Why PMI-ACP Course is Extremely Important for Every Job Seeker

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Jun 20, 2019

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People who were born between 1980 and 1999 are called the millennials.  These people started witnessing the change in technology, process and in every walk of life with a different perception. It is because they are millennials. They had different thinking and that is how the Agile concept received wide acceptance and familiarity since 1990. This method started emphasizing on interactions and individuals than tools and processes. It gave importance to working software and not comprehensive documentation. It did do away with contract negotiation and insisted on client collaboration.

Importance of PMI-ACP Course:

More than 71% of companies have started using the Agile approach as per the report produced by PMI. Now, job seekers must become alert to choose certification courses wisely to climb the mountain successfully. Do not worry as we have a solution as well. The moment you join an organization as a developer you feel overwhelmed of achieving something in life. Yes, indeed you have but it is just the beginning. You must gain experience to become a Project Engineer, Team Lead, Associate Manager, Project Manager and so on. In order to grow, you need knowledge and must equally upgrade your skills. Attending the certification course is the best way to acquire skills with accreditation. That is the reason PMI has announced several certification courses.

In the graph given below, you can find the annual growth rate of different PMI certification in the last 3 years.

PMI Credential Growth

Data source: PMI today

Among them, you can find PMI-ACP Certification has seen impressive growth of 47.9% annually. You may wonder what it has grabbed the number one place from PMP certification. It is a fact that people are showing interest in becoming professionals focusing on Agile methodology to manage projects. However, PMP certification has come down only because of the PMBOK edition change which has introduced some modification.

With this data in hand let us now understand the value of PMI-ACP certification. There is a pressing need for PMs to learn Agile concepts to handle customers, team, and projects. PMI-ACP certification agile project management for beginners course contains all aspects of Agile and it will provide you with the following edge over other certifications. 

Before we list the reasons for taking up ACP certification let us give you the PMI ACP certification requirements to apply for the course. 

PMI ACP certification requirements

 Source: PMI

The image above clearly explains the eligibility criteria for PMI ACP certification. Alternatively, if you have already completed PMP certification, then you can skip the education and general project exp. Yes, this is an additional benefit offered by PMI and even if you have PMP certification still you can get into agile projects with PMI-ACP certification.


Certification Training

2 Days of live virtual training

View course

Benefits of PMI ACP certification

We will explain the top four reasons why every job seeker must consider undergoing ACP training offered by PMI. The four “R’s” given in the image below gives you an idea behind choosing acp online training. Yes, we will talk about each R in detail to make you realize the fact that PMI ACP has in store for you. The four quadrants are equally important in every job seeker perspective. You want to earn a name and money. Also, you would yearn to win the race and obtain authority in the job. If you think money is the only aspect, then you are wrong. You need to climb that level with the other basics.

Benefits of PMI ACP certification 

1.Race with peers

Life is all about running a race with peers in every phase. When you start with a project as a developer, then you begin this race. You can win the race with PMI acp certification preparation.

Race with peers

Source: PMI

The blueprint printed by PMI clearly provides a route map about the course content. You will be mastering all the above-mentioned concepts with practical training in your certification program. These are the percentage distribution of questions in the PMI ACP certification examination. By attending the course and successfully getting certified means that you are not only efficient but competent as well. First and foremost advantage for an individual to grow in the job is to be the winner. Every organization search for people like you as they want to make their business win. You not only win with your peers but help the organization succeed with their business competitors as well.   

2.Right to claim 

PMI ACP professionals are constantly in demand by every organization and in the last 3 years, the supply has started increasing. However, you need to equip yourself to claim for your position in the organization. This course is the highly demanded one because of the toughness in clearing the same. The PMI acp certification study material will give you an oversight of the robustness. When you clear this, then you can handle any agile project at ease. With this credit, you can always claim for a higher position, better salary, onsite opportunity, etc. As most of the companies are moving towards an agile way of implementing projects you will have a larger scope to grow in your career.


Agile certified practitioner certification training provides in-depth knowledge and adds value not only to your resume but to your working experience as well. It offers you a great career as well as makes an avenue to handle more projects. You become a vendible manager with this certification. You may already have the experience but attending this training will provide with deeper learning. You will get instantaneous recognition from your present as well as future employers. I am sure you will agree that growth means real appreciation and respect earned over the money you make in your career. 


Last but the most important driving factor for every person across the globe to work is money. Money motivates us to work. That being the case, spend a few cents towards PMI acp certification fees and make huge money as ROI. According to the data presented in the Payscale site, the average salary of a PMI-ACP certified professional is 20 Lakhs. Find below image representing the break up gender-wise and experience-wise.

Key stats for PMI Agile Certified Practionioner

From this, you can quickly grasp that irrespective of your experience in work you will be credited with a better remuneration when you complete PMI-ACP training and get certified. 

Final Takeaway 

In summary, by obtaining ACP certification you will learn agile principles and the concept of value-driven delivery. Also, you will know how to engage stakeholders and will own the performance of your team. People will rely on your adaptive planning and you can work towards continuous improvement of people, process, and project (product).

We are sure that all of you who read this blog with the intent to understand the importance of PMI ACP certification must have got the broader picture. You must now pull up your socks to identify the best training institute to get trained for completing the exam to obtain certification. It will not be flattery but the fact that we have trained 10K professionals and rated as 4.9/5 by Google. We are number one indeed. With our 31 hours of training that includes 5 case studies and 2 real-time projects you can master the concepts to become a real professional and handle any kind of Agile projects.

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