How To Make The Best of Your Daily Scrum Meeting?

by StarAgile

January 23, 2017
Category Agile and Scrum

As a certified scrum master, you will have to conduct daily stand up meetings to discuss the various tasks or other important details of the process. When you do you certified scrum master training, you will learn a lot about these daily meetings and how they benefit each member and the team. Though the scrum master training will give you a lot of insight and details regarding the meetings, it is not the same when you apply it in the work place. Here are some tips that you can apply in addition to what you have learnt in your agile scrum training. These tips will help you make the best of your daily scrum meeting.

The daily scrum meeting basically helps team members make a quick recap of the work they had done yesterday and the work that they have planned for this day. Team members can also discuss about the problems they had in completing various tasks, and the team can brainstorm ideas to overcome the hurdles.

Have a task board ready

If every one’s simply talking in the meeting, they are sure to forget most things even before their morning break. So, have a task board ready to note down the important points discussed during the meeting. You can either note them down or ask someone from the team to do it. Writing down will make the plans concrete and give them a clarity on their goal for the day.

Keep it short and simple

The aim of the daily standup meeting is to refresh and motivate the team to face the day’s work. So, it should not be long, elaborate, and time consuming. Have a time limit of 15 minutes, and make sure all the points to be covered are completed within this frame of time.

Certified Scrum Master

Schedule the meeting

You would have learnt about the importance of maintaining meeting schedules in your certified scrum master training program. Have a fixed time for the daily meetings. The fixed schedule will make the team members understand the need and importance of the standup meetings.

You would have learnt many concepts and theories in your scrum master training. If you want to be a great scrum master, then you definitely need to apply your agile scrum training to maximum use to get the best benefits.

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