What is the PMP Process Mapping Game?

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Jul 05, 2024

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If you are doing a PMP course, you will know the importance of PMP process mapping. Learning PMP process mapping and remembering the 49 processes takes a lot of work. If you learn it the conventional way, it takes time and can be boring. What if I told you you can learn it by playing a game?

Yes, gamification is an exciting concept in learning. It involves playing games to learn. Everyone loves playing games, and the result would be great if you could learn in the process. The PMP process mapping game involves learning the PMP processes and associating processes to groups through a game. I will tell you all about the exciting process mapping game you can play to make learning easy.

How to Play the PMP Process Mapping Game

Let me now tell you more about the PMP process mapping game. You can play this game alone or in a group. Both have their benefits. However, the game is more exciting if you play in a group. There is also sharing of ideas, like in an actual project. The game can be played not only by beginners who are learning but also by experienced professionals.

There would be flashcards available with details of the process groups and knowledge area involved. The game involves matching the processes with the knowledge area or domain.

The other aspect of the game involves playing with scenarios. These scenarios are all based on real situations that people could encounter in projects. The players will have to evaluate different options to handle the scenarios. This part of the game will help them gain practical insights. Decision making is the key involved in this game. Players have to make decisions and the game strengthens this key skill area.

Benefits of Using the PMP Process Mapping Game

The PMP process mapping game is a neat adoption of the gamification concept in PMP. The gaming approach allows you to learn project management in a more interesting way. Playing the game allows you to learn better and also remember concepts better. By playing the PMP mapping game, you can master the process mapping in a structured way.

Let me now tell you the benefits of the mapping game:

1. Retention or remembering what you learn is more challenging. When you learn through a game, you will find the learning fun and hence can remember all that you learnt well.

2. To play the PMP mapping game, you must use your creativity and also apply problem-solving skills. The game will thus help improve these skills and help you in your career when you actually start applying these concepts.

3. I want to highlight that the PMP process mapping game has many complex scenarios. These are the scenarios you will encounter in real projects. By playing this game, you will get first-hand knowledge of managing such scenarios.

4. In real situations, there are resource constraints in projects. When you play this mapping game, you will learn how to manage resource crunches and different techniques for the same.

5. According to me, the biggest benefit of playing this game is learning risk management. In real life, risks can have serious consequences. The game will allow you how to assess risks and then manage them.


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Key Concepts Covered in the PMP Process Mapping Game

The different concepts in the PMP process mapping game are:

1. Process groups: One of the key concepts involved is process groups. You will learn this concept that is required in the game.

2. Knowledge area: Process groups are matched to knowledge areas in the game. You will learn this concept, which will make the gameplay easier.

3. Scenario: Various scenarios related to projects are presented. The scenarios have to be resolved by considering different options, and you will learn how to do it,

4. Project management techniques: To resolve scenarios, various project management techniques have to be applied. These include risk assessmentrisk mitigation, problem-solving, decision-making, resource management, project monitoring, and performance tracking. All these key concepts will be learnt and will help you play the game..

Who Can Benefit from Playing the PMP Process Mapping Game?

The game is ideal for those who are learning project management. People doing PMP training or CAPM would benefit greatly from this game. Trainees have to learn PMP concepts, including details of all the processes. They must be able to map processes to the process group and knowledge area. By playing the game, trainees can learn better and it would help them ace the certification.

Apart from trainees, even experienced professionals can play this game. According to me, professionals can refresh their concepts by playing the game. Most importantly, the game involves various scenarios. Playing the scenarios helps them apply risk management and problem-solving concepts. The game experience will help them while implementing projects.

Integration of the PMP Process Mapping Game into Training Programs

When you undergo PMP Certification Training, you need to put in a lot of effort. I have been involved in PMP training and know how difficult it is for both the trainer and the trainee. Theoretical concepts can be dry and boring. This makes learning tough for the trainee.

That’s why I was excited when gamification began to be used in learning. I have used the PMP process mapping game during PMP training, and the result has been great. Students find the process exciting, and learning improves. Using the game approach to learning project management is a great idea. Integrating gaming into training programs makes training more effective.


You can have fun while learning and the PMP process mapping game is proof for it. You can learn about the PMP processes and their association with groups in a seamless way by playing the process mapping game. I recommend that you join a PMP training program where this game is integrated with the training. I guarantee you will benefit and the game will help you learn PMP process mapping in an effective way.


1. What materials are needed to play the PMP Process Mapping Game?

Flashcards are needed. Scenarios and option details are also required to play this game.

2. How long does a typical session of the game last?

The exact duration of the game depends on two main factors. One is the number of participants in the game. The other is the level of complexity of the scenarios. Generally, a game session can be anywhere from one to two hours long.

3. Can the PMP Process Mapping Game be customized for specific industries or project types?

The PMP process mapping game can be played by people in any domain, industry, or project type. The game is generic and the scenarios are applicable in all industries. It is possible to customize the game by modifying the game materials to make them industry or project-type specific.

4. Are there any digital versions or online adaptations of the game available?

Yes, there are online versions of the game. Options to play in mutiple modes (desktop/laptop or mobile) are available in one of the versions. Another version of the game allows you to play in practice mode and test mode. However, the online games have only the process matching and do not have scenarios to solve.

5. How is the PMP Process Mapping Game better compared to other project management training methods?

There are various training methods used in project management training. The process mapping game is one of the most effective methods to learn. Other methods include self-study through a book, watching videos, and attending training sessions. Of these methods, training is effective since it involves learning from an expert. When a game is integrated with training, it helps in ensuring training effectiveness.


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