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May 02, 2019

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Product owner (PO) as the name implies is the owner of the product backlog. This person is not a team but an individual. However, the entire team must agree on the decision of the PO to deliver the right product as per the client expectation. If you want to become a PO, then there is no particular qualification required. But, you need to be a people person, understand the client their requirement and good knowledge about the product development lifecycle.

There is a shortcut to becoming a PO which is a high paying job with recognition in the IT industry. Wondering how? Quickly attend a scrum product owner certification course and get cspo certification. CSPO stands for Certified Scrum Product Owner. This is offered by the certifying body Scrum Alliance. Let us understand the three levels of product owner certification in detail including their benefits, and how to obtain them to move up the career ladder.

Product Owner Certification Levels

From the above image, we can interpret that the three levels include CSPO – Advanced CSPO – and CSP – PO. 

About Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance is one of the biggest establishment for Agile Careers and Agile society. It has more than 725,000 certified and associated people worldwide. Its motto is to work on Agile development and scrum certifications.

An agile community which is part of Scrum Alliance does work on the Scrum training and certifications by involving the developers, provides certifications on Product Owner, Scrum Master and developers. Agile provides increased productivity, collaboration, and success among the people. The course from Scrum Alliance is a 2-year course in various phases and builds scrum knowledge and skill sets.

Scrum Alliance is the most practical and professional agile certifications body with a large number of professionals associated with it.

Certified Scrum

Product Owner Course

2 Days of live virtual training

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Product Owner Certification Levels

1. CSPO Certification:

What is the CSPO Certification?

One of the certifications on the business lookup is certified scrum product owner certification training. You establish the product vision, product backlog, and customer satisfaction. While the difference in terms of Scrum Master Certification is to learn and implement Scrum within the team with teamwork as the main focus.

CSPO certification benefits  are as follows

  1. By adopting Agile Practises on all industry functions leverage the career opportunities
  2. Learn and implement the core Scrum Knowledge
  3. Adopt the product owner role by having the Scrum
  4. Adopt continuous improvement among the agile community.
  5. By becoming CSPO you develop the role of the Product Owner and get the 2-year membership with the Scrum Alliance group. This helps in networking with other CSPO worldwide by using social networks, seminars, and

The basis of the Scrum is to have short, dedicated work periods called “Sprints”. After becoming the product owner you get to work with your team and customers to identify the business, understand clients and create a product backlog by adopting the CSPO practices. This cspo certification value adds a feather in your cap.

Jeff Patton #1 scrum and agile expert explains CSPO in simple terms

CSPO is about the product, understanding product benefits, Customer Satisfaction, and Experience. It is also about product design assessment, collaboration, and teamwork.

The cspo certification training teaches us what is required to become a product owner and understand the Scrum framework basics such as activities, roles, and evidence so that you can be a leader in your scrum team.

The course contents consist of problem-solving, theory and practical discussion for the 2 days course and will teach you the role of the product owner for the scrum projects. Here are the Top 10 Reasons to get Product Owner (CSPO) Certification.


There is no education qualification or experience required to get certified scrum product owner jobs. But you need to have the following qualities and there you can enroll for a course.

  • Are you looking to become and assume the role of the product owner using Scrum and agile?
  • Are you facing issues with your agile team and team’s work?
  • Are you looking for implementation and creation of backlog and designing the product team?
  • Do you have challenges in the team’s development and progress?


  • You are simply interested in CSPO and want to become the Scrum Product Owner and lead the team with a passion and feel that this is your dream role?
  • Then don’t think twice and register with the best cspo certification training institute and get certified.

Training and Certification Fee

The training fee for the CSPO 2 day’s course with instructor lead classroom training is INR 25999. The cspo training online is offered by the experienced Scrum Alliance certified Instructors which consists of Case Studies, Demo and simulations and theory, and practices. The Fee includes the 2-year membership, cspo training material, certification fee.

Exam Procedure

There is no exam, After successfully completing the course, you will be asked to accept the CSPO License Agreement and complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile.


Candidates who have completed their 2 days training will receive “Certified Scrum Product Owner” certification from Scrum Alliance. 2-year membership is included and will be provided by the Scrum Alliance

After successful completion, of course, you will be provided 14 PDU,(Category A) within the PMI and It also provides 14 SEUs (Category B) from Scrum Alliance. You can use the PDUs and SEUs for other certifications such as PMP, PMI-ACP, CSP, etc.

You will get presentations used during the course and other materials also. CSPO certification validity is for 2 years and then you need to renew.

Renewal Process

The cspo certification renewal process is the same for all certification levels and is given in detail as follows. There are two stages namely the SEU completion and submission followed by making payment for renewal.

