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If you are looking for an opportunity to understand the concepts of DevOps and to master aspects of software development and automated building, then the DevOps training in Chennai is exactly the course you need. The DevOps course in Chennai provides certification at industry standards along with understanding tools such as Git, SVN, Docker, and Nagios. The comprehensive DevOps certification in Chennai caters to the requirements of corporates and professionals of all levels.

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Key Features

  • 40 Hours of Live Virtual Training
  • Hands-On Assignments for Each Module
  • 20+ years Highly Experienced Trainers
  • 6 Months Project Experience Certificate
  • Life time Access to Recorded Sessions
  • 35 PDU's offered
  • 20 Live Demos of Popular DevOps Tools
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • No Cost EMI Available

Reasons to do DevOps Training Course

DevOps Course Certificate

What is DevOps? What will you learn from the DevOps training

One must keep up to date with the latest advancement in the IT field if one wants to achieve a reputable position in the organization. The latest thing in the IT sector is DevOps. It basically is the collaboration of the testing, development, and operations units on a shared platform. 

The DevOps course online upholds its value by educating on concepts like code automation, version control, custom development, continuous integration (CI), configuration management, and application administration. The DevOps Training in Chennai also provides insight into various DevOps tools - Kubernetes, Nagios, Jenkins, Puppet, Docker, Git, and Ansible. 

In a nutshell, you will learn the following concepts through the DevOps Certification Training: 

• Collaboration 

• Automation

• Integration 

• Communication 


DevOps Training Advantages

Benefits of DevOps Training In Chennai

Is taking this online DevOps training beneficial? Here is the insight into the benefits of DevOps training:

Technical Aspect

  • DevOps Certification Training helps you learn and embrace the Agile Software Approach.
  • DevOps course in Chennai teaches how recurrent incremental improvement is done while handling projects in DevOps. 
  • DevOps course online teaches professionals to ensure minimal problems upon deployment, making debugging less troublesome. It will help the professionals to deliver new features to the clients. 
  • Issues can be rapidly solved when several business units work together. There is less reliance on any team, and each member can take ownership of solving problems.

Business View

  • With online DevOps training in Chennai, you learn how automation testing, tracking, logging, and cloud infrastructure processes are efficiently employed to deploy features quickly. 
  • Businesses can retrieve themselves from disruption about 95 times quickly. 

In conclusion, hiring people who have undergone DevOps Certification Training promises to generate high-quality products for your company. 
Companies won't have to compromise on their time and quality with DevOps. A high-yielding workplace is formed through DevOps as several cross-functional groups come to work on the same platform.


Training For Corporate Team

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Course Reviews

Best Professionalism, Good In Quality And Top In Training Thank You StarAgile For This Opportunity

Best Professionalism, good in quality and top in training thank you StarAgile for this opportunity. Your trainings are the best and the kind of support you give I have never seen like this anywhere.


Ankush Chauhan

DevOps Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

StarAgile DevOps Training Has Been A Great Experience

StarAgile DevOps training has been a great experience. The instructor was engaging all of us effectively and the classes were very interactive.


Sunil Kumar Reddy

Automation Architect

verified-logoVerified Learner

Training Was Very Professional And Taught Us Very Clearly

Training was very professional and taught us very clearly. I would definitely recommend others to attend this DevOps training program from StarAgile.


Rohit Kumar Deo

Security Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

It Was An Amazing Experience, The Trainer Engaging And Very Knowledgeable In DevOps Concepts

It was an amazing experience, the trainer engaging and very knowledgeable in DevOps concepts. He explained each topic in a way that everyone will understand.


Abhishek Baranwal

Release Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Was Impressed By The Approach Of DevOps Training

I was impressed by the approach of DevOps training. Would like to opt for other certifications in the future from Star agile. Both teaching and non-teaching staffs are always approachable n friendly.


Anirudh.S Suresh

DevOps Evangelist

verified-logoVerified Learner

DevOps Certification and Training FAQ's

Define the prerequisites for DevOps

Enrolling in any DevOps training institute in Chennai requires no prerequisites. Therefore, there are no prerequisites for DevOps. However, knowledge of any scripting language and Linux basics is beneficial.

Do you offer a 100% money-back guarantee if anyone discontinues the online training?

Absolutely! Take part in our online DevOps Course In Chennai and decide if you want to continue. If you decide to discontinue our online training on the first-day, we provide a 100% refund.

How does the feature of No Cost EMI by StarAgile function?

