Six Sigma Certification Cost

The following article acts as an informative guide about Six Sigma Certification costs, uses and its future scope for career growth. The various factors such as country, mode of training and institution that affect the cost of the certification are also explored.

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Medium and large scale businesses have various projects lined up for their growth and expansion. Such projects require careful planning and implementation. Multiple factors such as budget, resources, materials and other information are necessary for it to be successful. Therefore, a qualified project manager is required for the same. Hence, a Six Sigma Certification Course acts as a bonus to help companies appoint you as their project manager. 


Six Sigma Certification is an advanced course that helps an organisation to save processing costs and improve daily activities. 

Accordingly, Six Sigma certification Course is an evolved methodology of Total Quality Management (TQM) that helps to maintain business efficiency and product quality. Moreover, it is pocket-friendly for beginners but can become expensive at higher levels. 

Categories of Six Sigma Certification

Incidentally, there are two main categories of Six Sigma which are -

  • Six Sigma Certification
  • Lean Six Sigma Certification

Here, Six Sigma Certification deals with the reduction of business defects. Usually, it pays little attention to customer value. Subsequently, Lean Six Sigma certification deals with organisational interests. It focuses on the minimisation of resource wastage and prioritises the customer’s needs. Hence, it helps to improve workflow and profitability of the business. 

Six Sigma Certification Training Costs 

Here, we will look at the costs of Six Sigma Certification levels from its beginner levels to intermediate and advanced. Keep in mind that the price may not be the same for all course providers. 

Six Sigma Certification Costs

The Six Sigma Certification Costs differ at the different levels on the basis of country. After the white belt, the yellow belt is the cheapest and the most expensive is the black belt. The table below shows the breakdown for various countries.

Course Name
Course Leve
Yellow Belt 
195-199 USD
380-399 USD
460-499 CAD
1260-1295 AUD
600-800 GBP
Green Belt
495-499 USD
400-440 USD
2600-2650 CAD
2650-2695 AUD
2000-2050 GBP
Black Belt
500-540 USD
2500-2950 CAD
4450-4495 AUD
3500-3550 GBP

Overall Training Cost Factors and Components 

The prices displayed above are estimates and are based on the average cost provided by several educational institutions. Therefore, you can easily get a higher or a lower quote depending on the course provider to whom you choose to apply. It is same with Lean Six Sigma Certification Costs.

Cost Based on Institute

Members - 338 USD / non members - 438 USD
USD 295
USD 119

Additionally, the mode of education plays an integral part in the Six Sigma Certification cost as well. Generally, online teaching and self-paced training costs are much cheaper than classroom mode of instruction. 

The self-paced training courses are much cheaper than classrooms or online modes of education. This is because candidates are taught in real-time in both classroom and online mode. Therefore, they will be able to address their questions very easily. 

Accordingly, self-paced Six Sigma Certification courses contain pre-recorded videos of tutors teaching the same. Hence, there is no real-time interaction between trainers and trainees. However, they are free to resolve their issues by chatting or participating in group conversations on online forums. 

Six Sigma Certification Cost Advice

Incidentally, a candidate is advised to start with the Yellow belt. The white belt is simply an introductory course that has little to no effect on the course.

After that, advance further by studying each level. Studying at an advanced degree is hard without previous knowledge. This way, you might get discounts if you study under the same provider. 

Some advanced levels require you to buy additional computer programmes to carry out statistical calculations. Six Sigma course costs can be higher if you opt for physical classes as opposed to online ones. However, it would be best if you chose the mode of education according to your own needs and preferences. 

Real-time training like classrooms or online will be helpful if you are a slow learner and require the extra attention of the teacher. Similarly, self-paced programmes are the right choice if you can grasp new concepts very easily without any problems. 

Key Features

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  • Trained by experienced Six Sigma expert trainers
  • 20 PDUs offered
  • Practical knowledge with Casestudies & simulations
  • Real life Projects
  • Life time access to recorded videos
  • Course completion certificate included
  • Course content aligned with ASQ
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