All About Peer Code Review & Its Effectiveness Metrics In Agile

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Dec 13, 2021

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Peer review of the code: One of the effective Agile metrics!

Peer code review has become an integral part of agile working in the team. With peer review effectiveness metrics in agile, there are many hurdles that a team can cross and work towards the successful delivery of the project on time. With the software development process, you need to make sure that the code you are pushing to the production is full proof and does not have any issues. Keeping that in mind, code review is introduced. So if you wish to know all about it and know why we need peer code review along with the best practices that can be followed in order to implement it successfully, then be with us till the end of this article. We will walk you through it and you will be looking for ACP Training for your new career path after reading this. But first, we are going to learn peer code review meaning and how the code when reviewed by peers is more effective!

What is peer code review?

When the team is looking to build a better place for software development and adopt various methodologies to deliver the best quality software, there are various things that are integrated into the project. Peer review code is one such thing. It is known as the process by which the developers will review the codes developed by other developers in their team. Not only it helps to make sure that the code is written in a good way, but it also makes sure that the team is learning how to work together and help each other. Over time it is seen that there are so many benefits that the team and the project are going to have with peer review, some of them are mentioned below.


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Why implement peer review for your code in the team?

Better code quality

This has to be undoubtedly one of the foremost benefits that the team is going to have when they are going for peer review software tools and using them in the team. With this, the quality of the source code can be enhanced. Not only will the development of the software become easy but the team will be able to add new features and expand new functionalities as the base is going to be strong. This will make sure that the best kind of code is being pushed to the end with the highest quality and with maximum effort from all.

Helps in estimate

Along with the training of less experienced professionals using the code review method, the estimates can be made pretty accurate. The reviewers will be aware of the time it is going to take to see the complexity of the story and this will help in making sure that the correct estimates are given for the particular tasks. This will help in managing the time and resource allocation in an effective way.

Cost management

One of the hidden benefits of using the peer code review is that you will be able to manage the resources in a better way and this will help in better cost management. When the code is being reviewed before pushing it to the main branch, the chances of having bugs will be reduced and this will waste no more time of the resources and the testing team. When there is an extra pair of eyes externally, they will be able to spot the issues very quickly and this will help a lot.

The overall increase in the development process

Keeping all these things in mind like fixing the bugs coming on time, making sure that the quality source code is present in the cycle, the overall development cycle for the project will enhance and the project will become a great success. The peer code reviews can add accuracy and efficiency in the way of doing business and the team will have a collaboration of their own. You can learn about various things you can use for enhancing the development process in the project with the right PMI ACP Training.

Indeed there are so many benefits that the project is going to have with this review method for their source code. Now after knowing agile project metrics peer review effectiveness, it is time to look at the best practices that your team can follow to implement all these benefits in your own project.

Best practices to have a better review of code by peers:

One thing that should be in the mind of the team is that this task is to improve the collaboration between the team to promote the competition in the team. There are various things that you can follow to make sure that you are implementing this method in the project and have good results. These practices are:

One of the major things that you should know is what to look at in the code. When the code is being written it is done to meet certain criteria and add functionalities. So you need to be sure what that code does and if the requirements are getting fulfilled with that code. Understand what the code does and know what to expect from the ode first before you even begin to review it.

Having shorter sessions for the code review is going to go in the long. Attention to too many details will become reluctant after a given point of time and this will not suffice the reason for doing the code review. You should not give more than 60 minutes on the code review.

Along with the shorter time, you should keep in mind that you should not go for more than 400-5000 lines of code at a time. The major reason for going for this review is that you are able to find the defect in the code is nay. But if you are reviewing too many lines at the same time, then it will become less likely for you to find those defects.

Communicating well is going to help a lot, not only the person who has written the code but to the person who is going to review the code. The goals and expectations should be clear before you begin this as this promotes healthy conversation and more effective results in the team.

When you are giving constructive feedback and making sure the development cycle for the software is getting efficient, you will see that a positive environment is getting fostered in the workplace. This will help in giving the correct feedback which is not going to hurt anyone and all the team members are included, this is going to make the team setting a better place to work with.

Along with this, you should look for tools that could automate this process. Indeed there are various instances where you need to do the manual review, but with the help of the right tools, you can make sure that you are automating the process and have better results.


There are various ways using which the quality of code in the development cycle can be enhanced. Peer review is going to help a lot with the proper implementation and the right practices in the team at all levels; the team could get so many benefits from this. There are so many big companies that are already using this method in their agile approach to run the project and seeing very effective results like lesser time, decreased defects, and much more.

With PMI ACP training online, you can learn all the ways which you can use in the project and achieve better results for the team. StarAgile is one of the best platforms where you can find the best training for your future goals. You can very easily prepare for your PMI-ACP Certification with the professional guidance that you are going to get for agile methodologies along with learning from real-world scenarios. The 360-degree PMI-ACP training course is very important, it will help you foster the necessary skills and knowledge you need for your certification as well as run the project team with big industry giants.

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