Top 10 Reasons to Get PMP Certification

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Oct 16, 2023

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Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is globally recognized and is one of the most desired, valued and people’s favorite certification in the arena of Project Management. It is offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) and the exams are based on the PMI PMBOK i.e. Project Management Body of Knowledge.

PMP is one of the credentials that an experienced project manager can show as a recognition for all the experiences and capabilities that they hold over the years. There is much similarity between an airplane pilot and PMP certified project manager. As an airplane pilot need to maintain their total flying record, a PMP certified project manager can also maintains his total project management learning hours called as PDU hours. So, as the airplane pilot can show his / her flying experience by displaying the total flying hours, a PMP certified project manager can also showcase his total project learning experience in hours (which they maintain in terms of PDU’s). So, learning experience along with actual project handling experience helps a candidate stand out from the rest.
Now, PMP is a great certification that carries a great level of prestige in a project management and information technology community. Apart from this, PMP also holds a high level of respect in the non-information technology community where strong command over project management skillsets are required.

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Why PMP certification is so helpful in personal and professional front?

  • It empowers you with a change in mindset that is required from a project managers point of view.
  • It exposes you towards the project management skillsets, techniques, best practices, the PMI standards of delivering a successful project and different varieties of case studies which will give you a practical approach towards handling a project.
  • It’s a prestige to carry with your resume and will symbolize your professional project management abilities.
  • It makes you stand out from the crowd and you are being preferred for a project management role over other non-certified candidates.
  • It also helps you to get networking opportunities with other PMP candidates.
As we go deep in understanding the reasons to do PMP Training, here are the top 10 reasons that will provide you with more clarity on “Why one must get PMP certified”:
  • Salary boom
  • Global Recognition
  • Job Opportunities
  • Adding value to Resume
  • Assess Risks more accurately
  • Improves Teamwork
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Continuous learning opportunity
  • Challenging project opportunities
  • Experience and certification matters

1) Salary Boom:

On an average, a certified PMP professional earn 17% more than non-certified PMP professionals. These findings are as per as per  Salary Survey, Eight edition. And as per PMI’s Project Management Salary survey 10th edition documented in July 2017, a PMP certified professional earn an average annual package of $111,000 in United States. These figures and the market survey clearly states and proves the salary boom that a PMP certified professional can expect. Apart from the salary boost its also a boost on your self-confidence, self-image and overall skillsets.

2) Global Recognition:

Achieving a PMP certification under your belt gives you a sense of prestige, recognition and proudness on one’s self esteem. It showcases and demonstrates your skills, expertise, managerial technicalities and most importantly your potential to go from a project leader to a global leader. And it symbolizes that you are an ideal candidate who can handle any project (small or big) across the globe, thus giving you a potential opportunity to be recognized globally.

3) Job Opportunities:

Once you become a PMP certified professional, you will be provided tons and tons of job opportunities across the globe. As per PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 80% of high performing, flag ship projects use PMI recognized PMP certified project managers only. And as per PMI Pulse of the Professional study survey, an organization with more than 35% PMP certified project managers demonstrated much better project performance than the ones who are without Project Management Certification. Hope these facts and figures received from surveys proves the ample job opportunity that a PMP certified project manager has once he successfully completes his certification. Apart from overall project delivery opportunity, one can expect a specialty jobs in initiating the project, planning the project, executing the project, managing and controlling the project and even in closing the project. Organizations are looking for highly skilled people to take on these specialized jobs for more accurate forecasting, but the basic criteria are that the candidate should be a PMI based PMP certified project manager.

4) Adding value to Resume:

There are several professional certifications that you can pursue throughout your career, but PMP is the most valuable certificate program. Once the interviewer’s gets to know that you are a PMP certified project manager, he gets to know the level of quality that you would be having in terms of your learnings, past project handling skillsets, your decision-making ability and most importantly what would be the basic salary package that you have made yourself capable of. That’s the weightage that you can expect by just writing on your resume that you are a PMP certified project manager.