SEU Submission

  1. Login to the Scrum Alliance Website
  2. Select your Name in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Choose “My Dashboard”
  4. Select “Manage SEUs” button within “My Credentials”
  5. Select your SEU option in the drop-down menu within “Enter a Scrum Education Unit”
  6. Fill up all necessary options

To renew your certification(s), please do the following:

  1. Login to scrum alliance website
  2. Select your Name in the upper right hand corner
  3. Choose “My Dashboard”
  4. Choose the field “Actions”
  5. Click on “Renew Certification”
  6. Select the certifications you wish to renew (required SEU and payment amount will be displayed at the bottom).
  7. Confirm your renewal process and proceed with payment (lower-level certifications that will also be renewed will be presented on this screen)

2. A-CSPO Certification:

What is A-CSPO Certification?

If you are already a CSPO and want to play a leadership role of Product Owner and Product backlog optimization with highest customer satisfaction levels and you need to advance your career, then the next step in the agile certifications is Advanced CSPO (A-CSPO) certification.

Through the A-CSPO, you’ll learn to:

  1. To learn leverage multiple business products from competing users.
  2. Work further on Product Backlog Optimization
  3. Work on the best possible features of the product to satisfy the customers and clients expectations.
  4. Make agile products and communicating them to the end users.
  5. Make use of the opportunities in product lines and make use of it
  6. Identify and make products of business value
  7. Delivering real business results by becoming a product



  • Become a leader in Scrum Product development and agile
  • Improve your implementation skills
  • Become expert from globally recognized Scrum Alliance
  • Evade the competition in your company by becoming agile expert


CSPO certification from Scrum Alliance. Successfully complete course in A – CSPO with multiple product initiative strategies, highest satisfaction of end users, enhanced product knowledge and optimized product backlog management. Successfully complete the instructor lead CSPO including the Pre and Post course work. Complete the A-CSPO License Agreement and complete the membership profile from Scrum Alliance.

Show at least 1 year of work experience in the product owner role within the previous 5 years. Show your A-CSPO by earning Scrum Education Units (SEUs) and renewing your certification every 2 years.

FYI: You need to complete at least 1-year experience as Product owner and complete the profile online in Scrum Alliance. You can take the A-CSPO course anytime after completion of CSPO certification.

3. CSP-PO Certification:

What is CSP-PO Certification?

To obtain the CSP-PO (Certified Scrum Professional- Product Owner (CSP-PO) certification), you need to obtain knowledge of Scrum and agile is applied in everyday work. You need to obtain documented training and proven knowledge in the scrum and demonstrated experience.

If you need to elevate your product owner role to the next level then you need (CSP-PO) certification.

Make informed decisions on advanced product backlog management, advanced interactions with the customers and verifying the assumptions and correcting them.

Apart from the superiority gained in by the certification and great take-home potential can be obtained with CSP-PO certification.


  1. You can attend the best CSP events with the leaders in agile and scrum industry
  2. Gain respect among the peers and command higher pay.
  3. Develop the ability to become CST, CEC or CTC
  4. You can avail platinum subscription to the world’s biggest Agile workshop the Comparative Agility.


To attain the (Certified Scrum Professional- Product Owner (CSP-PO) certification) you need to hold an active A-CSPO certification.

Required Instructor-led CSP-PO classroom training with advanced strategy and advanced product backlog management, product implementation knowledge and experience and advanced informed decision taking. Complete Pre- and Post- course work along with the Instructor-led CSP-PO classroom training and training objectives.

Complete the CSP-PO License Agreement and complete the membership profile from Scrum Alliance. Show at least 2 years of work experience in the product owner role within the previous 5 years

Show your CSP-PO by earning Scrum Education Units (SEUs) and renewing your certification every 2 years

FYI: You need to complete at least 2-year experience  as Product owner and complete the profile online in Scrum Alliance. You can take the CSP-PO course anytime after completion of A-CSPO certification.

Certified Scrum

Product Owner Course

Get certification on 2nd day

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The table given below summarises the levels of CSPO certification.

What is it
Certified Scrum Product OwnerAdvanced Certified Scrum Product OwnerCertified Scrum Practitioner – Product Owner
EligibilityBasic knowledge of product and designCSPO certified with minimum 1-year experience as PO within past 5 yearsActive A-CSPO certified with minimum 2 years experience as PO in the last 5 years
FeesINR 25999INR 35000 – INR 40000INR 50000
Exam process
No ExamNo ExamNo Exam
Certification Validity
2 Years2 Years2 Years
Renewal Requirement
20 SEU + USD 10030 SEU + USD 17540 SEU + USD 250

You can now start with CSPO by attending Product Owner Certification Training and progress to the other two levels eventually. We personally suggest you complete one certification and gain work experience before applying for the next. This will help you master the concepts in real-time and then moving for the next level will allow you to learn and earn.

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