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Aug 01, 2022

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Jira, Atlassian's collaboration platform for problem-and-project tracking, is well known worldwide among agile teams. While Jira's original goal was to monitor issues, bugs, and other issues in mobile and software apps, many teams found that Jira could be used for planning, organising, and reporting. 

Teams utilise issues in Jira to keep track of specific tasks that need to be finished. An issue may be a project task, a helpdesk ticket, a leave request form, etc., depending on how your team uses Jira. Issues in Jira Software generally stand in for things like substantial features, user requirements, and programming errors.

Atlassian's Jira is a problem-and-project management tool. Jira is currently the most popular software development platform among agile teams, and as agile adoption grows, more organisations are implementing Jira. Its rapid adoption is fuelled by a recent wave of companies abandoning legacy ALM solutions.

Who Can Create An Issue In Jira?

To create an issue in JIRA, the user should have Create Issue permission in the project. Admin can add/remove the permission.

Types of Jira Issues:

The Create Issue form's fields are described below.

Type of Issue



Issue creators can set the issue's resolution priority as High, Medium, Low, or Lowest.


Similar to tags: they aid in weeding out particular kinds of problems.

Linked Issue

Issues That Are Related: These issues are related because they are either dependent upon this issue or this issue is dependent upon them. Dropdown menu options include "block," "is blocked by," "duplicate," "clone," etc.


The user can link an issue by typing its ID or a summary of related issues in a separate area.


The person in charge of resolving this issue is known as the assignee. The problem author can enter the name of the assignee.

Epic Link

If the issue fits within any of those categories, the issue creator may include an epic link.


The user can specify which sprint this problem belongs to and when it has to be fixed.

How to Create an Issue in Jira

Project management tools bring extreme transparency and help companies to meet specific goals with utmost agility and flexibility. IT developers can upskill themselves with an advanced JIRA Certification for clear vision.

In this blog, we've compiled relevant topics one might require an understanding of while working with the Jira platform. The components of the project are the problem. A task acts as a work package that progresses through each workflow in the project until the work is completed. Issues may include subtasks that can be individually assigned and tracked. You can also control problem-level security to limit problems to the selection of team members.

Create an Issue

Issue priority tag to Issues

The team can see which issues to work on next by sorting your issues according to priority. Navigate to your backlog or board and click-and-drag your issues into priority order to rank them. Here are several instances where you might use this strategy:

In a Scrum project, you might rank the issues in your backlog before including the first 10 (or as many items the team can finish) in the sprint while planning your next iteration.

When using a Kanban template, you might order the issues in the To-Do column and instruct team members to move an issue down the list as they complete additional tasks. The To Do column will require ongoing updates as priorities change under this strategy.

Restrict access to issues in team-managed software projects 

Issue Keys

Jira's issue keys serve as distinctive identifiers for each piece of work you track. They are simple to recognise and remember.

Issue keys will be displayed in the following cases:



JIRA Certification holders are always one step ahead of all Certified Professional holders, because of their technical skills. By following this article, one can easily learn the steps to create issues in JIRA. JIRA Certification helps one to operate project management software, because of its extensive features. JIRA Certification is a blooming career in the software development industry.


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