5) Access Risk Management skills:

No one is 100% sure that risk might or might not occur during the project. If it occurs, it can have the capability to give both positive and negative impact on your project. And this might impact the organization in a good way or in an extremely bad way (depends on how big or small the risk is). However, if you are a certified PMP project manager you will be able to read the risks well in advance and would have already worked out the risk mitigation plan. A risk mitigation plan is the one that notes down the plan of action if incase the risks ever occurs. Once a person is PMP certified he / she will have the required skills to access and mitigate risks. Thus, risk management assessment skills will help you in identifying the risks well and take care of it well in advance and thus protect the organization.

6) Improves Teamwork:

“Teamwork is a dreamwork and project manager knows it”. Such a strong and perfect phrase that applies here. For any project to be able to deliver successfully requires a highly motivated individual who can collaborate with people from different cultures, places and mindsets. And this collaboration to work smoothly requires a person who can take timely measures and actions that will ensure that these different mindset people can jell up so well that the overall project delivery seems to be a deliverable of an entire team rather than an individual. And that’s Teamwork. A PMP certified project manager is well capable of delivering the project as a team and over a period evolve the team in terms of their growths and learnings. The responsibility of managing different individuals and molding them in such a way that they work as a team and then leading them toward the same goals which is also in line with the overall organizations goal, is the reason why PMP certified project managers are known for.

7) Problem-Solving skills:

A PMP certified project manager is also known for his problem-solving skills. While leading a project you will be trusted with solving complex problems daily. With PMP Training, you will be learning various imaginative & innovative problem-solving techniques & strategies which will ensure the success of the project. So, with past project management experience and the learnings that you will receive during the training of PMP will enhance the skillsets that you have in the arena of projects problem solving.

8) Continuous Learning opportunity:

As there is a need for continuous delivery, continuous development and continuous integration so do the need for continuous learning exists. Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field and its one of the key to successful project management. But one often gets confused on the focused learning material as it is available in abundance over the net. So, PMI has provided a solution to this problem. Once a candidate becomes PMP certified he or she by default becomes a PMI member, which gives an access to continuous learning opportunity in the field of project management. Now these contents are designed by PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) a governing body for setting the standard terminologies and guidelines for project management. So, a PMP certified project manager gets a dedicated focused learning which he or she can continue to learn if they wish to.

9) Challenging project opportunities:

It’s a known fact that PMP certified project managers do get the most valued and challenging project opportunities. So, once you deliver the in-hand project successfully then it has the potential to give you a big breakthrough and a leap in your career chart that you were waiting for. Also, the eligibility to take a PMP exam includes both education and experience proof in the arena of handling and managing projects. And it’s this validation of your experience and the learnings that you get through PDU hours, generates confidence in an organization to hand over more challenging projects to PMP certified project managers.

10) Experience and certification matters:

To be a good project manager a person will need an actual on the field experience especially in the field of project management. Cause one learns a lot from their past experiences and it’s for their experience for what they are being valued so much and paid so high packages. But simply and experience will not get you the hike that you were expecting, and this is where the PMP certification help you with. It’s a proof that states you are capable of handling and delivering any kind of project in the world. And hence getting an experience with a certification matters a lot and it’s like an icing on the cake. This certification will be the best investment that you would be making on yourself which will be fruitful for your career from long term perspective.
Apart from knowing top 10 reasons to get PMP certification, one must also remember the eligibility criteria for getting into a PMP certification:
Eligibility RequirementFour-Year DegreeSecondary Degree*
Years of Project Management Experience3 Years (36 Months)5 Years (60 Months)
Hours Leading & Directing Projects4,500 Hours7,500 Hours
Hours of Project Management Education35 Hours35 Hours
* A secondary degree is defined as a high school diploma, associate degree, or global equivalent.
Do memorize the above table or you can take a snap of it and keep it handy in your mobile phones.
Hope, by now you would have understood and be absolutely convinced the level of magnitude that PMP certification and it’s training carry around with it. And also hope that you get yourself PMP certified project manager soon.

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