Why Is Agile Methodology Successful?

by StarAgile

March 03, 2017
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Why Is Agile Methodology Successful?

Agile methodology has become popular in the recent times. More and more companies are adapting agile and scrum, and are looking for certified scrum masters to lead projects and teams. There are many reasons for the increased popularity and dependence on this project management methodology.

One of the main reasons why companies are adapting this methodology is because it has shown proven results. This management method helps develop team spirit and motivates team members to work with each other. Moreover, there is a sequential hand off from one process team to another. From the market research to analyst, all the necessary information is handed over to the designers, who after creating the design hand it over to the developers. After the program is developed, it is then passed over to the testers.

Sharing of information and data doesn’t just take place in a linear order, but amongst all the members of the team. This is another reason why agile methodology has been successful. The certified scrum master conducts sprint meetings and daily standup meetings when all the members in the team can participate. These meetings also allow all the team members to update the work status and also to clarify doubts and queries. A manager who has completed agile scrum master certification will be able to effectively guide the team and the members.

Agile and scrum methodology is effective because it focusses only on the most important factors essential for the project and the process. It also concentrates on designing and setting measures to monitor the success or failure of the project. As the process is continuously monitored, any problems can be easily identified right in the early stages. With proper intervention measures, the challenges can be overcome and results obtained within the set deadline.

Agile methodology is successful because it is more team and process centric rather than management centric.

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