StarAgile presents an interest-free EMI option for 3, 6, or 9-month DevOps Course In Chennai. Registering Devops Course students must verify their AADHAR and PAN cards and last three-month bank statements to get this offer.StarAgile presents an interest-free EMI option for 3, 6, or 9-month DevOps Course In Chennai. Registering Devops Course students must verify their AADHAR and PAN cards and last three-month bank statements to get this offer.

What are the skills required by a DevOps engineer

It is important to become familiar with the Linux fundamentals. Also, hands-on experience of scripting language like shell or python is advantageous. One should have proper knowledge in technologies involved in development, deployment, and testing. Working knowledge with DevOps tools like Jenkins, Nagios, Git, Chef, etc would be great. One should have proficiency in CI/CD pipeline development and maintenance. Good to have familiarity with Azure or AWS cloud services.

What are the 3 C's that form the basic DevOps methodology which I'll learn during my DevOps Course In Chennai?

The 3 C's combined in the basic methodology of DevOps include:

  • CI - Continuous Integration
  • CD - Continuous Development
  • CM - Continuous Maintenance

What are some of the technical skills I can acquire after attending online DevOps training?

  • In-depth knowledge of the various tools.
  • Acquaintance with CI tools, cloud models, and other such version control systems.
  • Use Jenkins and Maven to build the application and integrate the CI/CD Pipeline.
  • Demonstrate the basic methodologies by learning them through the Devops Certification Training.
  • Use tools like Junit and Cucumber to configure various development frameworks.
  • Arrange your containerised environment with Kubernetes.

Will the Job Assistance program guarantee me a job?

Job Guarantee is completely dependent on how the student is attending training and career preparation sessions from StarAgile. We will provide complete assistance for your resume preparation and we will prepare you to crack interviews in first 5 attempts. However, StarAgile provides 20+ Guaranteed interviews and has a 100% placement track record overall.

What projects or case studies are covered under DevOps Certification Training?

Here is a list of some of the key projects included in the online DevOps course in Chennai: 

Project 1: Dockerizing Jenkins Pipeline 

Project 2: Monitoring the Docker Containers with Dry Tool

Project 3: Deploy Angular Application in Docker Container 

Project 4: Automated Delivery of WordPress Application on Kubernetes

After successfully completing the projects, the student's skills will be considered equivalent to six months of industry experience.

How can a beginner learn the DevOps concepts?

If you're a beginner, you need not worry! DevOps Training Chennai features concepts that are easier to grasp. You can register for the course and master the DevOps principles at our institute in Chennai.

How do you become a DevOps engineer?

You can earn real-time work experience in various IT companies by completing the online DevOps Certification training. This DevOps training Chennai helps you increase your career opportunities by getting yourself certified.

I am a fresher. Can I participate in the Job Assistance Program?

As this training starts with the basics, it is suitable for freshers with zero DevOps knowledge. Yes, you can take part in the Job Assistance Program and get 20+ guaranteed job interviews

What are the objectives of Online DevOps Training?

StarAgile DevOps certification training will teach you the following concepts:

  • Get acquainted with the terms and vocabulary.
  • Get to know the DevOps tools like Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, etc., in detail. These tools are frequently used in DevOps.
  • Understand the improved workflow of the business through online DevOps training.
  • Gain hands-on experience by working on real-time projects and assessments.

How can I complete the assignments?

Once you enrol for the Online DevOps training course, our team will help you set up your AWS free tier account, which has all the end session practicals, case studies, and projects along with the installation of tools in your system.

How long is the DevOps training course?

To make the course easily accessible to all, StarAgile has developed an Online DevOps Training course that will also run on weekends. The course is divided into 5-weekend instructor-led training.

Are any practice tests provided as a part of the DevOps Training in Chennai?

After completing the DevOps Certification course, students are provided accreditation and can start working on the development in real-time as part of the Master certification.

What is the SDLC of DevOps?

There are five functions that you are going to learn in the DevOps course online under the SDLC: 

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring

With the help of DevOps lifecycle one can make sure to deliver the project in the assigned timeframe.

What is the benefit of taking DevOps training in Chennai from StarAgile?

StarAgile has trained over 20,000+ professionals and scored 4.9/5 on Google. The platform offers online Devops training and consultation services for major IT organisations such as Microsoft, Honeywell, L&T, Intel, Schneider Electric, SunGard, etc.

What are the different system requirements for the DevOps course in Chennai?

