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Jan 05, 2024

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Whether you are a project manager or not, you have likely heard of Agile. It is a framework of behaviours and practises that promote "just in time" production and allow project teams to finish projects on time and with improved quality.

Agile emphasises a little amount of each activity, such as design, development, and testing. As opposed to the conventional technique, in which one phase is closed and finished before the next starts, portions of the project are performed simultaneously. Agile promotes quick, frequent feedback loops and is receptive to changes in requirements. In conventional project management (also referred to as Waterfall), feedback is often not gathered until the project's conclusion, and adjustments are discouraged.

Agile Project Management has existed for decades, but tens of thousands of firms and managers struggle to migrate from conventional to Agile project management.

Here is a list of the best Agile tools that may assist project managers enhance their decision-making time: is one of the most effective agile project management solutions currently available. It provides a straightforward UI with color-coded functions. This user-friendly programme is ideal for both large and small teams. It also provides an intuitive mobile app and highly configurable processes.


  • It enables collaboration with your team in a shared workplace.
  • Offers colourful timelines and the ability to synchronise timelines with the calendar.
  • It provides highly configurable workflows.
  • Assists you in bringing your team together in any location and at any time.
  • It gives location-based projects a map display.
  • Export your reports in both Excel and CSV format.
  • Visualize your project utilising many perspectives, including Chart, Kanban, Form, and Table.
  • Notifies users immediately through Email and Desktop.
  • Provides drag-and-drop functionality, custom reports, a centralised workspace, charts, and time tracking.
  • Integrates without difficulty with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Slack, Zoom, Google Calendar, Excel, and Zapier.
  • Provides templates for Marketing, Project Management, Sales & CRM, Design, Software Development, and Human Resources.
  • Offers project management status such as Add, Edit, and Completed.
  • Contains Collaboration, Productivity, Views and Reporting, Security and Privacy, Administration and Control, Automations, and Analytics.
  • It provides customer support via Contact form.
  • Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and the Internet are all supported platforms.


Scrumpy's unique selling proposition is that it supports long-term narrative perspectives and is entirely built in Java. It is intended to facilitate the maintenance of a meaningful, long-term backlog of user stories by the product owner.


Depending on the nature of your project, Hansoft's quick and user-friendly interface, robust search/reporting capabilities, and a multitude of additional features may support a variety of project management techniques. Since it was influenced by the Project Management Institute (PMI), Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), and Large Scale SCRUM, Hansoft is scalable and adaptable. Its most important tool for planning and monitoring is the backlog, which may be filtered by any custom characteristic associated with your deliverables.


JIRA is a programme used for Agile testing and project management that tracks defects. Not only is this tool utilised for recording and reporting, but it is also connected with the environment for code development.


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  • JIRA Query Language enables the creation of one-click filters.
  • This agile tool improves your team's precision and effectiveness.
  • Reporting feature provides crucial insight into the agile process for the team.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities provide your team with crucial visibility into their agile process.
  • Allows the creation of bespoke workflows of any size, which is useful for software development, testing, and release.
  • You may export your reports in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats.
  • Visualize your project using many perspectives, including List, Timeline, Kanban, and Calendar perspectives.
  • Notifies users immediately through Email and Desktop.
  • Provides drag-and-drop functionality, custom reports, a centralised workspace, chakkrts, and time tracking.
  • Integrates with Figma, Miro, Power BI, Zephyr, GitLab, Ketryx, and sketch without difficulty.
  • Provides templates for Confluence, Page, Project management, Project Plan, Bug tracking, DevOps, Kanban, and Scrum.
  • Offers project management statuses such as New, In Progress, and Complete.
  • Provides Scrum boards, Roadmaps, Reports and insights, as well as Project adaptability
  • It offers customer service by telephone and contact form
  • Android and iOS are supported systems.

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ScrumDo is an Agile and Kanban work management and collaboration tool that allows users to organise, monitor, and enhance their work processes. The rich features and intelligent alerts of the cloud-based platform allow users to keep track of everything in their business.

