What is PSPO And How To Become One?

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Apr 25, 2024

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Roughly a Professional Scrum Product Owner earns 20% more than non-certified ones and they are high in demand due to the vast adoption of Scrum in various organizations. It is considered as a gold standard in product owner certifications. The certification gives you an edge over others but how exactly you are supposed to get certified? 

The steps to get the certification and benefits of it, let us explore all of it with the help of this blog.

What is PSPO?

PSPO meaning Professional Scrum Product Owner(PSPO) Certification validates your knowledge as a scrum product owner and of the scrum framework precisely.  The certification also helps to understand how to fill a gap between strategy and agile product management which will help in creating an effective and profitable product. 

Once you get the PSPO Certification, it is valid for a lifetime, you need not renew it. It is accredited by Scrum.org- a globally accredited mission-based organization, that helps companies solve complex problems through Scrum. The exams for the certifications are also crafted to thoroughly analyse the skills of individuals and see how they are fit for the role. 

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How should one start preparing for PSPO? 

Preparing for the PSPO can be confusing and a bit daunting but by choosing the right resources and strategizing you can make the right decision. While pursuing the certification course, it is also important to choose resources which will help you clear your concepts and establish higher chances of clearing the exam. You can get plenty of recommendations on Scrum.org for the books but here is the list which I will recommend:

  • Product Ownership in Scrum 
  • Scrum-based Agile Product Management
  • Creating a Lean Startup 
  • Application of User Stories 
  • Agile Planning and Estimation 

If you additionally want resources, you can use online courses. There are plenty of courses available online, you can find similar ones on Reddit.  Just make sure whatever course you’re choosing aligns with the guidelines of PSPO Certification.

You can take assessments as well to test your knowledge and see where you stand in your exam preparation. You can get the free assessment here

Here’s how you can get the certification by preparing well: 

Apart from the resources I suggested, here is the roadmap that I will suggest you follow to become PSPO. 

Step 1: Start by reading the book “The Professional Product Owner: Leveraging Scrum as a Competitive Advantage”  and start building your foundation on the topics. 

Step 2: Read Scrum and Nexus Guide thoroughly 

Step 3: Go through the scrum competencies in the book suggestion given above. 

Step 4: Go through the Scrum Glossary and understand all the terms that are important. 

Step 5: Give free tests like: 

Resource 1

Resource 2

Resource 3

Resource 4

Resource 5

Tips and Tricks for the PSPO Exam 

Here are the tips I would give after years of teaching hundreds of professionals for the PSPO Exam. 

  • Many people make the mistake of relying on external sources for the preparation entirely. Whereas the ideal way should be a balance of both. This is why I will recommend going through the evidence-based management guide provided by Scrum.org 
  • While marking an answer correct, if you are unsure of the choice you’re making then mark any answer that talks about experimentation and data-driven decision-making. 
  • If you feel you do not have a single clue about the question, it is still better to make a guess rather than to leave the question blank. As there is no negative marking for the PSO Examination. 
  • Make sure to read the “select all answers that apply” questions very carefully as those are the tricky ones and most people tend to make mistakes in that. 
  • If you find any question difficult, do not stick to it. Move forward and come back to it later when you have time.

Levels of PSPO Certification

Let’s discuss the type of PSPO Certifications so you can make an educated choice of which one is most suitable for you:

1. Professional Scrum Product Owner 1 

The Professional Scrum Owner 1 is ideal for people who are looking for certification at a beginner level. The certification is ideal for validating their knowledge of scrum and their application of it in real-life scenarios. Let’s see the details:

Cost for the certification 

$200 for each try 

Passing marks for the exam 


Exam duration 

60 minutes 

Total number of questions 


Exam format 

Multiple Choice Questions 


There is no need for the renewal of the certification as it is valid for a lifetime.


2. Professional Scrum Product Owner II

This certification is the second level of PSPO I and is made for professionals with scrum knowledge. This certification helps demonstrate your proficiency with Professional Scrum Product Ownership, scrum framework and also making a useful product using Scrum. Let’s dive into the details of the certification: 

Cost for the certification 

$250 for each attempt 

Passing marks for the exam 


Exam duration 

60 minutes 

Total number of questions 


Exam format 

Multiple Choice Questions 


Lifetime validity 


3. Professional Scrum Product Owner III 

The Professional Scrum Product Owner III is for individuals who want to establish themselves in Scrum. Moreover, you will be requiring experience as a Product Owner if you want to take up this certification. Let’s discuss the details of this certification

Cost for the certification 

$500 for each attempt 

Passing marks for the exam 


Exam duration 

120 minutes 

Total number of questions 


Exam format 

15 essay questions, 20 Multiple Choice Questions 


Lifetime validity 


Which is better PSM or CSM or PSPO?






