offers full assistance regarding the application process. It hands out an excel sheet calculator to fill in details about project experience and help candidates fill out the actual application. The trainers at StarAgile describe the whole application process in one of the live virtual classes.

What skills your will learn after PMP Certification in Calgary?

PMP Training in Calgary improves your knowledge of fundamental project management processes, tools & techniques and methodologies. it also gives exposure to various project management tools and techniques such as Gantt Chart, WBS, Project & Cost estimations. Also teaches professionals how to deliver projects successfully on Schedule, Budget and Scope.

What is the PMP certification training process?

Step 1- Apply (a candidate has 90 days to submit an application since starting the process)

Step 2- Application Completeness review (5 days after the application has been submitted)

Step 3- Audit process (Once the application is approved, 90 days are given to each candidate to forward the audit material)

Step 4- Applicant payment process (Payment needs to be done before taking the exam date)

Step 5- Multiple choice exam eligibility (lasts one year from the date of the application approval)

Step 6- Certification cycle (starts the day a candidate clears the exam)

Step 7- Credential maintenance (a candidate needs to earn 60 PDU within three years)

Step 8- Credential renewal (a candidate can complete renewal by submitting 60 PDU before three years duration and paying renewal fees)

Step 9- Credential suspension (can be suspended if certification maintenance condition is not satisfied and presented at the end of the third anniversary of the date of clearing the exam)

Step 10- Credential expiration (if post certification maintenance condition is not satisfied, in such a case, a candidate needs to reapply).

Is PMP Training Still in Demand 2022?

PMP training in Calgary is crucial for project managers to excel in their field. As a result, its value increased by 25% from 2018 to 2022. Moreover, a PMP certificate raises the salary by 20% or higher.

Why StarAgile for PMP Training?

StarAgile is among the most famous names regarding training and consulting services for globally recognized IT companies and their resources. Its PMP training provides practical knowledge and skillset needed to obtain the trending certifications. We have trained thousands of professionals to crack their PMP Certification and boast an excellent 4.9/5 rating on Google.

Is PMP Course Good for Architects?

Yes, PMP Course benefits architects as they’ll learn project management skills such as teamwork, organization, budgeting, and quality check. These skills will help them boost project quality.

Is the PMP training in Calgary aligned PMBOK® Guide - Sixth Edition and course changes implemented by PMI®?

Yes, the PMP training in Calgary aligns with PMBOK Guide - Sixth Edition.

What are PDUs and SEUs?

PDU (Professional Development Units) is a part of Project Management Institutes specifically for Project Management Professionals.
SEUs SEUs (Scrum Education Units) are a part of the Scrum Alliance to obtain the CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) certification.
PDUs and SEUs are a method of keeping track of education to earn and maintain certifications from these institutions.

What is the exam fee for PMP Certification in Calgary?

PMI membership fee costs $139. The exam fee is different for members and non-members.

Fees Type 
Member Status
PMI® Membership Fees

CBT Test Fees

Re-examination CBT Fees

Total Fees that PMI® Charges


Is this live training, or will I watch pre-recorded videos?

Live lectures are carried out online via the Zoom platform. StarAgile PMP course instructors conduct live interactive sessions and encourage students to ask questions and participate in class debates. All students are also provided video recordings of each lecture for better exam preparation.

What certification do I get post PMP® training in Calgary?

On completion of PMP training in Calgary, StarAgile offers a course completion certificate, and 35 hours PDU certificate, which is the minimum requirement to take the PMP exam.

What is the average salary of individuals possessing PMP Training?

Individuals with PMP certification in Calgary earn an average of 20% higher salaries than those, not PMP certified. The average reported salary of project managers is around $120,000.

Who provides the PMP Training in Calgary?

Though the PMP Certification is rolled out by Project Management Institute (PMI) but the training to crack PMP Certification given by StarAgile. The trainer who provide training have decades worth of experience in project management. 

Is PMP Certification Exam Worth It?

The PMP Training exam is totally worth it because those who are PMP certified earn 20% higher salaries than those without this certification. Also, professionals having PMP Training in Calgary are recognized all around the world for their abilities to solve problems.

What is PMP Course?

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. PMP certification in Calgary is a globally acknowledged project management certification that deals with a candidate’s ability to manage a project comprehensively. It relates to the management of the people and the processes involved in a professional project. PMP course credential has international acceptance as a professional benchmark in project management.

PMP certification overview

How many PDUs I will get after completing PMP Training in Calgary?

On Completion of PMP Training in Calgary, candidates are bestowed with 35 PDUs.

What infrastructure do I need to attend PMP Certification Training?

