Jira Bug Tracking Tool : Definition, Advantages and How it Works

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Apr 01, 2021

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Jira Bug tracking

The Jira Bug tracking tool is used to track bugs in the development industry because of its sophistication in identifying the same. Further it ensures that each phase of DevOps and SDLC is free from errors. Errors and bugs are fundamental issues in any software development and deployment. DevOps is largely dependent on tools and utilizes various error tracking tools to ensure that the issues are tracked in every phase of the DevOps lifecycle management

It is very common in a development environment to face errors which must be fixed so that software so developed is efficient, effective, meeting the customer requirements, and can function without any issues or problems. You can track bugs very early in the phases of SDLC and DevOps so that it is easy to make the software errors and bugs free and it is faster and frequently released in the market. 

Jira's defect tracking tool ensures that all the defects are identified, captured, and notified to take action in the software development.

What is the Jira Bug Tracking tool?

Jira is the widely used software that identifies, captures, notify and resolves the bugs in all the phases of software development from the coding till the release and deploying of the software in production.

Jira is an Atlassian company product for bug tracking and is most popular in the industry. The defect management in the Jira is made easy with its efficient way of finding the bugs and errors in the code with the most easily available dashboard and graphical user interface. The bug tracking is made easy with the help of Jira. It instantaneously captures all the errors and bugs in the codes. Please check up the diagram for the Jira bug tracking tool dashboard below,

Jira bug tracking tool dashboardSource


Why use Jira for bug tracking?

Jira is the choice of many software developers when it comes to bug tracking and release. It is widely used across the industry in almost all software development projects. It helps you to make an informed decision on all the software coding, platform, and testing errors and bugs so that you get a notification on the errors and bugs to take action or not in all the stages of software life cycle management. With its wide range of libraries, it captures more than 99% of typical errors and bugs in the software.

You can assign and reassign the error and bug reports to any teams to fix the errors. You can make the changes whenever the error and bugs report is sent to you using the Jira tool.

There are plenty of tools in the market that are used to track errors and bugs but nothing comes as close to Jira because of its robust features. StarAgile institute has a great Jira training online course that covers all the features of Jira and how to use Jira in any kind of software development.

Jira can be used to write test cases and it is simple too.

Advantages of Jira Bugs tracking tool

Most widely used because of its efficient way of errors and bugs identification

Bugs tracking becomes easy with Jira

Issues and bugs can be assigned and reassigned using the tool

Great dashboard and GUI for the software developers

Helps testers for testing specific issues, bugs, and errors

Jira has a great workflow for from start to finish of software development

Jira helps in issues and bugs notification

Using Jira you track the defects till it is fixed by the team

Great issues team management tool

Used in all the stages of the software development

Jira add-ons make it easy with all kinds of software languages and any type of software development and coding

You can prioritize the tasks for the team

Jira bug tracking tool has got excellent features in its workflow that can be made use of issues, errors and bugs identification, tracking, assigning the defects, and till it is fixed by the team members.

Tickets can be created to control the workflow for all the team members to address the issues and bugs.


Training Course

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How to work on the Jira bugs tracking tool?

Step 1: Install the Jira on your computer.

Step 2: Install all the libraries and required add-ons

Step 3: Setup the workflow

Step 4: Setup the tasks in Jira

Step 5: Setup the screens of the Jira tool

Step 6: Run the Jira tool on a particular software coding project

Step 7: Track the bugs with the Issues ID

Step 8: View the dashboard and view all the bus in the project

Step 9: Assign the tasks to the particular team members in the project.

Step 10: Ensure all the team members are aware of all the bugs and plan to resolve them

From Product Backlog to Work was done features of Jira.

You can use Jira as Jira Kanban or Jira Scrum. You can create the Jira workflow from the start of the product to the finish of the project that is till word done.

In Jira, the workflow is made using the tasks and subtasks so that you can capture the errors and assign them to the team. Jira can be set up by setting up the epics and user stories during the Product backlogs, then assign tasks during the sprint backlog and ensure all the errors and bugs are corrected while in the “Work done” stages.

Once you set up Jira you will get instant notifications of any errors in any of the stages. The defects life cycle management enables you to view the customizable dashboard that identifies, tracks, reports, assigns and notifies the defects till it is fixed.

Jira handles the defects by creating an issue and tasks with subtasks for the software team to address it. Once the issues are created the Jira helps in fixing the issues by notifying the appropriate team members of the issues to be fixed by him or her. You can learn Jira by undergoing the Jira training at the StarAgile institute. StarAgile is the leading institute that has trained nearly 1 Lac professionals with various professional topics including the Jira training course which covers the Jira end-to-end from installation till the issues are fixed.

Final Takeaway

Now that you have a brief idea about the Jira bugs tracking tool, ensure that you undergo training to get a complete and comprehensive idea on the Jira bug tracking tool. 

Jira learning is made easy when you enroll for an online course in Jira technology. As Jira is the most widely used tool you can be sure of getting into any software development phases as a professional who understands the Jira for effective bugs tracking. 

Do you have any questions from this blog or do you have any doubts or questions on joining this course at StarAgile, enquiry by email, chat, or by phone to know more about this training. Happy Learning!!!


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