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Dec 08, 2022

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Agile procedures must be developed and improved by an Agile coach inside a team or organisation. Agile coaches may be in-house personnel or outside consultants. A corporation often recognises the need for an Agile coach while making the switch from its current working techniques, like Waterfall, to using the Agile approach principles.

The majority of agile coaches have backgrounds in project management, product management, IT, or software development. They often have extensive knowledge of many Agile techniques, including Scrum, Kanban, and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). They are often skilled in coaching and mentoring and are able to direct and assist others in finding the best answers to their problems.

What Is an Agile Coach?

An expert in the field of project management is an agile coach. In order to assure effectiveness and the best outcomes for the company, he leads the team in following Agile techniques. You must get the ICP ACC Agile Coach Certification if you want to work as an Agile coach. With the use of Agile coach tools, an Agile coach imparts Agile ideas and concepts to teams, increasing their flexibility, efficiency, and transparency.

By enrolling in online agile management courses, you may develop a number of skills that will help you become an agile coach who can teach teams the necessary skills to become more transparent and effective.

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Tools to Use as an Agile Coach

Spheres of Influence

This utility is composed of three components.

  • Things we can control
  • Things we can have an impact on
  • Things that we cannot change, either now or ever

 Using this tool effectively requires assisting your customers in identifying what is under their control, what is within their sphere of influence, and what cannot be managed.

Knowing our own zone of influence will help us create opportunities that will benefit us both personally and professionally. We must take the necessary actions to examine the people who are already a part of our networks and who have the ability and desire to contribute to this impact. This application will map out and analyse the specifics of our current network, encouraging us to have a deeper understanding of the crucial relationships we currently have and how to use them.


Keeping a journal may be helpful as a coaching practise for a variety of different reasons. Writing in a  journal every day makes it easier to observe things and might provide creative ideas on how to pursue a goal more effectively. By providing some guidelines, coaches may guarantee that their coachees' journaling is crucial. When your coachee reaches specific milestones, it's critical to understand how they did it.

The following topics, among others, are some of the things mentors might urge their mentees to write about in their journals: progress, obstacles, setbacks, worries, difficulties, barriers, aha moments, observations, ideas, etc.

In order to improve a team, coaches must also keep a record about their observations and thoughts. Additionally, we must record accomplishments and significant occasions.

The GROW Model

A straightforward technique for problem-solving and goal-setting in coaching is the GROW model. There are four phases to it:

G for Goal

The coachee's desired outcome is the aim. It has to be stated as plainly and specifically as possible. The SMART technique may be used to construct objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based while creating this objective.

R is for Reality

This describes the circumstance that the coachee is now experiencing. The coachee explains his or her current situation and how far they are from their objective.

O for Options and Obstacles

What are the challenges or stumbling blocks preventing our coachee from accomplishing their objective? These are the choices available to us after these obstacles have been identified.

I for Immediate

Once the coachee's options have been decided, they must be converted into actions that will aid your mentee in achieving their objective.

Socratic Questions

The Socratic method of inquiry is an efficient method for examining concepts in detail. It is applicable at all levels and a useful resource for all instructors. This strategy is useful for conceptual clarification inquiries, questions exploring assumptions, questions probing reasoning, reasons, and proof, questions probing views and perspectives, questions probing implications and consequences, and questions concerning the question itself.

Eat the Frog

The term "eating the frog" refers to the practise of doing the most important task of the day first thing in the morning. Otherwise, the frog will devour you, which means that you would likely delay all day and fail to accomplish the task. Choose the most important item on the list to accomplish first.

Choosing Whether to Work Together

Due to the fact that no two persons have identical expectations and goals, conflict is an inevitable aspect of human relationships.

The Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument is designed to assess a person's conduct in conflict situations. When the interests of two parties diverge, a conflict scenario develops. In such circumstances, a person's conduct may be interpreted along two dimensions: (1) assertiveness, the degree to which the individual attempts to comply with his/her own concerns, and (2) cooperativeness, the degree to which the individual seeks to comply with the other individual's interests.

These two fundamental characteristics of conduct establish five unique strategies of conflict resolution: competition, accommodation, avoidance, collaboration, and compromise.

Force Field Evaluation

Kurt Lewin invented force field analysis in the 1940s. This approach is based on the assumption that circumstances are controlled by the symmetry between forces that drive change and those that oppose it. For change to occur, either the driving forces or the opposing forces must be intensified.

This tool is suitable for forming choices by examining the forces for and against a change, as well as conveying the rationale behind your choice.

Balancing the Wheel of Life

The pillars of life are health, money, happiness, spirituality, and the mind. Analyze the balance of these aspects of your life.

As a consequence of this activity, the coachee will have a visual map — which will seem somewhat like a spider web. This visual map will provide the client with an overview of their intended state in comparison to their existing state.

SMART Targets

Having SMART objectives in your life will help you achieve both professional and personal success and fulfilment. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound are the SMART criteria. Such objectives may make their attainment more methodical and increase the likelihood of success.


The SWOT coach tool allows the coaches to assist the teams in evaluating their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This increases the teams and their members awareness of themselves and how they must develop in order to attain their objectives.

Effective Questions

Some potent queries begin with why, what, when, and how helpful the coaches are in comprehending the team's and its members' perspective. The teams are enlightened by the responses to these questions on their difficulties and the subsequent solutions. This is one of the most efficient tools for Agile coaches.

Tips for Agile Coaching

If you want to enhance the execution of your plan, here are some tips for those who can and cannot use Agile coaching.

Create A Rules List And Make Sure That It Is Easy To Follow

Sometimes it may seem like Agile Coaches are an invincible element of your business, since they may be important in providing your staff with effective and creative ideas and practises. But in their absence aggressively guarantee that your team members are religiously conscious of how Agile Project Management performs. This may be done by producing and displaying a rules list and having them conform to the rules consistently. You are responsible for publishing and reinforcing the rules until every team member is used to closely adhering to them.

Never Attempt A Test Or Half Measure

Some components of the Agile approach are, to some degree, based on trial and error, especially when daily intervals are established during which teams may become more efficient via the use of fine-tuning procedures. Trial and error is OK so long as your adoption of Agile project management is not deemed a trial.

Rather, it is a fundamental shift in culture. When it comes to Agile management and adoption of Scaled Agile, you cannot just "give it a go." It's something you should thoroughly immerse yourself in. Attempting something in a half-hearted manner might result in certain failure in a very short period of time.

Online Face-to-Face Interaction

Face-to-face contact is not always possible in the modern work environment, in which teams are geographically dispersed. In this instance, you should aim to create an environment in which employees may connect in person as often as necessary. Consider a basic video system that facilitates face-to-face and online employee communication.

Video conferencing solutions are particularly effective for firms that are scaling up their operations and implementing Agile via the utilisation of remote employees and outsourcing.

Final verdict

If you choose to pursue a career in Agile coaching, you must get the required training and certification given by StarAgile in order to compile and utilise your own list of coach tools. With the best ICP ACC, you'll be able to become a fantastic Agile coach. You may choose from a large range of platforms, but if you go to the right one, like StarAgile, you can learn from the best instructors via their interesting programmes, which will help you get your agile coaching certification.


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