Governing Body 


Scrum Alliance 




Taught by Professional Scrum Trainers 

Taught by CST(Certified Scrum Trainer)

Taught by Taught by Professional Scrum Trainers 

Taught by Professional Scrum Trainers 


Valid for lifetime 

Valid only for two years

Valid for 2 years 

Valid for lifetime


The PSM Certification have three levels: PSM I, PSM II and Advanced PSM III

Foundational: CSM Advanced: A-CSM Professional: PSM




Certification is suited for scrum masters with experience

Beginner level, suitable for anyone who wants to become a Scrum Master

Beginner level, suitable for anyone who wants to become a Product Owner 

Suitable for experienced Product Owners


Depending on your future goals, you can select the type of certification you want to do. I will suggest you go through each certification thoroughly and then decide which certification you have to choose. 

You can take our free fundamental courses and decide which certification is the most suitable for you: 

There is another alternative to this Certification which is the Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Certification. If you want to start your learning journey as a Product Owner then CSPO Certification would be an ideal choice for you. You can register for the course right away without any experience. 

If you want to view the free course first to analyse if it is a suitable choice for you, then Please take a moment to explore our complimentary course

Is the PSPO exam difficult?

Different levels of this Certification have different levels of difficulty. PSPO I is supposed to have beginner-level difficulty, PSPO II intermediate and PSPO III expert level. 

If you have prepared well with the appropriate resources for the certification, then the PSPO exam will not seem very difficult. You just need to be well-prepared and determined to get through the exam. What I have seen throughout the years, entirely depends upon your mindset. How you want to grow in your career and what you want to achieve drives the result of the exam. 

How to get PSPO certification?

  • Let me tell you the roadmap for getting your Certification: 
  • Go to scrum.org and fill out the registration form. 
  • Download the Scrum guide and all the other resources that come along with it. 
  • Enroll in the 2-day certification course by Professional Scrum Trainers. 
  • After completing your training, Scrum.org will send you a password to take the exam. 
  • Take the exam and if you pass the exam you can download the certification from the Scrum.org dashboard. 
  • Scrum.org don’t give training for the PSPO, rather they have Authorised Training Partners like StarAgile who give training on their behalf. StarAgile also provides certification courses for Certified Scrum Product Owner(CSPO) Certification. 

PSPO Course by StarAgile 

The PSPO Training is held as live virtual training by StarAgile. Therefore, you can attend the training from anywhere. 

Eligibility Criteria 

For level 1 of PSPO Certification, there are no set eligibility criteria. However, it is preferred to have scrum knowledge before taking the training. You can attend the PSPO Training and get your certification after it.


I want to conclude by saying that PSPO certification is one of the sought-after certifications related to scrum methodology. It is suited for individuals who want to grow and excel in their careers. Throughout the blog, we have discovered the importance of certification, exam prep tricks and resources that can help you clear your exam. If you want more information about the course, you can take the help of our learning consultant and discover if the certification is right for you or not. 

If you want to explore more about the course, you can visit here and learn


How does PSPO Certification differ from other agile certifications?

  • It is different from other agile certifications in many ways: 
  • This certification focuses more on scrum product owner roles. Moreover, it enhances the skills and knowledge related to product ownership. 
  • It talks about the application of scrum principles, values and practices. And it is different from other certifications as it focuses on specificity in the scrum. 
  • This Certification doesn’t require any renewal, it is valid for a lifetime. 
  • The governing body for the certification is Scrum.org and it has three levels of the certification as discussed before 
  • The certification is taught by CSTs who have expertise in the domain and through knowledge in the scrum framework, and related topics. 

Who is eligible to pursue PSPO Certification?

  • There are no eligibility criteria as such to get the Certification. However, I will recommend that you have basic knowledge of scrum methodologies. It is ideal for anyone who wants to become a Product Owner within a Scrum team. 
  • If you are new to scrum or do not have any knowledge about the methodology, I would recommend you start with Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification. It will help you lay down a strong foundation in scrum knowledge and product ownership. 

What topics are covered in the PSPO exam?

Here are the topics covered in the exam: 

  • Lagging and leading indicators 
  • Product Market Fit 
  • Business strategy 
  • Relationship with stakeholders and customers 
  • Scaling scrum with nexus 
  • Kanban methodology 
  • Product backlog management 
  • Evidence-based management 
  • Product owner stances 

If you want to learn what we teach on our PSPO Certification you can go through the course curriculum by downloading the content or brochure

What are the benefits of becoming PSPO certified?

The certification will give you better knowledge about scrum and product ownership. This will help you in getting better career opportunities, better salary and greater marketability. 

Is PSPO Certification recognized globally?

Yes, the Certification is recognised globally as it is given by Scrum.org which is a globally-recognised non-profit organization. It promotes the knowledge transfer of scrum methodology in organisations for better-developed projects. 

To learn more about the organization, you can read here

Can PSPO Certification help advance my career in agile product management?

The certification will help you to advance your career in agile product management. It will help you in numerous ways: 

  • Give you validation of your skills and expertise
  • Competitive advantage over others 
  • Increased job opportunities 
  • Helps in professional growth and development 

You can also take up the CSPO Course if you are new to scrum and want to fit in the scrum team as a product owner. 

Does PSPO certificate expire?

No, it doesn’t have an expiry, it is valid for a lifetime. If you pass the PSPO Exam, you need not renew the certification again. 


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