To attend the PMP Certification in Calgary, a candidate must have
  • OS: Windows (any version above XP SP3) or Mac (any version above OS X 10.6)
  • Internet Speed: Ideally, more than 512 KBPS
  • Headset: Any good headset or earphones used to talk and hear properly.

Which Certification is Best After PMP Training?

Best certification options after completing PMP Training:

  • PRINCE 2 (the UK and Commonwealth nations)
  • PMP CCR (the USA and other countries)
  • PMI-ACP Certification
  • CSM Certification

Who can do PMP Course Certification in Calgary?

The PMP certification in Calgary can be done by project managers, program directors, QA managers, architects, onsite coordinators, product delivery managers, consultants, PMO officials, development team coordinators, and business and data analysts.

Does StarAgile offer Live Virtual and online classes for PMP Certification in Calgary?

StarAgile provides two modes of PMP training:
a) Live Virtual classes
b) Self-Paced individual training through recorded video lectures

How many years PMP course certification is valid?

The PMP certification validity lasts three years. A candidate is required to comply with certification maintenance conditions aka gather 60 PDUs to renew it.

What are the career benefits after completing the PMP Training in Calgary?

Higher salary perspective

The PMP certification training course is one of the most challenging certification courses to complete, and project management professionals are hard to find. Hence, the latter is high in demand and has the potential to earn more excellent salaries.

Offers organizational adaptability and better leadership skills

Due to extensive training and experience, PMP-certified candidates know better how to effectively adapt in case of any temporary change in the company. Organizational adaptability is critical, and PMP certification training in Calgary helps develop it.

Better opportunities to network and grow

A PMP certification course allows a candidate to meet others working in the field, such as junior project managers and senior professionals in the industry. Such interactions with professionals working in the same area, with shared goals, open many doors for young professionals.

Better job opportunities and competitive advantage

A PMP course can be challenging, and the exam is a tough one to crack. Also, as very few individuals hold a PMP certification, it offers global recognition. Hence, PMP-certified candidates are in demand and get more lucrative job opportunities.

Gain invaluable skills in an advancing industry

PMP certification training in Calgary helps a candidate learn how to handle complex and assorted projects, leading to better customer confidence and high-quality results.

What is the Payment Procedure for the PMP course in Calgary?

Payment can be made through Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, or Cheque / Wallets.

How does StarAgile ensure a candidate that the PMP training in Calgary and course material delivered will help clear the exam?

StarAgile’s PMP training in Calgary and course material are specially made to help candidates clear the PMP exam in 45 days. The course package consists of live virtual classes by highly experienced professionals, pre-recorded lectures, five mock tests, five projects, 5 case studies, and regular chapter-wise quizzes.

Is the PMP Training exam fee included in the course fee?

No. The exam fee is not included in the PMP training fee.

PMP Exam & Certification FAQ's

What is the exam pattern for the PMP Certification?

The new exam pattern for PMP certification in Calgary consists of 180 questions that the candidate needs to complete within four hours. The testing system evaluates only 175 questions for generating results; the rest are termed pre-test questions which do not affect a candidate’s final score. As a result, the passing percentage falls between 61% and 75%.

What is the process for PMP Certification renewal?

The PMP certification renewal involves five key steps:
Step 1- Obtain 60 PDUs during the three-year certification cycle
Step 2- Submit application form for certification renewal
Step 3- Re-confirming that a candidate complies with the PMI code of ethics
Step 4- Pay the renewal fee
Step 5- Get confirmation from PMI on candidate certification status

Can I pause the PMP exam for some time and resume it later?

No candidate is allowed to pause the PMP exam. Although candidates can take a break if they want, the system will count the time taken for breaks in the exam duration.

What is the passing score for the PMP exam?

A candidate must score at least 61% to 62% to pass the PMP training exam. The PMI uses a complex scoring system now that is not based on a pre-defined passing percentage. Although the passing percentage is said to be around 62%.

What is the exam process for PMP Training?

The complete PMP training process is listed below:

Step 1- (Eligibility criteria) Check and fulfil the eligibility criteria mentioned for the course. It includes education, relevant work experience, and completion of formal training hours.

Step 2- (Application Completion) Once a candidate has met the eligibility criteria, the application form needs to be submitted within 90 days of starting it.

Step 3- (Application Review) After successfully applying, candidates’ documents and details are reviewed to check if they meet the eligibility criteria. This part takes around 5 to 10 days.

Step 4- (Payment) After the application has been reviewed and approved, payment must be made.

Step 5- (Schedule a test date) After the payment is complete, the last stage involves scheduling the test appointment. A candidate is allowed to appear for the exam within one year from the application approval date. A candidate can’t appear more than three times for the exam during this one year.

