DevOps career Roadmap : 8 Points to Make Clear Before Starting a DevOps career path

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Jan 08, 2024

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DevOps career

Are you looking for a DevOps career? DevOps is a culture that combines operations and development. DevOps adoption is there in almost all the software making companies. DevOps has got various benefits such as faster delivery rate, no silos in the phases of software making and management, less cost, fewer downtime in the production, enhanced communication among the team members, transparency, excellent collaboration, no errors and bugs, fail early and recover, automation at every phase and increased coordination between all the phases of the DevOps Life Cycle Management. DevOps removes or eliminates the traditional software's main bottleneck such as working in silos, a lot of manual work, errors and bugs, overhead for operations, etc. The below-mentioned diagram illustrates the DevOps career roadmap.

DevOps Career Roadmap

Is DevOps a good career? Let us see trends in the DevOps industry. The estimates provide us the data that the DevOps market would reach around 10.30 billion USD by 2023. That is the estimated growth in terms of Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) would be 24.7%. The past data suggest that DevOps adoption increased from 10% in 2017 to 17% in 2018. The DevOps popularity would reach a peak in 2020 with an increase in adoption rate. DevOps jobs are already there at its peak in the market and the demand is likely to increase further. With this motivation in mind let us discuss some insights on DevOps career.

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Points to consider starting the DevOps career

1. Understand DevOps - The DevOps is not about tools, but the culture which has a lot of factors. To start a career in DevOps you need to be the jack of all and master in few technologies. Do you know coding and scripting, do you know to run tools, the sysadmin and testers must know coding and scripting for automation. You need to exhibit good leadership and have communication skills. You also must know what not DevOps is. DevOps is not a title or individual role etc. Also, it is not a set of tools or not renaming the operations and development as a DevOps team. As discussed DevOps is a cultural shift and change in a paradigm shift.

2. Background and Existing Knowledge - For the fresher, you need to learn what you can do with the coding and scripting in computers. It is better than in your undergraduate you have done some kind of computer science course and know some basics in statistics and mathematics. If you are an experienced programmer getting into the DevOps career path is easy, however, remember that you need to unlearn the traditional software development and operations and learn new things if you want to adopt DevOps culture. If you want to learn from scratch you should take up DevOps online training certification course in an institute such as StarAgile. To all, you must learn some of the automation tools also in DevOps, remember DevOps is not all about tools, but the tools are an integral part of the culture.

3. New Technologies - Of course, DevOps is the twenty-first-century tool and it has a lot of new technologies such as cloud, containers, scripting, new operating systems such as Linux and Windows, programming languages such as Ruby, Python Bash, Powershell, Java, C/C++ and Go, etc. Think about all these technologies that you need to learn along with some of the popular tools. We are not discouraging you but if you want to learn a lot start from DevOps online training course from StarAgile institute. Furthermore, tools like Jenkins and GitHub can help as they are part of the CI/CD pipeline.

4. Certifications - Certifications in a good institute is a sure way to get your career in DevOps. StarAgile conducts DevOps online course certification that is recognized across the industry. They have excellent consultants who have vast industrial experience in DevOps. You need to prefer the online interactive training that can be taken in the comforts of the home or office. Do some research on the training institutes what they have to offer, the course contents, and trainer’s profile, what is the training’s review in Google, etc. Also know their pass percentage, whether they provide placement assistance. Certifications in a good institute will help a lot for fresher as well as experienced.

5. Learning Automation - DevOps is the culture that requires and encourages automation in every phase whether it is the plan, build, code, test, deploy, release, operate and monitor. This is achieved by programming, scripting, and working with a lot of DevOps tools. If you are not automating the DevOps Life Cycle Management then it is not a good DevOps culture. Automation makes life easy. Without automation, you are no different than the traditional software development life cycle. So remember before you choose the career in DevOps that learning how to automate the day to day activity and tasks is the key to successful DevOps implementation in your organization.

6. Brand Image - As you now know that the DevOps is the culture that focuses on communication and collaboration at each point. You need to build your brand image as a DevOps professional by participating in the forums, community, and teamwork. You can learn DevOps skills by participating in community events and also showcase your DevOps skills. You can also participate in industrial events or write blogs etc and communicate frequently in the online forums. Try and participate in the open-source projects to present a strong claim in your DevOps career.

7. Jobs in DevOps career - If you are fresher in the DevOps field then try to find jobs related to your skills such as Junior DevOps Engineer or Junior DevOps Analyst. You may not get many chances of Jobs however do not get discouraged about your career aspirations. Many companies emphasize on training and upgrading the skills of fresher. Some companies encourage transfer from one team to another or will allow with different skill sets to unlearn and relearn to the DevOps. Start applying through various job portals with the DevOps as the keyword you will get the latest jobs available. Also if you have completed your DevOps course certification online training you will get placement assistance from a training institute such as StarAgile institute.

8. Showcase Empathy and Curiosity - As DevOps culture involves communication and collaboration among the team, you must show curiosity to know the technologies and also learn to get involved in the team and community. The next step is you need to showcase empathy to all the team members which fosters a strong and harmonious work environment and also lift your career prospects in the team. You need to understand the challenges faced by each role in your DevOps team by involving yourself in the team for work, help each other, and try to solve the issues faced in every phase. Learn all these from real-world examples by undergoing DevOps training at StarAgile institute.

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On a concluding note, DevOps offers a promising career for fresher as well as experienced. Understand the right skill set and have the right mindset for a career in DevOps. Validate your skills with a DevOps certification to stand out of the crowd, whether you are a fresher or experienced. If you are aspiring to become a certified DevOps professional you start with the DevOps course online at StarAgile.


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