What is Project Time Management?

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Aug 11, 2022

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Time management is key to success in all things in the world and when it comes to project management, it plays an important role too. When the project is going to get started, there are so many things needed to make sure that it meets its end goal. This includes resource management, cost estimation, great communication and collaboration among the teams, and much more. But one factor that triumphs all is managing the time in the project. Project timelines are very crucial and they are needed to be followed holistically. But sometimes due to certain circumstances or risks that may arise during the project development lifecycle, this timeline might get hindered.

So, to make sure that the team is prepared for it, time management is really important. In this blog, we are going to learn all about project time management and learn how this is important, what are steps needed, and what certain tips could help the project managers and team to implement effective time management in their project. Also, in the end, we are going to share where you can start your project management journey with a project management professional certification course from the best platform. So, stay tuned as this page hold great information for you!

What is project time management?

In the project, time management is done so that the project timelines are clearly defined and the team adheres to the defined timeline. This includes the time spent and progress made on various project tasks and activities. If the timeline is well planned, scheduled, monitored, and controlled, then the project will have a great outcome. As we are aware that there are six major functions that are involved in project management, and time management is one of them. Also, not only managing the time of the project activities comes under this, but this also includes various tools and techniques that are used for time management. Now we shall see why time management is important in any project.

Why time management in projects is important?

If time management is not done correctly in the team, it is going to directly impact the quality, scope, and cost of the project. If it is managed efficiently, then the team will be able to complete all those tasks and activities within the defined time and budget and will save extra costs for the company as well. As this clarifies how much time is needed, and what is the requirements from the stakeholders, this helps as a base for all the work done in the project. This structures the framework which is used for planning the activity durations, the estimations for resources, and making plans for the whole project. Some benefits of having efficient time management for project management are:

Increased productivity

The time management in the project is directly going to impact the overall productivity of the team. When you do not have the increased pressure to complete the task in very less time, you will give your best. This will also make sure that no time is getting wasted and that every second is counted. This will increase the efficiency of the team as they will give their honest efforts in the given time frame.

Less stress

Now that the deadlines are clearly defined beforehand and the team knows how much effort is needed to meet those timelines, they will not be stressed and give their best day after another and complete the task on time.

Fewer mistakes

The team is focused and they have the right time to complete the task. So, they will not be prone to make mistakes that could be made when things are not going as planned. The team will be able to close the task in a relaxed way and with lesser mistakes.

More opportunities

When the team is working in a given time, they will deliver the project on time. This way, they will have more time and budget to focus on other future prospects. So, this will open doors to new opportunities in the project.

Meeting goals and staying on budget

We all know that time is money and when the project timelines are not working, that can be a huge setback for the whole team. But when an efficient time management plan is being made, it makes sure that the resources are working their best in the given timeline. This helps the project to stay within budget and keep the value of the money invested.

Furthermore, the team will stay focused rather than worrying about meeting the timelines. This will help them to meet the goals that are defined for the project. This will lead to increased efficiency and satisfaction in the whole team and higher management.

What are the six main processes in time management?

Now that you are aware of the importance and benefits of time management, it is time for some practical knowledge. Below are six steps that can be used by the management for effective management of time in the project:

Creating the plan

Having a plan is very important and when you are working on a project, having a project plan is very much important. A project plan can be a document that will state how the project is going to be executed, monitored, controlled, and closed. This will have the objectives and scope of the project. This can serve as the official point of reference for the whole team and this will help them to work in one direction. The project can be complex but when the planning is done in the right way, the project can be completed on time.

Project schedule management process

A project schedule can be more of a calendar that will show what are the ongoing tasks in the team. This will show which resource is working on what activities and how much time is needed to complete the task. This should be accessible to all the team members. Using this, a communication bridge can be established and the team is always aware of the current progress of various tasks and activities. There could be tasks that are dependent on each other, so with a proper project schedule, those dependencies can be identified and completed on time. There are various tools that you can use to create a project schedule.

Define the activities

This is one of the simpler tasks but this is needed to be done in the right way. The activities or tasks should have clear directions to what is needed and how much time should be given to that task. There are various tools like WBS and boards that can be used to show these actives. When the project is complex, these tasks defined are very useful in keeping track of what is open as per the current timelines and what measures are needed.

