Scaling Scrum : Top 3 Important Tips of Scaling Scrum

by StarAgile

October 22, 2021
Category Agile and Scrum

Know all About Scaled Scrum Here!

Scaling Scrum is one of the hot topics nowadays and with all right reasons.

If you are working in a team where you need to have continuous delivery of the products and do not want to miss anything or any miss-communication, Scrum is your answer. Using scaled scrum unwanted holdups can be resolved with so many more benefits. Know all about scaled scrum and get your own scrum master certification online to get wings to your career.

But first, we will go back to basics and know what Scaled Scrum is?

What is a Scaled Scrum?

With time, the Scrum framework gained momentum and it started encompassing more things on the organizational level. There came a need for scaling scrum here and various approaches to scale scrum are introduced. On this page, you are going to find all about them and how a CSM certification online will help you gain better insight into the whole picture.

There is a unit of development known as Nexus which has up to 10 teams. This number is based on various instances of codes and designs that are part of the organization.

Tips for Successful Scaling Scrum

When you are going to transition from a scrum of a single unit to its scaled version, there are various things that you need to take care of. A CSM certification  is very helpful in this case along with the tips provided below:

Get yourself familiarized with various scrum frameworks

As you know there are various frameworks to work on in scrum, you need to educate yourself with the pros and cons of each of those frameworks. There are various approaches like Enterprise Scrum, Scrum of Scrums, LeSS, nexus scrum, and [email protected] which you can follow to choose the best one for your work. You need to navigate through this and make a decision for it. Keeping the size and functionality of the project in mind, you can choose these frameworks and start implementing them for scaling Scrum.

With the nexus framework, you will get a lightweight framework that is suitable for larger companies as compared to LeSS or Scrum of Scrums' approach. There are various benefits of using Nexus as it extends the benefits that scrum provides:

In the Nexus framework, accountabilities can be introduced as the team works in an integrated way. The team consists of product owners, scrum masters, and team members. The Scrum team is responsible for delivering products with each sprint.

There are various events in the Nexus framework that are used to serve the integration team mentioned above. With each sprint, the goal of the Nexus sprint goal is achieved.

Artifacts in the nexus framework play a major role. The teamwork towards one goal and there is a lot of transparency in work that is allocated to the team.

Certified Scrum Master

Find the right metrics

Now that you have decided on the scrum framework, the next step is to select the metrics which are used to evaluate the impact of the value of the ongoing scaling process. Using these metrics, you will be able to better your techniques and various kinds of strategies on the fresh insights and data that you have collected over time.

Work with stakeholders

One of the most important things which you are scaling scrum is to keep everyone on board, especially if they are in the authoritative power to make the decisions for the projects. When everyone is involved in the process of scaling scrum, the best way can be carved out for the maximum benefits of scaling Scrum.

Another important thing to look at is the focus that the organization can now give to the product structure and how the project can be bifurcated into small bits that are easy to digest and understand.


Agile Scaling frameworks are now helping various organizations to successfully implement the scaling of principles and the practices of the scrum at a larger scale. A professional with certification earned through the CSM course can learn all these best practices and can work for better adaptability, responsiveness, and flexibility within the team for the scaled scrum. The organization can get benefitted from this work culture and all the knowledge required for following various principles for scrum and agile frameworks.

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