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Apr 15, 2024

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Agile coaching requires a high amount of expertise and experience. So, not everyone can be an Agile coach. They are certified and trained professionals with core management skills.

For an individual who is looking to be an Agile coach, they should undergo ICP ACC Certification from recognised institutes. This article will discuss how to measure the effectiveness of Agile Coach.

Who is an Agile Coach?

An Agile coach trains teams in mentoring skills and team management. They coach to upgrade from the traditional waterfall model to the modern Agile approach. They guide the candidates in managing the projects efficiently and are responsible for their students learning the Agile method.

An Agile coach will

  • Partner with the candidates to help them discover their goals and purpose. They help the candidates define the solutions and the steps to achieve these goals.
  • Accelerate the Agile journey of a candidate. They do it by implementing Agile principles, tools, and practices. 
  • Sustain the different changes through educating and mentoring the candidates. They help to build the capacity that would help future organisations to grow through Agile certifications.
  • Increase the capability of the candidate to manage priorities, project visibility, and productivity and help to build a bridge between teams and leaders.

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Objectives of an Agile Coach

When it comes to being a responsible Agile coach, it is very important to understand their objectives. These objectives help to measure the effectiveness of the Agile Coach. Let's look at the top objectives of an Agile coach.

  • An Agile coach needs to provide proper training to the students regarding Agile. They need to stay updated and provide their students with all the latest trends in the industry. This would help the students to excel in their professional careers.
  • An Agile coach has to monitor their students while preparing them to use all the technologies related to Agile.
  • The prime objective of an Agile coach is to promote and incorporate Agile practices. This would help the students implement proper Agile methods in different organisations.
  • An Agile coach has to encourage, mentor, and guide the students to adapt to Agile methodologies. The Agile coach has to be with the students until they are fully versed in the methods of Agile.
  • It is not easy for all the students to grasp all the techniques of Agile. So, an Agile coach has to see that all the students adapt to these methods. Agile coach comes up with different ways to prepare the students with these methods.
  • An Agile coach prepares their students in self-coaching. This is important as it would help the students to learn at their own pace. This would help them solve critical problems without depending on their senior management. This provides self-confidence to tackle any situation.
  • The Agile coach has to see if the students are prepared for the exam. Without it, all the teachings would go in vain. So, the Agile coaches provide educational support as well.

Measure the Effectiveness of an Agile Coach

Is it important to measure effectiveness of Agile coach? The answer is yes. Without knowing the effectiveness of the Agile coach, it would be useless for a candidate to invest their time, energy, and money in Agile coach certification. Let's understand the effectiveness of an Agile coach.

  • How much are they clear about the objectives - The first and foremost criterion is to understand whether the Agile coach is aligned with the objectives of Agile. Once aligned with the objectives, they can easily impart quality education to their students. This would help the students during Agile coach certification. 
  • What is the outcome of their training? - The strength of an Agile coach depends on the outcome of their student's performance at the end of the training. An Agile coach needs to have a strong personality, where apart from teaching, they can motivate the students to excel in the exam and their professional lives. The Agile coach should focus on the following factors for better outcomes.
    • Lead time - The Agile coach should provide value faster than before without compromising quality or motivation towards the students.
    • Happiness - The Agile coach should provide the right motivation to the students so that they are excited to learn about the course. This would help the students to learn and provide better outcomes in their organisations.
    • Built-in quality - The Agile coach should work towards providing better delivery. This would help the students to ace the professional space. This would also help in understanding the concepts well and excelling in exams.
  • Adaptability to change - It is not the results that always matter. The Agile coach would be well-versed in providing the required education to the students. This would help them to perform well in the exams. But, if the Agile coach does not change according to the current industry trends, they will never be able to provide their students with the same. Ultimately not delivering the necessary results. So, it is very important to check if the Agile coach is aligned with the latest inclination of the industry.

Challenges Faced by Agile Coaches

Agile coaches face certain challenges. Let's look at these challenges in detail.

  • Restricted understanding of Agile - The world of Agile is changing spontaneously. The Agile coaches must stay updated to provide the latest versions to their students. They must be alert on all fronts, as many global changes occur. So, Agile coaches must be on their toes to help their students excel in their professional careers.
  • Growing with the students - The major challenge many Agile coaches face is when they think they must teach them. But, Learn-Agile is a methodology where the coaches have to learn and grow with their students. There is no excuse for relaxation or stagnation. If they resist this change, it would restrict their learning horizon, which would affect the students.


The job of an Agile coach is difficult. With the growing demand for Agile, it is very important to get recognised by a reputed institute under a good Agile coach. So, it is very crucial to measure the effectiveness of Agile Coach. This helps increase the coach's reach and puts them in huge demand. 

For professionals looking for a career as an Agile coach, enrol for ICP ACC certification at StarAgile. The professionals would be provided with the best training and stay updated with the latest trends in the market. Sign up to get the Agile Coach Certification today. 

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