Six Sigma Green Belt Salary

CSSGB professionals are experts in identifying problems, reviewing data, and generating solutions to lower costs and elevate quality. They add immense value to the company and receive a high average salary in almost all countries. You can enrol in the Six Sigma certification course to gain deeper insights into the Green Belt Certification format and earn a decent salary hike.

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Salary can act as a primary motivator for many laudable professionals. Thus, a CSSGB can earn a high paygrade annually, which has made it the 10th highest-paying IT certification according to a survey in 2018.

Salary ranges are subject to variation because of their dependence on many important factors, such as education, additional skills, certifications, as-well-as the number of years invested in pursuing this career. 

Jobs And Positions For A Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Professional

An SSGB certified professional enjoys a wide range of six sigma green belt jobs salary, some of those positions include -

• Quality Systems Manager 

This professional monitors production processes in manufacturing and ensures that team members comply with industry and company requirements. 

Quality Systems Manager might also create, implement, as-well-as maintain quality management systems. 

• Quality Engineer 

A quality engineer is a vital part of any quality assurance (QA) team and creates tests and fixes any problems they find. 

They follow every step involved in the manufacturing process and also work closely with suppliers, manufacturing teams, design teams, and customers. 

• Quality Supervisor 

Quality supervisors lead QA teams throughout the entire production process. 

They supervise quality control staff and the quality management system as-well-as manage customer experience and identify safe working environment protocols. 

Quality supervisors also need to produce reports on quality metrics. 

• Quality Analyst 

Commonly referred to as QA, their duties include testing for problems and resolving any issues that arise. 

To succeed in this role, you must be able to find errors and communicate proficiently with fellow team members about those discovered errors. 

Quality analysts also work as part of a development team.  

• Quality Auditor 

These individuals identify areas that need improvement and devise a plan of action. 

For instance, they may determine where employees need additional training, resolve defects in the existing processes, and create training modules. 

They deal with the entire audit quality system process, ranging from planning to additional audits if required.

Roles And Responsibilities 

Green belts have an insightful understanding of the overall process and concepts. The following are some of their primary responsibilities - 

• Team facilitation skills enhancement.

• Analysis and problem-solving.

• Development of a Project charter.

• Lead improvement teams.

• Operate under the administration of a Six Sigma Black Belt.

• Projects within the green belt’s functional area.

• Coordination with the team of project data collection and validation of the measurement system.

• Development of SIPOC (Supplier, Input, Process and Output) structural diagram for the project.

Average Paygrade In Various Countries

The range of six sigma green belt salary will vary depending on location, industry, experience, as-well-as qualifications. 

 The average paygrade in the top 5 countries is:

Paygrade (Annual)
93,700 to 133,700
62,400 to 83,700
United Kingdom
27,300 to 40,600

For a candidate who is a fresher, has recently attained their degree, and has no industrial training or hands-on knowledge can expect lower salary as compared to the ones who have 5+ years of experience or more. Even the lowest salary is extremely high, and it only gets better with more experience.

Key Features

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