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Oct 05, 2023

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An Agile coach is a coveted profession at the moment, with thousands aspiring to be one. The term is a trifle baffling as it is relatively new. It suffices to know that an Agile coach is a part of project management who inspires organizations, teams as well as individuals to imbibe Agile practices and related values. In short, the coach enables the students to become more efficient and flexible while being driven by total transparency.

While the skills help to make one successful, the profession is high in popularity today. It is not surprising to find individuals inquiring about how to become an Agile coach, therefore. It has been listed among the best jobs on offer lately by leading job websites as well. The remuneration is quite high too, with most of the professional Agile coaches earning INR 12 lakhs on average. Individuals who enjoy working together as a part of a team can do well by switching to this highly popular career that is extremely rewarding in all aspects.

How to Become an Agile Coach?

Sadly, there is no well-laid-out path toward fulfilling the aspirations when one wants to become an Agile coach. It is a career that is relatively new, with very few past instances of successful professionals to look up to. Instead, it helps to chalk out one’s way, as asking around is likely to be confusing. One may be perplexed by a variety of answers with no specifics and instances to take note of.

It is interesting to note that Agile coaching is a novel discipline that has evolved alongside Lean, Kanban, and Scrum and continues to develop continuously. It has slowly begun to expand its horizons by gaining ground in new industries while trying to include new types of teams as well as unique working environments.

Thankfully, the new trainees who are determined to become Agile coaches can avail of training programs and get certified today. However, getting formal training is not enough. One has to work together as a part of a team and work with different teams to achieve success.

Necessities for Becoming an Agile Coach

While there are several set regulations to follow, the individuals keen on this profession may go ahead and become successful by trying out the following options that serve as informal prerequisites:

Scrum Framework

Learning Scrum can be the foundation of becoming an Agile coach. The prospective professional will understand the principles and recognize Agile values by developing the right mindset associated with the Agile manifesto.

Book learning is not as important as deriving experience in the field. An aspirant Agile coach would, therefore, be more eager to get the required experience by working as part of an Agile or Scrum team. It is advisable to get an insight by following the specified roles mentioned below:-

  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Development Team Member

It is extremely important to be immersed in each role as one who gains experience slowly but surely. The roles are not merely for cosmetic reasons, so one cannot just tick them off one by one and say, ‘done.’ Instead, each part would have to be experienced independently to understand what it means to be a part of the Agile team and add significant value to the trainees and students as an Agile coach.

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Master Certification

The foundation of Agile can be mastered by learning the framework of Scrum. However, one would have to get the Scrum Master Certification to become a leader. This certification provides a push in the right direction, irrespective of the primary purpose. One would, therefore, be able to benefit hugely regardless of practising Scrum, Scrumban, Kanban, Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), or any other approach to Agile.

Experts recommend checking out the available entry-level Scrum and Agile courses as well as advanced Master Certification options. One may connect with StarAgile for the right course.


There is not much sense in mastering the techniques if one stops learning Agile altogether. It is a discipline that works best when practiced continuously. One may do it both for fun and as a profession! Practice is what will make the skills perfect!

Kanban Framework

It would be foolhardy to remain stagnant while trying to learn Agile and Scrum. Scaling up one’s expertise across the organization is desirable too. Kanban serves as the primary foothold and basis for both Lean Portfolio Management and Agile Program Management.

The Kanban framework provides a continuous flow related to designing, managing, and improving flow systems for knowledge work. A thorough understanding of Kanban will enable the Agile coach to visualize the result properly. Kanban serves as a tool to leverage the skills, right from the portfolio level to the management of Agile teams at every level.

While a majority of agile coaches refer to working with individual teams, upping the expertise and scaling up the progress with the aid of the Kanban framework can go a long way in moving beyond the IT sector. Kanban has succeeded in this regard, with multiple organizations using it to maintain the right balance between operational and project development teams. Learning both Agile and Kanban can open up many opportunities, making one taste success as an Agile coach in a relatively short period.

Agile Coach

Certification Training

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There is no dearth of resources either. One can always go through the available books, videos, and professional blogs to remain in touch while helping students find their feet. Moreover, enrolling in one of the popular Scrum, Agile or Kanban courses offered by StarAgile will help in furthering one’s career effectively. Here are a few of the courses that will prove beneficial.

Courses offered by StarAgile

How to ensure success after becoming an Agile coach?

Contacts: It is best to make like-minded friends by connecting with other Agile professionals in the field. However, this does not have to be expert coaches always. Instead, one can go ahead and connect with a writer who blogs about Agile skills and purpose. Similarly, reaching out to a speaker or author can help one to remain well-informed. Listening to podcasts and watching videos on the topic will also help to gain a different perspective. Every little bit counts here! It is important to remember that the question of how to become an Agile coach can be answered in several ways. One does not have to follow the formal way all the time.

Beyond Team Building: True, a Scrum Master or an Agile coach has the primary responsibility of inspiring the teams and helping them understand the value of Agile coaching. However, many organizations want the coach to handle multiple teams simultaneously and transform them with the aid of Agile values. It is important to learn how Agile can work at different levels instead of being focused on value addition within a single team.

Agile coaching is a lucrative career at the moment that is not only financially rewarding but also helps one to become sensitive to others while trying to imbibe the best values on the path to success. Visualizing the need and equipping the team(s) to fulfill their objectives with the help of Agile practices is the purpose of an Agile coach.

And once you have everything in place, you can opt for our Agile Coach Certification Training to get started and make the best out of your career with end-to-end career guidance and much more.


Simply inquiring about how to be an Agile coach will not help even when you learn the ropes. Remember that you have to change the way the entire team functions not only as a group but also for the betterment of the organization. Imbibe the values and impart the knowledge to the best of your ability. Check out the Agile Coach Certification offered by StarAgile and become a certified Agile coach to embark on an exciting career today.


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