As A Scrum Master - How Well Do You Use Agile Thinking?

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A certified scrum master is not only who just follows the principles of CSM agile scrum. An effective scrum master should know the agile mindset and the agile method of thinking. Agile thinking can be described as a blend of creative thinking and strategic thinking. This means that your scrum training should teach you to think out of the box, and yet logically plan to ensure the best results are achieved by the team, as a whole. He should have the ability to balance both the thinking hats.

When you have the agile mindset, you will not worry about taking risks. It is because you know that taking risks is very important for any developmental process. Moreover, you know that you can minimize the adverse effects of the risk with regular sprint meetings, reviews, and retrospectives.

A person with an agile mindset understands that the importance of “being” is for more than “having”. As you learnt in your Scrum training, you know that you need to create the right environment in order to enhance work efficiency and performance. Bookish knowledge and theoretical understanding of the agile principles will be of no use in the process. You should think of ways in which you can practically apply the principles in various situations to resolve conflicts or improve productivity.

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A team leader with the agile mindset believes that results can be achieved only by using spirit-driven methods and not by using ego-driven techniques. He knows that he needs to motivate and encourage his team members towards better performance. Ego-stroking methods and favoritisms will not give any reliable results, even in the short term.

An agile mindset knows that results are obtained only by focusing on finding the solutions for issues rather than the problems. The certified scrum master is humble, intuitive, and emotive. It doesn’t matter what you learn in the scrum training, only if you have this mindset, you will be able to get the best output from your team.

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