With ScrumDo's intelligent alerts, users may be notified of anything occurring inside the organisation, including project statuses and due dates, through Slack and email. Users may plan iterations and prioritise tasks using ScrumDo's hierarchy of work feature, and they can monitor the real-time progress of their projects using the project timeline. In addition, the user may manage the subtasks of each task and save information about its characteristics.


ScrumDesk is a tool for project management. ScrumDesk is a web-based solution for Agile product management and Scrum project management for Scrum and Kanban-based teams. With ScrumDesk, we intend to provide Agile teams with the capacity to manage the whole product development process, from inception to conclusion.

ScrumDesk focuses mostly on small or medium-sized teams that are simultaneously working on many projects. The tool should provide exceptional visibility into the team's daily tasks and backlog. ScrumDesk incorporates all business elements. It helps product owners immediately comprehend the backlog and establish priorities.


The Kanban Tool is an application for managing tasks and projects using the Kanban approach. The Kanban approach is founded on two principles: a graphical representation of the workflow and a restriction on the number of simultaneously performed operations. Kanban Tool is the original software for setting up your Kanban board and monitoring your step-by-step work process. Consequently, customers and team members may exchange tasks, information, and opinions in real time and from any place


TargetProcess provides Agile project management tools to enable software development businesses manage their projects more easily. TargetProcess is a simple but effective solution for Agile project management. It is simple due to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive Scrum and Kanban processes by default for software development firms switching to Agile. It is successful because it permits the modification of item content, status, and processes, hence fostering the development of a flexible visual project management strategy.


ClickUp is the perfect platform for engineering and product teams of any size to plan, organise, and communicate on work using tasks, documents, chat, objectives, and more. Whether you're managing workflows, bugs, releases, or wikis, it's a highly effective Agile project management solution with a simple user interface and a wealth of customisable features that boost overall productivity. Visualize your work with over 15 distinct views in ClickUp, such as List, Gantt, Calendar, and Board view, which is similar to Kanban. While Custom Fields, custom task statuses, and over a thousand connectors enable you to further optimise your processes and deliver work more efficiently, your productivity will reach new heights.


The alternative widely-used Agile Project Management software solution for managing your project from beginning to end. Axosoft alters how tasks are visualised. Its extensive range of tools enables users to design and deploy bug-free applications on time. You may do project scheduling, document management, project collaboration, reporting, resource management, task management, and time tracking with Axosoft. Everything is consolidated, guaranteeing openness and that everyone is on the same page.


Yodiz is an intuitive and comprehensive Agile solution that facilitates the management of Agile projects of all complexity levels. Yodiz streamlines the administration of Agile projects by outlining the most efficient and effective strategies for completing story-related Agile activities.

It reduces the difficulties of managing project and team-related data by using well-planned and pragmatic ways to create a fantastic user experience. Among its several distinctive features are straightforward user story management at the release and sprint levels, comprehensive reporting, current performance indicators, problem tracking, dynamic chat, and application integration.

How to Determine Which Tool Is Appropriate for You

It is vital to choose an Agile technology that matches your business's requirements and approach. The five characteristics mentioned below may assist in your selection of a solution that supports your team's Agile approach.

  • Encourage interaction and cooperation
  • Accountability and Record-Keeping
  • Central Searchable Storage
  • Scaling Ability
  • Analytical Services


As a project manager, you understand that meeting deadlines is a primary concern. These Agile tools may assist you and your team in becoming more agile and productive. An Agile certification verifies your expertise of Agile and Scrum techniques, and project managers are constantly in great demand. If you're prepared to advance in your profession, enrol in StarAgile online scrum master certification course. The scrum certification is in so much demand nowadays and with the right training and information, you can also earn your certification and start looking for great opportunities which will help increase your career graph exponentially. You will be able to learn from the professionals and enter the world of scrum masters to find the biggest jobs for you in giant industries.

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