Know your dependencies

As mentioned earlier, there could be tasks in the project that are dependent. So, when the project planning is going on, the tasks that are highly dependent must be taken care of with the highest priority so that other tasks can be completed on time. You should be able to schedule the tasks so that you do not lose your precious time and all the things are being completed within the deadline.

Sequence your activities

When you are scheduling your project tasks, the sequencing of those tasks becomes very pivotal. You should not focus on how much time or effort is needed for the same, but make sure that you clearly mention the order of execution. This will make sure that you are not missing out on major dependent tasks and there should not be any risk in the future related to this. Your clear focus should be on creating an efficient flow of activities.

Efficient estimations

If you want to achieve an efficient estimation of the tasks and activities, then the best way is to use the data from your previous jobs. This can give you an idea of how much time is needed to complete a certain job. You should always keep the best, the worth, and most likely scenarios when you are doing your estimations for resources and time for the given task. The resource allocation is going to affect your schedule for sure so you need to make sure that the team is responsible for the tasks that they can complete on time without affecting the whole schedule of the project.

What are the best practices for efficient time management?

If you are responsible for implementing time management for projects, then the tips below will help you get better results.

Create your task list

When you are working in project management as a project manager, it is good to have your own task list apart from the tasks and activities defined for the project. This will make sure that you do not miss out on things that are needed in the project and they are streamlined as well. You can prioritize the tasks and encourage the team to do the same.


This is needed in your own task list and also in the tasks and activities that have been defined for the team. You will have a limited time in a day and when you are doing things in their priority order then you can execute them in the given timeline. This will result in higher productivity and the tasks that are dependent on others will be completed on time as well.

Avoid distractions

When you are working on a project, there could be various things that you have on your plate. So, if you are looking for a good time management strategy then taking distractions out of that plate will help you a lot. You can have some dedicated work hours where you will focus on completing the tasks as per your task list and voila, you will be able to get the best out of your time. When the manager knows how to manage project time, then the team will also learn.


A good manager is someone who knows how to delegate tasks. No one in the project should be overburnt and it is the duty of the project manager to make sure of that. You should always try to distribute your work because being a good project manager does not mean that you have to take on all the tasks. This will not only increase the risk in the project but also have a negative impact on the time. So always keep this point in mind.

Identify issues

If you are seeing that team is not able to work efficiently, there are always backlogs and impacts on the timeline, you should be able to find the underlying issue that will help the team to overcome those bottlenecks and find a solution to those issues in hand.

Using project time management tools

Over time we have seen that there is progress in the tools for project management. If you are a good and certified project manager, then you will use these tools for efficient time management in your project. Below are some of the tools and techniques that you can use for the same:

Kanban Boards

Kanban Boards are one of the most used project management tools. This helps you to visualize the tasks in hand, prioritize them, create backlogs and manage sprints and others tasks in the project. This can help the team to manage what is in progress and track the project on a real-time basis. Here essential information can be seen very easily and the project can be managed.

Reports and dashboard

These are the tools in the hands of every project manager that they can use to share the progress of the team with the higher management. The dashboards are easy to view & understand and help the team to know about the ongoing and pending tasks. Reports can be used to see the historical data and get insights from them.

Timesheets and scheduling tools

Timesheets help in tracking the number of hours put in by the team members and it is very efficient in making sure of resource management. Other tools like Gantt charts are also very useful. Here you work with the dependencies of the tasks and easily show them. This will help you add milestones to the chart and categorize them as per their current status.

Final word

When you are working in project management, you need to keep things on track and with the right tools in hand, this task can be made easier. Time management is one of the important aspects of the project and when it is done in the right way, the team will be able to complete their tasks on time and have project deliverables on time. This will ensure that the project is on the right track and also ensures that the product quality is also maintained. The project manager will help the team to meet these deadlines and keep them aware of the progress going on in a real-time basis. With the right techniques, this will be a great achievement for the team and it will help them achieve those defined objectives and goals for the project.

Time management in projects is essential, so if you are also thinking of getting into this job profile, then the best way is to get certified and get some experience so that you can get the job of your dreams. The market is open to all, but when you have the right skills in your pocket, you can land a good job. With StarAgile, you can have the best pmp course that will help you understand all the aspects of project management including the tools needed to have effective management in the project. So do not wait for this time to get over and start taking steps toward your bright career with StarAgile.

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