Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Eligibility Requirements in 2024

Six Sigma analysis can take on any element of production or service while having a firm emphasis on statistical analysis in expertise such as design, manufacturing as-well-as customer-oriented activities. You can enrol in the Six Sigma certification course to gain deeper insights into the Green Belt Certification format and eligibility criteria.

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Six Sigma is a data-driven method designed to accomplish immaculate quality. There are many stages of the Six Sigma certification program, where the third level of this certification is the Green Belt. The Six Sigma certification eligibility takes off with the green belt level. The general term used for Six Sigma Green Belt certified practitioners is part-time change agents. 

Duties Of A Certified SSGB Professional

They spend about 25 to 30 per cent of their term contributing to Six Sigma projects and the rest working in their respective operational expertise. Those who can do six sigma green belt certification receive an overwhelming appraisal for the functional knowledge they deliver to the project team. 

Candidates who can do six sigma green belt certification not only excel in Six Sigma but also become professionals in the process they improvise on. Six Sigma Green Belts facilitate their project teams to gather and analyze data and play a prominent role in establishing and implementing enhancements. 

Anyone who can do six sigma green belt certification receives the certification after completing a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Eligibility

Six Sigma certification eligibility has no particular criterion for any specific level. The eligibility criterion who can do six sigma green belt certification depends on the institution that offers the Green Belt certification. 


Spending time on process development initiatives or activities is a crucial requirement. Studying and answering quality questions also determines who can do six sigma green belt certification.

Being involved with LEAN, KAIZEN or various quality improvement projects is also a criterion for getting the certification. Along with that having more than 3 years of work experience in one or more expertise of the Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge is also essential. Work experience needs to be in a full-time and is essential to determine who can do six sigma green belt certification.

• Examination Insights

If you wish to achieve a Green Belt certification, you must crack an examination that comprises multiple-choice questions used to measure comprehension of the Body of Knowledge. 

 Computerized Exam

The computer-based Green Belt examination is a 110-question exam and is only available in English. 

You can only score out of 100 questions, where the remaining ten won't add anything to your score. The allotted time is four-and-a-half-hours.

• Paper and Pencil Exam

The CSSGB examination for paper and pencil comprises 100-questions, where a four-hour window is available to the candidates in English, Spanish, and Mandarin in specific locations. 

It is an open-book examination. Each participant needs to bring his/her reference materials for the same.

A candidate who clears the exam can call themselves as someone who can do six sigma green belt certification.

Salary Of A Certified SSGB Professional

The salaries of the professionals vary from one position to the other and increase with the experience.

Salaries for different posts are as follows:

Avg. Salary (Annual USD)
Quality manager
Process engineer
Quality control manager
Business process analyst
Quality specialist
Process technician

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