Top 15 Project Management Skills In 2024

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Jun 11, 2024

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Project Management Skills Required In Every PMO


The PM requires various skills to ensure projects are completed successfully to the expectations of the customer. Managing projects are becoming complex, especially for large projects, and there is tremendous pressure on the PM to perform. Nowadays the PM requires knowledge of various project management methodologies such as PMP, Prince2, XPM, Lean, Agile, Scrum, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, etc.


PMP certification is provided by which is the certifying body. PMP originated in the US and is now one of the world-renowned certifications with approximately more than 1,00,000 certified people around the world. In this article, we will discuss the various what are PMO skills and the skills needed by the project manager.



Top 15 Project management skills list


1.     One cannot imagine projects without problems. The problem arises because there is a larger issue that needs to be solved for the project to proceed further. For example, there may be a project blocker or a task that cannot be worked upon due to technical, functional, or business issues. Through PMP certification training online at StarAgile, the project manager is equipped to solve the problems arising out of this.


2.     The cost is also one of the triple constraints and any mismanagement with the cost will escalate the time or make a deviation in the scope of the project. The cost must be decided earlier while negotiating the project requirements with the customer. The cost must be planned by keeping the time and scope in place and must include profits and revenue benefits to the organization. That is why it is a very important skill that must be possessed by the project manager.


3.     The team motivation must be constantly enhanced so that the team performs as required. So motivating the team is the key skill that must be possessed by the project manager. Motivation drives the team in the right direction and provides many positive results. The project manager with a lot of pressure must be able to self-motivate and as well as motivate the team. It is found in the studies and research that motivation contributes to well being of individuals and also promotes positive orientation and positive behaviour that result in an excellent performance.


4.     The project manager is responsible for solving conflicts that arise in the team and providing necessary resolutions. The conflicts occur between the team members or between the cross-functional teams etc. For example- there may be conflicts such as 1 resource is not able to finish the task on time and it is affecting the performance of other resources. Or the cost decided by the finance team may not be sufficient for the project and so on.


5.     Communication is an important part of project management. The project team consists of various skill sets and diverse talents but what connects one another and all the people in the communication? The communication between the stakeholders must be transparent and the project manager is responsible for this.


6.     The project manager must have leadership skills and one must do things as he says in words. This will be noticed by all the team members are they will follow the project manager word by word as he demonstrates leadership.


7.     The project manager must negotiate the cost with the project sponsor and negotiate the time needed for project completion and the scope of the projects from time to time. Also, this skill is needed when a resource needs to work on a task for a fixed time frame which may be tight and needs to follow what project managers say. The PMP exam online covers various skills that are covered in the course training provided by StarAgile institute.


8.     When the project manager organizes the plan and works to produce suitable results which are accepted by the team members, the organization produces tidiness in the project and inspires all the team members.


9.     As we have seen one of the key constraints is time. That is why time management is crucial. Without proper planning and execution, the projects cannot be completed on time. The project manager must know how to allocate the work, which task will take how much time and whom to allocate which task so that the tasks are completed on time.


10.  Risks are a natural part of any project and there are hardly any projects without risks. Risk management in the planning stage is necessary so that the project risks can be identified, assessed, treated, reported, and communicated. Two of the things that are required done by the project manager are to make a risk register and to make a proper risk management approach


11.  The project manager must first be an active listener to listen to the people around him and not do all by his thinking. Listening skills make the project manager approachable by the team members. In psychological studies and research, it is found that actively listening to people is empathetic and has more patience to approach positively to the problems that people have.


12.  As discussed earlier the project manager must be the jack of all trades and master of few. He is entitled to know various project management methodologies such as PMP, Prince2, XPM, Lean, Agile, Scrum, Six Sigma, and Lean six sigma. PMP is the most desired certification in the areas of project management across the world. StarAgile institute is providing PMP training online with a lot of benefits such as competitive cost, online interactive training, and training that can be taken at the comforts of home or office.


13.  The Project Manager must be technically confident and must update himself constantly with the latest technology and must be technically sound. A project manager needs this skill to solve the technical issues and problems that arise so that the project flows smoothly. Also knowing the technical things will help the project manager to forecast the cost, the time for the completion of the tasks, and understand the scope and customer requirements. This also helps in making goals and objectives for the project.


14.  The project manager needs to make a lot of documents such as project charter, project plan, change log, issue log, risk register, project progress report, and project closure report, etc. These reports are read by all the team members and members of the management board. They must be simple, technical, and easy to read, and crisp.


15.  To become a project manager you must have handled the team as a team leader in your earlier role.  Team management is the key skill that the project manager must possess and manage the team without any issues. The project manager must know the performance management, training, and management team in a very smooth way. To know more about project management and what it takes to become a project manager register for a project management certificate online at StarAgile institute.


Conclusion – Do you have the skills required for a project manager


Now that we have discussed what are project management skills and understood why the skills of a project manager matter. After reading the article thoroughly we recommend that you enrol for Online PMP Training at StarAgile institute. StarAgile is the training partner of PMI for conducting PMP training online.


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