What is the weightage for PMP Certification Training questions from each domain?

PMP certification training questions are distributed for each domain as follows: –

Sr. No.
Domain Name
Percentage of Questions
1Project Initiation
2Project Planning
3Project Execution
4Project Monitoring and controlling
5Project Closure

For how long is the PMP certification valid?

The PMP certification is valid for exactly three years from the certification's date. After three years, the candidate must provide proof of 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units) if they want to extend their PMP certification in Calgary.

Is the PMP training exam pattern changing in 2022?

There is no change being introduced to the PMP training exam pattern in 2022. Students must use the PMBOK Guide- 6th edition along with the current Exam Content Outline (ECO)

What is the duration of the PMP Exam?

The PMP® exam lasts around 230 minutes, during which a candidate must answer 180 MCQs.

How much does PMP Certification Training cost?

The cost of the PMP certification training in Calgary depends on what a candidate opts for. The PMP certification online training is priced differently from the PMP certification classroom training. The PMP certification training fees must be paid to the institute/teacher/ online service provider to gain the required 35 contact hours. The PMP exam fee must be paid to PMI. For members, it is $405, and for non-members, it is $555.

How much is the exam fee for PMP Course in Calgary?

PMP certification cost for the first attempt is $555 for non-members and $405 for members. The rest of the attempts cost $375 for non-members and $275 for members.

How to download PMP Certificate after completing the examination?

Results are declared shortly after the completion of the PMP training exam. The Prometric staff hands out a printout to candidates. Each candidate receives an email from PMI within one or two weeks. Afterwards, candidates can see their certification information on the PMI registry and personal account. Overall, takes about four to six weeks to receive the certificate.

Is the PMP training exam online or paper-based?

PMI offers Paper-based tests and Computer-based tests. But paper-based tests apply to examinees living at least 180 miles from a computer-based test centre. But this 180 miles limit is not applicable if a company organizes paper-based tests for its employees. Moreover, CBT results are disclosed immediately after exam completion, but in the case of the PBT exam, it may take up to six to eight weeks to receive results.

From which certification body would I be PMP certified?

The PMP Certification in Calgary is offered by the PMI (Project Management Institute). It was founded in 1969 and has provided value to over 2.9 million global professionals through association, education, and research.

Can someone take PMP Course Online without training

It is specifically mentioned in the eligibility criteria that a candidate needs to complete 35 hours of formal training which cannot be compensated by only self-study of PMBOK Guide- Sixth Edition (reference book for PMP exam). These training hours can be completed by enrolling in degrees like MBA, REP, or NON-REP training centres.

Is PMP Certification online and open book examination?

The PMP certification exam happens at exam centres and is a closed-book exam.

Can a candidate take the PMP exam without experience?

No candidate can take the PMP exam without experience. It needs training and a relevant work experience of three to six years.

Can I retake the PMP Certification Exam If I fail in first attempt?

Yes. A candidate can reappear for the PMP exam thrice in a year. The re-examination fee for members is $275 and for non-members is $375.

PMP Additional FAQ's

Which is the best PMP Training institute in Calgary? Why?

There are several good PMP training institutes in Calgary. But instead of listing the names, it’s better to check the institute’s course content and see whether it offers the following features:

  • Live online lectures
  • Lifetime access to recorded lessons
  • Regular quizzes and activities after the completion of each module
  • Highly qualified and experienced trainers
  • PMI approved
StarAgile’s PMP training in Calgary is not hailed by the participants but also by the top portals naming us as the best Project management institute in Canada.

How can the PMP certification status be verified?

PMP certification registry in PMI can be referred to verify the PMP certification status. Anyone can search for the first or last name in the search box provided on the website, which will list all the terms of the respective certification holders.

Can the PMP Certification exam be taken online?

Yes, any candidate can opt to take the PMI-PMP exam online. However, they must decide about it before finalizing the exam date. It is required because a live virtual examiner is employed to watch the candidates appearing for the online exam. One can take the online exam from anywhere. The candidate must possess a working webcam, laptop, good internet connection, and a quiet place to give the 230 minutes exam.

What are Digital License Keys? And how will I receive them?

Digital license keys are special keys a candidate receives via email from StarAgile after enrolling in PMP Training in Calgary. These digital keys are unique because they allow users to access the highest quality PMI-approved PMP exam prep content. The content includes reading materials, mock tests, etc. The candidates ideally receive the digital license keys within 14 days of enrolment.

Does PMP Certification in Calgary increase your salary?

