Comparison of Lean, Agile and Scrum

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Nov 17, 2020

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Lean Vs Scrum

There are various methodologies for project management one should know to control, manage, track, and monitor the progress of the project. The various methodologies are scrum, lean, agile, Kanban, XPM, Prince2, and PMP, etc. 

One must know all the methodologies on the surface and master any 2 methodologies to manage the projects. To make projects successful we need to ensure that the right methodologies are chosen for the projects. The project team is under constant pressure to deliver the work efficiently, save cost, save time, and meet the quality requirements of the projects to deliver it as per the expectations of the customer. 

Choosing the right methodology for your projects is the key to success. Each methodology has its advantages and limitations in terms of the efficiency of the processes, effectiveness of its controls to deliver the projects successfully. 

Sometimes you can plan to include a combination of 2 or more methodologies and implement that in projects for successful completion. The project management is the subject that emphasizes on how to manage the projects to produce products or services as per the requirements of the customer. Implementing the right set of methodologies on the projects provides the key to competitively finish the projects and stay ahead of the competition in the market. 

The industry requires that the project team is certified in one or more of the methodologies for career growth, high salary, and to manage the projects successfully for the organization. Take up the Scrum Master Certification Training Online at StarAgile institute. In this article will see the difference between the key methodologies of agile, scrum, and lean. 

What is Agile 

Agile is a method of software development that is iterative and delivers the requirements incrementally instead of all at once at the end. The agile methodology work on the agile manifesto that was developed by the leading experts that tell us what approaches will work for software development and what approaches do not work. 

The agile method is disciplined project management principles and concepts that promote adaptation and inspection at every stage of the cycle. It encourages leadership philosophy, teamwork, accountability, and self-organization with the best set of engineering practices that helps in the delivery of rapid delivery of high-quality software and the business advancement that focuses on the development that provides the customer needs and the company goals. Register for Scrum Master Training at StarAgile to know more on this subject

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What is Scrum 

Scrum is the part of the agile process framework that is widely used in software development. The scrum framework uses the development cycles called sprints. It is a lightweight process framework that means the overhead is kept very low so that there is no much wastage of time to get the work done.

The scrum processes are different from other agile methods on some of the concepts and principles that are divided into three categories of artifacts, roles, and time boxes. Scrum is again the incremental and interactive practices to manage complex and large project management. Scrum improves productivity and reduces the time required to produce goods or services. It is used to rapidly adjust smoothly to changes to produce the products that meet the organizational needs.

  • The benefits of agile scrum processes are as follows,
  • Enhance the quality of the deliverables
  • Able to adjust to the changes
  • Estimation is easy and better and less time is required for the same
  • There is greater control on the project schedule

To explore more enroll in Scrum Master Certification Online training at StarAgile.

What is Lean 

Lean is a concept, principle, and tool that prevent wastage in every stage of the development of the products or services. It is used to increase the process velocity and maximize the value to the customer, by minimizing all kinds of waste.

  • A lean organization has the following key characteristics,
  • To think of all the problems and errors as the opportunity for improvement of the processes
  • Derive value to the customers by minimizing the wastes in every stage
  • It promotes the culture of value addition, problem-solving, and open communication at all levels of teams in the organization that values the time invested by the employees and generate value culture in the employees.

8 wastes are described in the lean method, those are as follows,

1. Over-processing

2. Overproduction

3. Waiting time

4. Defects

5. Motion

6. Transportation 

7. Inventory

8. Unused talent

These 8 wastes must be either minimized or eliminated for the processes to be efficient and effective.

Understand more about Lean Agile principles.

Lean Vs Agile Vs Scrum

To know more about the differences take up the Certified Scrum Master Online at StarAgile institute.

Serial #CategoriesLeanAgileScrum
1DefinitionConcepts, Principles, and practices to minimize the wastes

Incremental and iterative development that produces requirements at every step instead of producing all at the end

It is part of agile methods that deals with increments called sprints and iterative methods

8 waste to eliminate and minimize are: Defects, Inventory, Motion, Over-processing, Overproduction, Transportation, Unused talent, Waiting time

12 agile manifesto and principles of Customer satisfaction, Handle changing requirements, Deliver software frequently, Collaboration, Motivation, Communication, Effective, Self-organizing, Simplicity, Continuous Improvement, Sustainability and Working software

Principles that focuses on Time boxes, roles, and artifacts

5 Steps approaches

Identify value,

Map the value stream,

Create flow,

Establish Pull,

Seek Perfection.

5 Steps approaches,



Self Organization,

Time Boxing,


4 Steps approaches






Eliminate wastes in all the stages of development,

Value addition,

Improvement in the processes.

Eliminate wastage of time,

Reduce Costs,

Increase productivity,

Enhance improvements.

Reduce go to market time,

Error-free and bug-free development,

Produce software in small increments.

5IndustryMainly in Manufacturing, Also used in the software industryMainly used in manufacturing and software industriesMainly used in software development


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Final Decision - Lean Vs Scrum

When it comes to whether to adopt Lean or Scrum our take is to adopt both in an integrated way. There are some overlaps between the 2 however both are distinct, lean is for control wastage and Scrum is of incremental and iterative software development. To learn these frameworks we recommend you take up certification courses such as Certified Scrum Master Certification at StarAgile institute. 

StarAgile is a training institute that focuses on industrial project management training. In this case, StarAgile is a training partner for the Scrum Alliance Inc and offers CSM Certification Online training. The trainers at StarAgile are industry-leading experts and have vast industrial experience in the fields. They are themselves certified in the area of the training. What are you waiting to enroll now and get various benefits?


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