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Dec 28, 2022

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You'll surely find Asana and Jira while looking for well-known project management tools. Both support activity optimization, productivity acceleration, and keeping track of important tasks and their due dates. Each programme, however, has a distinct methodology and works well for a variety of team types. Software developers and technicians appreciate Jira's agile features whereas smaller teams find Asana to be suitable.

The good news is that Asana and Jira can be connected, and there may be significant benefits to doing so.

Asana and Jira integration improves workplace efficiency and communication between business teams and technical or engineering teams by increasing process visibility and clarity. For team participation and prompt action, the Asana Jira interface also makes information flow fast and easy.

An overview of Asana and Jira

A project management application called Jira was created in 2002 by the Australian business Atlassian. It is a powerful tool that enables several project management activities in addition to issue and bug tracking. Since the bulk of applications are now developed on its platform, Jira is no longer only an issue tracking solution for businesses that supports Agile development or general task creation. It serves a variety of customers and provides Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Desk as product variations.

Project management tool Asana was developed in 2008 by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein. It is a mobile and web solution created to help teams monitor, manage, and organise new teams for efficient job management and communication. Teams may communicate, assign tasks, and establish deadlines with this software-as-a-service. It offers a restful interface that allows users to connect with diverse contexts by updating and accessing their data on the platform from native or command-line apps.


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Benefits of integrating Asana and Jira

Businesses nowadays handle projects of all sizes, levels of complexity, and lengths. It would not have been feasible to perform tasks that would have otherwise appeared challenging and confusing if these project management tools had not been accessible. These cloud-based tools make it easier to assemble, collaborate, plan, and carry out projects by splitting up challenging and complex tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks and distributing them to the most qualified individuals and teams to perform within a certain time frame. As a result, there is less chaos and deadlines are met more successfully. The link between Asana and Jira encourages business and product team collaboration and efficient workflow. The advantages of asana jira integration are as follows:

Outstanding Communication

Teams working on projects may communicate more effectively by combining Asana and Jira. Team members may now communicate directly between Jira Cloud and Asana without using email or another tool thanks to the connectivity.

An increase in transparency

Changes made in one application were immediately updated in the other thanks to integration between Asana and Jira. Since human data entry is not necessary and data entry errors are avoided, this saves a lot of time.

Greater Visibility

Teams can clearly see each other's activities thanks to the link. This demonstrates that there can be no doubt that teams will work well together and will not inhibit one another. When teams create software in silos, trust is weak, and this promotes the growth of trust.

Reduces the need for using a single project management system

The link makes it unnecessary to mandate that everyone utilise a single project management tool. It allows engineering and technical teams utilising Jira to accomplish their tasks to cooperate and interact with business and product teams.

Asana is a cloud-based programme that needs access to the internet. This implies that it requires an internet connection in order to load. It needs a persistent internet connection since it provides real-time information and one-on-one interaction (via comments, questions, and replies).

Jira, on the other hand, may be used both offline and online. However, in order to utilise Jira on-premises, the team or organisation must host the application on every computer. Each of the programmes currently has advantages and disadvantages. Real-time collaboration is available with Asana, however the cloud-based service and the app's many settings and features make them sluggish to load. Jira may be used on-site as well, however the Jira software server has to be bought and hosted.

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Requirements for integrating Asana and Jira

The following criteria are required for Asana to Jira connectivity:

an Asana account for Asana requirements. Only Asana premium users currently have access to the Jira Cloud/Server connection.

If Jira imposes certain requirements, you need to have a Jira Cloud account and administrative-level access in order to integrate Jira Cloud.

A paid Jira membership, administrator access, and Jira Software Server or Data Centre Versions 8.12 to 8.15 are requirements for connecting to Jira Server.

How Do I Combine Asana with Jira?

To understand the integration process, adhere to the phases outlined below:

  • Enter your Asana login information.
  • Check the "Jira Cloud" app connection in your Asana Apps Gallery.
  • The next stage is where Jira Cloud for Asana is installed.
  • You will be directed to the Installation Wizard and asked to sign in using your Jira account.
  • Complete the necessary steps to upgrade your Jira Cloud configuration to project-level functionality.
  • You may pick and select which projects you wish to connect Jira Cloud with at the end of the Installation Wizard.
  • To use Jira's services, go to the Projects with Jira Cloud integration page.

 Integration of Asana Jira Cloud with Asana Customize Menu

  • Select the Project that Asana Jira Cloud should be integrated with.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose "Customize".
  • Select "+Add app" from the menu in the bottom right.
  • Select "Jira Cloud"
  • The Installation Wizard will appear in full-screen.
  • Open Jira and set up your Jira account before configuring your Jira Cloud connection.
  • The Jira Cloud connection will be set up at the project level, and you may choose which projects it should be included to.

Asana and Jira Server integration

  • Start from the Asana Dashboard and go to the Jira Admin Dashboard to finish the assignment.
  • Set up the Jira Server instance.
  • From the Jira Server Marketplace, install "Asana for Jira Server."
  • The Jira administrator must then choose "Connect To Asana" to authorise the application.
  • After access has been granted, choose the correct Asana domain to connect with.
  • A confirmation is shown in Jira after the connection has been established. The Jira Server's operations are now complete.
  • From the Asana dashboard, you can setup and complete the Asana Jira Server integration.
  • Decide which project should get Asana Jira Server integration.
  • Choose "Customize" from the drop-down menu in the top right corner.
  • Select the "+Add app" option from the screen's bottom right corner.
  • Select "Jira Server."

Following the installation of the Jira Server App, this will be added to the project. But if the warning "Your Asana has not been uploaded to Jira Server upon login" flashes, go back to "Jira Admin Install" and make sure the Asana Org has been authorised and the appropriate Workspace has been selected.

Last words

Integration of Asana Jira Server or Asana Jira Cloud aims to boost team efficiency, enhance task visibility, and streamline and streamline project communication. You can work more efficiently together on the product development process without wasting time on pointless back-and-forth communication.

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