The system requirements include:

  • A Windows / Mac / Linux OS, a minimum of 4GB RAM with 20 GB HDD Storage, and a Core i3 or above processor.
  • Internet speed: 2 Mbps or higher.
  • Headset, speakers, and microphone.

How can a fresher get a job as a DevOps Engineer?

After you successfully complete StarAgile's DevOps certification course, you can easily land a lucrative job in the DevOps domain. We provide complete assistance for your resume preparation, mock interviews, assignments, and capstone projects as well as we will also prepare you to crack interviews.

Why should I opt for DevOps online training? Is it more beneficial than classroom training?

Online DevOps training offers many benefits like cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and the ability to learn at your own pace. StarAgile offers online training to provide knowledge in the comfort of your home.

What is the primary responsibility of a DevOps engineer?

The prominent skill taught during the DevOps training in Chennai is communicating smoothly between the operation and development teams, which is crucial for the role. DevOps Certification Training equips you with the ability to work on real-world projects efficiently.

How should I pay for the DevOps course in Chennai?

Payments for the online DevOps training program can be made via Credit or Debit cards, cheques/Wallets/ NEFT, and Net banking.

Who will provide DevOps Certification training, and how skilled are they?

The trainers for the Online DevOps Training Chennai are certified. They have a working experience of over 20+ years and have gone through a rigorous selection process. All the instructors are hired after rigorous profile screening and technical evaluation by the team of StarAgile.

What certification will I receive after completing the DevOps training?

You will receive certificate of completion in DevOps Training Chennai from StarAgile and IBM.

Who issues the Completion Certificate for Devops Certification Training?

IBM issues the completion certificate for DevOps Training Chennai.

Who is the target audience group for the DevOps course in Chennai?

  • IT Professionals
  • Software Testers
  • System Admins
  • Solution Architects
  • Security Engineers
  • Application Developers
  • Integration Specialists

Is DevOps training in Chennai offered via live virtual training or pre-recorded videos?

Live online classes for the DevOps training are conducted via the ZOOM platform. These live classes make the course even more interesting as one can ask questions and clarify doubts. However, you will also be provided with the recorded lectures of the online DevOps training.

What should I do to grow my career in DevOps?

Through DevOps Training, you can acquire new skills, polish your existing skills and master the methodologies and tools used in DevOps. Register for the DevOps course to kick start your career and get a reliable job.

How does Job Guarantee* Work?

  • Maintain at least 85% attendance in live classes for each phase of the program
  • Successfully clear all the courses and modules of the program
  • Submit all your course-end projects and capstone project within the given timelines.
  • Complete all the mandatory assignments and projects within the given timelines.
  • You need to clear the mock interview once you graduate from the course. Only those candidates who clear the mock interviews and projects will be allowed Career Services by StarAgile. 
Job Guarantee is completely dependent on how the student is attending training and career preparation sessions. From StarAgile, we will provide complete assistance with your resume preparation and we will prepare you to crack interviews in the first 5 attempts. However, StarAgile provides 20+ Guaranteed interviews to have a 100% placement track record overall.

What is the cost of the DevOps Certification?

There is no separate DevOps certification cost as it is included under the course fee.

DevOps Certification & Exam FAQ's

What is the DevOps Certification Cost In Chennai?

The following table will give you a clear idea of the DevOps Certification Cost in Chennai. DevOps Training Cost includes the certification and exam fees.

S. NoDevOps Certification Cost at Different Aspects
1DevOps Training Cost in Chennai for Instructor-led Training
₹15999 - ₹20999
2DevOps Training cost in Chennai for Classroom Training (Exam Fees Included)
₹17999 - ₹20999


DevOps Additional FAQ's

Should one have sound coding knowledge for DevOps training?

To start working in DevOps, you must know coding in tools like Javascript, Java, and Python. A DevOps training in Chennai trains you to automate and develop software or applications using the DevOps methodologies.

Can a non-technical person learn DevOps?

Yes, anyone with interest can learn and work in DevOps! DevOps training in Chennai by StarAgile offers you extensive and easy-to-grasp course material. Using the correct tools and resources, you can learn DevOps very well.

How can I prepare myself for the DevOps certification?

Knowing any Scripting Language and Linux fundamentals can prepare you for the DevOps Course In Chennai.

How long will it take to finish the DevOps Course?

The instructor-led sessions as a part of DevOps Training in Chennai are constructed to suit everyone's needs. The course provides real-time hands-on training for working professionals. They can attend the training from the top instructors in the industry on the weekends for 4 weeks and receive DevOps Certification.