After becoming a registered project management professional, the amount of salary increase a candidate may experience is determined by several factors. Although according to research conducted by PMI, on average, PMP certification in Calgary holders earn 20%- 25% more than those without the PMP certification training.

What is PMP Audit?

A PMP course audit evaluates the PMP programs, such as the PMP candidate’s course credibility and certification process. This audit is done with applicants based on random selection. Those applicants are informed in advance if their credentials need to be reviewed.

What is validity of my digital keys?

The digital license keys are valid for one year from the date of retrieval. Therefore, it is recommended that candidates redeem their digital keys as soon as they receive them from StarAgile.

Is PMP Training in demand?

The PMP training is very high in demand. Obtaining the PMP certification can lead to better career graphs and higher salaries. According to a survey, the project management job sector will expect 22 million new job openings by 2027.

Are there online PMP Training institutes in Calgary?

Yes. Many institutes, such as StarAgile, offer online training for the PMP exam. Due to the pandemic, online training has begun recently but has become popular very soon. A candidate needs to check if an institute provides online training offers live virtual lectures for better learning of the concepts involved.

What has changed in the new PMP Training exam format?

The new  PMP Certification exam format has been updated to comprise several new skills and approaches. The new exam focuses on three domains:

  • People section: It includes questions on leading and directing teams, supervising people and handling conflict, conducting virtual meets, mentoring, and other Human resources functions.
  • Process section: It tests a candidate’s understanding of the methodology of overseeing a project till completion.
  • Business section: It focuses on broad business-related aspects that need to be handled by a project manager, such as providing value and maintaining organizational change.

For more detail, please refer to PMP® exam updates by PMI.

Is the PMP Training exam hard?

Yes, the PMP certification exam is one of the most challenging exams in the world. PMP training in Calgary demands learning how management professionals tackle diverse projects. Therefore, the PMP exam covers a lot of domains. Candidates must be adept in project management skills and complete all the questions as quickly as possible to pass the exam.

What content will I have access to once I redeem the Digital keys?

Once candidates redeem the digital keys, they can access the flowing materials:
  • Student manuals such as workbooks containing instructional content and real-world projects
  • Spotlight videos and additional materials
  • Online project manager checklists for students to ensure ample coverage of essential theoretical concepts
  • Course-related files and additional activities
  • Pre-class and post-class evaluation for self-knowledge
  • course evaluation survey

What is the PMP renewal fee?

Renewing PMP certification in Calgary costs $60 for members and $150 for non-members. A candidate must submit a renewal application form and meet the criteria for the renewal. The renewal application asks for a candidate’s name, contact number, and PMP number.

Which the Best Project Management Course in Calgary?

The course conducted by trainers who take live lectures and foster interactive learning is better than courses focusing only on theoretical knowledge. Project management demands a vast skillset that can only be practised with real-life scenarios and can’t be studied in books. Hence, the best course module for the PMP course should comprise all topics with real-world examples.

Is the PMP exam going to change after the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition is published?

No. The PMP exam won’t change after the publication of the PMBOK Guide 7th Edition. As the PMBOK Guide - Sixth Edition already mentions updated and latest terms employed in the project management field, there is no need to revamp the PMP exam.

Do institutes offer PMP training classes in Calgary?

Yes, many institutes offer PMP training classes in Calgary. However, a candidate needs to ensure that they are reliable. Does the PMI recognize those institutes? Do they help candidates fill out the PMP exam application form as it is a long-drawn process? Do they offer mock tests and necessary course materials? These few questions can help a candidate decide on the right PMP institute.

Why should I choose to train with an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) ?

The new PMI Authorized Training Partner Program is made to assist candidates in finding top-level PMP training in Calgary. Training with an authorized partner makes sure a candidate is trained:
  • By a trusted organization
  • With high-quality PMI-approved course material
  • By PMI-approved trainers

Do job prospects increase after gaining a PMP certification in Calgary?

According to a research report by PMI, companies will require at least 87 million individuals to work as project managers by 2027. The highest growth is predicted in the healthcare field, followed by construction, information technology, finance, and business sectors.

What are the responsibilities of Project Manager?

A project manager is trained to implement, plan successfully, direct projects, and distribute resources and tasks. It entails overall management. With excellent management skills, the project manager role can be mastered by the PMP certification with StarAgile.

How Important is the PMBOK® Guide - Sixth Edition book to prepare for the PMP® Exam?

Many course books are available in the market to prepare for the PMP training exam. However, each candidate must go through the PMBOK Guide - Sixth Edition book. The PMP training course offered by StarAgile covers all the domains listed in this book to help candidates ace the role of project manager.

Which is better PMP Course or Prince2 Course?

