Is Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Worth it?

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification gives a brief introduction to the tools and techniques used to identify and eliminate defects and wastes. This certification is ideal for resource and process management. But, is Six Sigma Certification worth it?

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Six Sigma certification improves leadership skills and helps to renovate business processes. Six Sigma Certified professionals are skilled team members who use their knowledge of the methodology in real-world situations. Their responsibility is to help the business organization to control budgets, improve outputs, and work with the team to contribute to a better result. 

Six Sigma is a method of identifying and eliminating defects from all processes. It is to make sure that every process starting from production to customer satisfaction is in tandem to achieve the business goal.


Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Advantages

A Six Sigma certification benefits organizations and individuals alike. Here are some benefits of Six Sigma Green Belt certification:

Career Advancement

A Six Sigma Green Belt certification helps an individual to attain the expertise in solving problems and handling complex situations. Moreover, due to the nature of their work, they often lead people with confidence and quick decision-making skills to guide businesses during a compelling situation. 

Knowledge of Six Sigma 

Six Sigma Green Belt Certified individuals know how to use Six Sigma tools and techniques that help to identify problems and improve the process workflow using the DMAIC model(Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control). It helps to increase productivity by handling the project easily with sustainability to reach the ultimate goal.

Protect Organization From Errors

With the skills gained during the Six Sigma Green Belt course, a certified professional can help an organization, which needs improvement to provide better products or services with minimum errors. They help to improve the processes, reduce inventory costs, production costs, and quality depreciation, and increase the profit of the organization. Hence, certified Six Sigma professionals become valuable assets to the company. 

Vast Scope for Six Sigma Across Various Industries

Many individuals ignore the fact that Six Sigma is not just a tool for manufacturing and product-based industries. With their process control, certified professionals can improve the services to reach maximum satisfaction levels even with service industries like healthcare. Six Sigma Green Belt professionals can easily switch to a different career due to the nature of Six Sigma as a diverse tool for numerous applications. 

  • Provide Satisfaction

Six Sigma professionals know how to increase customer satisfaction with better quality products, creating customers loyal to the brand. They also know how to manage and increase job satisfaction with their workflow design. 

Value of Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma certification is one of the most trendy and effective courses. Due to its global nature, Six Sigma Green Belt professionals have the highest paying jobs across the globe. 

Employers are aware of the commitment and hard work it takes to become a Six Sigma certified professional. Hence, after Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, individuals have more advantage in securing a job than their counterparts since companies value the benefits of hiring professionals. 

This certification also signals that the individual is committed, motivated, and also an effective leader, which helps them get a respectable position in the organization.

Payout of Six Sigma Professionals

The chart below shows how the average salary of Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Professionals varies from one country to another. 

Country & Currency
Average Salary
102,300-102, 400


Six Sigma benefits the organization with its process management, infrastructure improvement, and inventory management. Due to its low amount of errors, it benefits the organization with lower production costs and increases brand image and customer loyalty. In the end, Six Sigma Green Belt is worth it because it helps individuals receive a commanding position as an indispensable asset with a high paying salary.

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