Mention the features of StarAgile's DevOps course.

  • Live Virtual Training for 40 hours and lifetime access to the recorded videos
  • An assignment at the end of each module. 
  • Trainers at the DevOps training Chennai are industry experts with 20+ years of experience. 
  • Upon completing the course and project, you will get a 6-month project experience in the form of DevOps certification.

How is DevOps different from Agile?

DevOps has bridged the gap between the operations and development teams. On the other hand, Agile gives importance to customer feedback at every stage and allows for handling any complex project in separate phases. To know more about DevOps, enrol in the Devops Certification Training organised by StarAgile.

Distinguish between Agile and DevOps?

  • DevOps works on continuous integrations and delivery by involving the operations and development teams to work on the same platform.
  • Agile manages its development schedules weekly by collaborating with smaller operational teams and engaging sprints.

Can I access the study material even after my DevOps certification training?

Yes. The StarAgile registered students for DevOps training in Chennai have unlimited access to the recorded study material and can refer to it anytime.

What is a DevOps Life Cycle?

The DevOps life cycle involves rigorous development, testing, and integration. Major tech giants refer to the DevOps software development processes to ensure the quality deployment of their projects.

Mention some of the best DevOps certifications available

  • To understand the basics of DevOps tools and CI/CD pipeline using the DevOps lifecycle, you should go for a DevOps course in Chennai.
  • For in-depth AWS architecture knowledge, choose AWS DevOps training in Chennai.
  • When you want to know containerisation and orchestration, select the Docker and Kubernetes certification course.

Is DevOps a reliable career option in 2022?

Yes. The demand for DevOps engineers will only continue to grow. As per IDC's claims, the DevOps software market will reach $6.6 billion by the end of 2022. Boost your career with StarAgile's DevOps certification training in Chennai.

How does DevOps comes out to be helpful to developers?

After completing the DevOps training in Chennai, a developer will create a healthy work environment by bringing all teams together and working towards a common goal. Thus, it allows the development team to look into any issues/challenges quickly. Further, implementing new features in the organisation has become simple with DevOps.

What is the average salary of an engineer working in DevOps field?

DevOps has been recognised as a well-paid job among all the other jobs. According to Payscale.com statistics, the salary in India for DevOps professionals with 1+ years of experience ranges between 4 LPA to 20 LPA, with the median salary being 7.15 LPA. One can get paid based on their skills and experience. As a result, DevOps as a career and DevOps certification training both have become more demanding in the last few years.

How is DevOps helping businesses?

  • Faster deployment
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Better innovation
  • Fewer problems or better problems ability

If you plan to implement DevOps culture in your organisation, attend StarAgile's DevOps Training in Chennai.

Are DevOps engineers also developers?

Yes, they are both developers and someone who has an interest in deployment. They work on operations as system admins and write the codes. With Devops Certification Training, you can move into development and help improve coding and deployment. 

Can a beginner learn DevOps?

Yes, a beginner can also learn DevOps through DevOps training in Chennai. But remember that DevOps is a methodology and not a standalone tool. Thus, some basic knowledge of both software development and IT operations is a must.

How is DevOps supporting various IT domains?

DevOps provides several IT firms with a healthy infrastructure and the required amount of support. In simple words, DevOps has made every IT infrastructure durable, apparent, lively, on-demand, and testable.

Is DevOps in demand right now?

The demand for engineers with DevOps certification has risen recently because many organisations have adopted the DevOps approach, which will increase.

Who issues the DevOps Course Completion Certificate?

The DevOps certification is issued by StarAgile after training and projects are completed. The projects are further evaluated by trained experts and then approved for certification. Also, StarAgile offers a 6-month project experience certification to all the participants who submit their project and successfully complete their Devops Certification Training.

What is the role of a DevOps Engineer?

Through Devops Certification Training, you can learn all the phases of DevOps life cycle management and the DevOps pipeline. After DevOps training, a DevOps engineer takes responsibility for all the work he is given, including communication with the developers in operations, development, testing, deployment, etc. Enrol in our online DevOps training Chennai to better understand a DevOps engineer's role.

How does DevOps help various organizations?

DevOps helps companies combat network interruptions, thus saving on software release costs. Thus, Devops Certification Training offers high returns on investment to any business by allowing its employees to work faster and collaborate smoothly.

Is DevOps offering the highest-paying jobs?

Yes. The engineering job after completing a DevOps course has been demanding in recent years. It has been recognised as a well-paid job among all the other jobs.

