Complete Guide for Jira Roadmap : How to Set Up Roadmap in Jira

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Jan 05, 2024

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What is Jira Roadmap 

One very effective yet very simple function in Jira that helps to forecast product strategy in the long term. With the roadmap now becoming part of Jira, a full detailed report of the project can be generated. If you are looking for a tool that can be used to visualize as well as manage the work in a better way for the whole team during the project then Roadmaps in Jira Software is your key to that. All you need to know about the Jira roadmap is going to be explained here with a better understanding of various key concepts and the best features of roadmaps. Furthermore, with a Jira course and complete knowledge of the Jira Board, you can follow a better approach to implement this.

What are the Types of Roadmap in Jira?

1.  For Development Team

2.  For Sales Team

3.  Executives

4.  External Customer Roadmap

For Development Team: The roadmaps for the team are quite flexible and can be created as per the team’s requirement and their work. It mostly includes sprints where tasks and problems are plotted on the timeline that is fixed for the team to work on.

For the Sales Team: This type of roadmap consists of more options that are used to communicate with the client.

Executives: The roadmap here contains lesser information about the development and task and has more details that help in monitoring information that is organized on a monthly or quarterly basis.

External Customer Roadmap: Here you are going to find the roadmap that has the main goal to show what is coming next in line to the customers.

How to Build Your Roadmap for the Team?

Before we walk down through concepts of the Jira Roadmap, let’s straight dive into how you can have a roadmap for the team:

1. With a new Jira project or an already existing one, go to the sidebar and find the ‘Roadmap’ tab. If you cannot locate the tab, you need to enable it in your board setting.

2. You can add epics in the new roadmap you have created now with + create epic. Name the epic you created and enter.

3. If you wish to add more information like start date along with attachments, assignee, you can simply double click on the epic from your roadmap.

4. With + which is present next to epic, you can add child issues, and select from the drop-down and then name it as well.

Using the above-mentioned steps, you can continue to build your own roadmap.

Advanced Roadmaps and Basic Roadmaps

When you are working with roadmaps, you will see advanced roadmaps and basic roadmaps. While basic roadmaps are part of all Jira plans, you will find advanced Roadmaps only with Jira Premium Software.

With Jira advanced roadmaps, you get extra functionality to view multiple tasks from various other projects and teams. This gives you whole new access to unlimited levels of the hierarchy. With Advanced roadmaps, you can compare the capacity of the team on a sprint basis, and also it keeps you prepared for all kinds of eventualities by creating various versions of your roadmaps.

What are the Key Concepts of the Jira Roadmap?

There are various key concepts that are included in the Jira Roadmap. We will look at them below and if you want to add more to your knowledge, head straight to Jira online course where these concepts are explained in detail.


Displayed as various color bars on the roadmaps, an epic is a large entity of work that is a combination of various broken tasks that are used to ship a feature. The so-called work becomes the ‘Child Issue’ here of the epic which is also known as ‘Parent Issue’.

Share and Export and Dependencies

Managing dependencies can be a tricky part of the team but with Jira Roadmap, visualizing and well mapping of dependencies can help a lot. Another important concept of Roadmaps in Jira Software includes share and export features. Using this, the team can easily share the roadmap with various stakeholders along with adding it to a presentation or project document. 

Child Issues

Now coming to child issues! Within an epic, these child issues are nested and can be created directly from Jira roadmaps. While various kinds of new issues can be created within an epic, the most common kinds of child issues include tasks, bugs, stories, etc. These child issues represent different pieces of the work of the team.

Start and Due Dates

There are various benefits of setting your dates in an epic:

•   It helps to communicate throughout the team and provides better visibility to all the members.

•   Resource management can be done efficiently along with informed dependency mapping.

The bar length on the roadmap depicts the start date and due date for the epic you are working on.


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Best Practices for Jira Roadmaps:

  1. Try to use the information that is relevant and useful for the audience.
  2. Communicate with stakeholders and make sure they have access to the roadmaps. You need to make sure that it meetings its requirements.
  3. The best way to set up a roadmap is by making sure that it shows both long-term and short-term work and also includes priorities.
  4. On the technical front, make sure that it is built to include epic issue type, if not, then it won’t work.
  5. To avoid corrupt issues, you need to make sure that in status, status category, issue type, and rank settings, the fields are complete as well as correct.


Roadmaps are a very useful tool in Jira and with the right training, the best benefits can be figured out. With the best Jira training and knowledge of roadmaps, you can set bigger goals for your team. With the right training platform like StarAgile, you can have the best certification preparation for your Jira training online and set your career to higher paths.


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