What is Jira Story Point & How to Estimate Story Points in Jira

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Nov 16, 2023

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Get a Better Insight into What is a Story Point in Jira!

Estimations can be tricky and overwhelming at the same time. If you are searching for what is a story point in jira, your search may end here. Story points are one of the most common ways to beat the issue of underestimation that could help in getting accuracy or project completion. They are the estimation units that are used to estimate the overall effort needed for the task and its completion.

Estimation of tasks is very important with the right tools in hand, this can be made easier. The story points are given as per the complexity of the work, risk, or some type of uncertainty. These factors are kept in mind while providing the story point for such a task. This makes it easier for the team to know how much work can be completed in a given frame of time and what their capacity is. They might not be accurate all the time, but with some time, these estimations are going to help a lot for the team.

Why use Story Points?

If you are looking for the reasons why you should even consider story points, and why you should know more about what are story points in jira then below are some of the reasons that will help to change your mind and you will start using story points. You will be able to learn more about it with jira course online and see its importance in planning for project completion.

Have a better and quick estimation

If you want to have the results in an accurate manner, then going for story points while estimating your tasks is the best way. They will yield better outcomes for you and will deliver more efficiently in the project.

Improved planning

If you wish to have a better planning session and forecast the things that could be very helpful for the team in the future, using story points in Jira could do this for you. You can help your team to plan according to the things in the future like holidays and things like this. Your team will be able to commit the right time for the task completion.

Have an insight

When you are going to use story points, you are going to have an upper hand at the insight. With the already completed tasks and the story points assigned to them, you can have better planning for future tasks. This will give you a picture for forecasting. Using this, you very accurately measure the performance and simultaneously improve it as well.

Better than dates

Assigning story points is much easier and effective than doing with the date of completion of the task. This helps in making sure that the story points are assigned based on the nature of the tasks. With date, generally, the non-project work is not included which could be sending emails and meetings. But with story points, all things can be covered and this can help the team member to work based on the difficulty level not on the time they are going to spend.

A better understanding of the deadlines

When you are going to use dates for the deadline, this is going to create an image of the artificiality of the completion of the project. But with story points, you can overcome this issue. A realistic deadline can be set which is much more achievable than those dates for the deadline. They could help in getting to work based on reality rather than just assuming the deadline for the task. A jira certification could be very beneficial for making the estimations better and accurate.

Accomplish more

When you are going to use story points in your project, your team is going to have a sense of accomplishment when they are completed their user stories. They will be more committed to their work as they have an effort limit and they have to deliver within it. They could invest their time in a better way.


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Key points for story points

Underestimation can cause a lot of issues in the project planning and it might end up costing more than the value the team has estimated. With the above points which prove why story points are better, below are some key points related to them to know them better and use them in a better way.
When you are going into estimations, you need to make sure that you are estimating smarter not harder. There are many tasks in the project sometimes that could exceed the upper limit. So try to break it down into smaller pieces.
Try to give preference to the items that are in backlog. When you are going over jira online training, you will learn to clear the backlog and prioritize the items. You should assign story points to those items if you are exceeding the overall story points for the project.
Learning from the past estimates can be very useful as mentioned above. When you are going for story estimations for your next stories, you can take a peek into the previous estimations and then assign the story points. This insight can be very useful for you and you could have a better approach in the future.
This might seem a little overwhelming, but once you get into the practice of it, you will get the hang of it in no time.


Story points are part of the package and come as a standard part from Jira 7. Though they are just for Jira Agile, not for Jira Core. Story points play a pivotal role in increasing the efficiency of the tasks in the project which could otherwise create havoc in the end. The practice can be used with all the levels and will come with practice. The above points would have definitely helped answer your question about what is story points in jira.

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