Is it easy to learn DevOps through DevOps Training in Chennai?

Learning DevOps via Devops Certification Training depends on one's skills, experiences, interests, and educational qualities. It may be a cakewalk, but for many, it may not be easy. There is no definite answer to this question.

What are the most demanded DevOps Tools in 2022?

DevOps Training Chennai offers insights into various tools that enhance the DevOps pipeline's performance. You can learn about these tools by joining the certification course for DevOps In Chennai. Here is a list of the top 10 most demanded DevOps tools:

  • Kubernetes (K8s)
  • Nagios
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Git
  • Chef
  • Puppet 
  • Selenium
  • Jenkins
  • Splunk

What to look for before choosing the best DevOps training institutes in Chennai?

Note these features to choose the right DevOps certification training institute and get the DevOps Certification.

  • Minimum 36 hours of the DevOps certification training (In-person or live virtual)
  • Project experience certificate
  • Access to recorded training
  • PDUs offered
  • Live demos of DevOps tools
  • Hands-on assignments for each module
  • Course completion certificate

Agile vs DevOps

  • DevOps encourages you to work on continuous integrations and delivery by involving the operations and development teams to work on the same platform.
  • Agile manages its development schedules weekly by collaborating with smaller operational teams.

Is it difficult to learn DevOps?

There is no definite answer to this question, but you can develop the required DevOps skills by joining the Devops Certification Training and putting in all your efforts.

What are some of the skills required for DevOps?

Some skills include cloud development, operations, continuous delivery, data, and security.

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About DevOps Certification

DevOps Online Training In Chennai

Within the software development process, the primary goal of DevOps Training Chennai is to eliminate the understanding and knowledge barrier across operations and development via real-time projects. The instructional material in DevOps Training in Chennai has been created to help the participants know the tools used.

What will you learn from Devops Certification Training In Chennai?

Due to the overcrowding of Bangalore, IT businesses have begun to base themselves in Chennai. To find the finest career, you must have DevOps Certification Training. Getting acquainted with the benefits of DevOps training in Chennai is crucial before you start looking for the best DevOps training institutes In Chennai. That is when the DevOps certification course comes into the picture. The online DevOps training in Chennai will increase the number of career opportunities.
The DevOps Course In Chennai is constructed to mold you accordingly while covering the following aspects of development, testing, integration, and deployment. 

  • The DevOps training course begins with a basic outline of DevOps and concepts like Linux and scripting.  
  • The introduction of the DevOps Training Chennai course is designed to train you on the various tools - EC2, Docker, Nagios, Maven, Selenium, and Kubernetes, that are necessary to start working with DevOps.
  • The Devops Certification Training introduces concepts like SVN.
  • It will be further broadened into a comprehensive study of GIT, its different commands, and workflow. 
  • Tools like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible are enlightened in detail
  • DevOps Certification Training includes Live demo classes to understand the configuration management basics. 
  • CI/CD Pipeline concepts and continuous integration using Jenkins. 
  • To make it easier for you to understand, the next module of the DevOps Training Chennai teaches continuous orchestration using a Kubernetes demo. 
  • How to monitor using Nagios continuously. 
  • DevOps course online also consists of several projects to help you practice better.

Attributes of the Best DevOps Training Institutes In Chennai:

StarAgile offers the following DevOps training features, making it one of the best DevOps Training Institutes In Chennai. 

  • The DevOps Course In Chennai offers a total of 36 hours of the session. The 8 live virtual training sessions will help the professionals to clarify doubts. 
  • The DevOps Course is beneficial for all as it offers quizzes and practical sessions at the end of every module. 
  • The registered students for DevOps Training Chennai can access the recorded sessions.
  • 20+ automation tools are described and taught in detail in the demo sessions under the Devops Certification Training. 
  • The students are taught AWS cloud computing at DevOps training in detail so they can start working on projects after the training is completed. 
  • The fee for both the DevOps Course In Chennai and DevOps certification training is INR 15999/- only. Under the course of DevOps Certification, students can also do a 6-month project and can get a project experience certificate along with the DevOps Certification.
  • Assignments are available after every module in DevOps Course In Chennai for the students, and they can clarify their doubts whenever they want. 

To join the DevOps Course In Chennai, you must know the basics of scripting and Linux. Once registered, you can master your skills with the various tools and gain hands-on experience. 
With the 6-month project experience and certification, StarAgile, the best DevOps Training Institute in Chennai make you excel in your career.

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