3 Essential Steps for Creating How To Write Test Cases in Jira

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Apr 15, 2024

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How to write test cases in Jira 

When the how and what of the testing process are covered means a good test case is built as it makes testing organized suitable for all future updates as well. Agile methodology widely uses Jira software and hence one needs to know the steps involved in writing test cases in Jira. Also, one must be aware of the right way to create a test case with Jira to include all the necessary essentials with the obvious questions. 
Jira is a project management tool that was initially designed as an issue and bug tracker. However, currently, it is used for use cases as well as test case management. 
The Jira training course covers in detail all the steps involved in using the tool. In this section, we will specifically cover the steps involved in preparing the test cases in Jira. Also, we will provide some tips to make the best use of Jira in your project. 

Top 3 steps on how to write test cases in Jira

Jira allows different options in the configuration. But one must know the right steps to customize the workflow. Otherwise, it will become difficult to handle the numerous features in a precise way. Let us walk you through the 3 simple steps now. 

1. Create User login  and create projects 

Log in as a user with global admin permission which will let you configure

• Custom fields

• Screens and 

• Jira schemas

Followed by this create the project-specific to writing test cases in Jira.

2. Jira configuration for handling test cases 

Include a fresh issue type ahead of including the test case as an issue. 

  • Then include custom fields for defining the inputs needed in the test case. 
  • Allocate a custom screen for adding these custom fields along with a screen schema to be associated with the screen. 
  • Keep updating the screen schema with the project uses. 
  • Now include the type of the test case and generate test cases. 

3. Jira configuration for accepting the test results of the created test cases 

• Make a custom field for recording the results and then make a screen 

• Follow the above action by a schema for the results

• At the end construct the issue type for adding the test case results

How to view the test cases and results – Important lesson in Jira learning

  •  Select all issues to view everything at a time 
  •  Choose list view to navigate easily 
  •  Make use of the filter to take a look at the test cases you created 

1. Difficulties in writing test cases in Jira 

  •  As mentioned earlier Jira was not designed as a test management tool and hence it consumes a lot of time to customize it for entering the test cases.
  • The delay in entering and viewing test cases reduces the productivity of the entire process 
  • Reporting has its limitations that include difficulty in tracking the number of times the test has been run or the times the test failed. 

2. An example test case in Jira 

  • Click create a button on the main page 
  •  Select a project 
  • Select test option from issue type 
  •  Enter the summary, description, assignee, priority, environment under the general tab 
  • Then enter the test details like test type, test steps 
  • Then in the test plan tab, select the test plan and link the test 
  •  Now the test is created and is under To Do
  •  Run the test and write a comment in every step attaching evidence 
  • Finally flag them as pass or fail and press defect to create a bug  

Expert tips to make your test case in Jira work perfectly fine 

Follow these expert tips to write test cases in Jira for maximizing its efficiency. 

1. Test Case issue creation and keeping it open
In general, issues marked as done in Jira cannot be tested or used again. Therefore: make sure not to mark done on the issue but leave it open. This will allow you to make changes in the future. Make sure to write test cases in Jira in this way to use it again. 

2. User story tweaked as a test case
Jira does not have a built-in testing function and hence you must tweak the user story as a test case for best results. 

3. Inclusion of testing status to the workflow 
Remember that completing the test is not considered as done and hence you must manually mention the status of testing in the workflow.

4. Testing process automated 
Use the same test case for different types of testing as automation will reduce the time and the resources allocated to manage all the tests. 

5. Tools integration 
Integrate all the tools used by the team during the entire workflow to have control over the process. 

6. Project component creations 
It is possible to include subsections to each project in Jira and thus you can create components to simplify the reporting process, statistics generation, and data displaying. 


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How Jira training course helps in test management in Jira 

The challenges mentioned above about writing test cases in Jira are well understood and hence the training module, will explain the correct way to use Zephyr in Jira test management. You can learn to integrate testing in the project life cycle and hence it becomes easy to write test cases, clone them, search test cases, export, and execute test cases. 


From this article, we are sure you got some idea about the tool Jira and the right way to create test cases in Jira. However, we strongly recommend you to enroll in the Jira certification course to deep dive into all the detailed usage of Jira.

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