The PMP training in calgary was developed in the USA and is not globally recognized. Whereas, Prine2 was developed in the UK and is another excellent certification. It depends on what an individual wants to learn. The PMP Certification training is based on knowledge about the concepts, and Prince2 is based on processes involved in project management. A candidate can choose either of the two options.

How do I use digital keys received from StarAgile?

Once you get access to digital keys, you must log in to https://pmi.lochoice.com/ using your PMI® credentials or by creating login I'd and password and click on “Add course” to redeem your digital key.

Does PMP expire?

The PMP certification in Calgary does not expire but needs to be renewed every three years. A candidate must obtain 60 PDUs within those three years to renew the certification.

How does the PMP audit process work?

PMP informs the candidates by sending emails if their application is approved for a PMP audit. PMP audit is a random selection process. If a candidate is selected for the same, the audit process is as follows:
  • Download the audit package from the received email.
  • Print the forms.
  • Get them signed by your manager or supervisor to attest to the work experience.
  • Get copies of the degree or diploma along with other relevant certificates.
  • Send the forms and the documents to the below-mentioned address,

Attn.: Certification Audit
14 Campus Blvd
Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 the USA

Trusted by over 50,000 customers around the world

About PMP Certification Training

PMP Certification Course in Calgary

The PMP certification in Calgary is approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The course content is designed to equip a candidate with the learning needed to manage projects efficiently. PMP course in Calgary informs candidates that they already possess the knowledge to start, plan, schedule, direct, and execute a project successfully. Project managers are required across various sectors, but they are specifically needed in the following fields:

  • Engineering
  • Construction and architecture
  • Social work and community services
  • Healthcare
  • Banking and finance sector
  • Business and Manufacturing
  • Law

Who can undertake a PMP certification training course?

Project management is in demand, and many businesses need trained professionals. These professionals may be project managers, project associates, team members, software developers, or anyone who seeks to manage projects with utmost efficiency. That is why a PMP training in Calgary is the right choice. The training is globally recognized and thoroughly evaluates a candidate’s understanding of project management and related disciplines. In addition, one of the best ways to increase salary and job prospects is to become a PMP professional in Calgary by adding a PMP certification to your credentials.

Why PMP training in Calgary?

A study by PMI mentions that professionals working in project management with a PMP certification in Calgary earn approximately 20% more than non-certified workers. Research by PMI also points out that by 2027 there will be 8.7 million people working as project managers globally. So start a PMP training course in Calgary to increase your career prospects and widen your opportunities.

Such certification courses ensure that only people with a specific skill set lead the project. They provide high success rates and better results. CIO magazine rated PMP certification as one of the best project management certifications. A PMP certification in Calgary also helps a candidate deal with situations concerning layoffs.

Besides learning different planning strategies and techniques needed in project management, PMP certification in Calgary also offers information regarding the latest trends in the business sector. Such information helps in handling projects better. Moreover, the ever-competitive business world requires employees to deliver the best results. Therefore, a PMP certification in Calgary adds credibility to a candidate’s career trajectory in a cut-throat job market.

Learning about the tools, frameworks, and strategies employed by the pros in the field can help an aspiring project management professional to achieve the desired goals more effectively.

The PMP certification in Calgary is administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). The course equips you with the knowledge required to handle projects efficiently. PMP Training in Calgary tells peers that you are well equipped with the knowledge to initialize, plan, schedule, analyze, and execute a project successfully. 

Who can undertake a PMP certification course? 

Project talent is the need of the hour for businesses to flourish. So be it project managers, project associates, software developers, team members-  anyone who wants to handle projects with maximum productivity, PMP online training in Calgary is the right choice. This training is an internationally-acclaimed certification that assesses your comprehensive understanding of project management worldwide. One of the vital qualities to become a renowned Project management professional in Calgary is having a PMP certification. 

Why PMP training?

A survey by PMI® states that project managers with a PMP certification approximately earn 20% more than the non-certified employees. Research by PMI® also indicates that by 2027 there will be 2.2 million project management roles to be fulfilled. To boost your career growth as a project management professional in leading multinational companies, opt for a PMP course in Calgary. This ensures that skilled employees in the field of management will be in demand. A highly rated magazine, CIO, has ranked PMP® as the leading project management certification which employers seek. The high standards of PMP certification help you deal with a potential lay-off better during downtime apart from ensuring an increase in salary. 

Apart from learning various methodologies and techniques of fundamental project management it also exposes you to the current trends in the business to handle projects better. In today's competitive world of business, many companies have made it compulsory to have a PMP certification as it also adds credibility to a potential candidate's career path.

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