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With skilled quality management experts in high-demand, it is viable for you to build a career in the field. The same can be done by completing a Six Sigma course. Understanding how to get the best Six Sigma certification and also observing the nuances and differences in the various belts is crucial.

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


An organization partakes in countless activities routinely, and some portion of the efforts are bound to be wasted. While a business can still flourish with minimal wastages, hiring a quality management professional can eradicate even those trivial wastages.

As more ventures are getting familiar with the idea, the demand for competent quality management experts is surging. Therefore, more people are opting for professional courses like Six Sigma and join a reputed field. If you are looking to build the same, then read through and get familiar with the best Six Sigma certification.


Businesses nowadays are aiming to expand their reach worldwide, and the goal requires utmost dedication and shrewd efficiency within every department of the organization. Gone are the days when a business could afford minor inefficiencies, and a proficient quality management expert can fix the same.

If you are looking to join the big league as a quality management professional, then you must have heard about Six Sigma certification. Six Sigma can be summed up as a statistical technique utilized to improve an organization’s productivity by eliminating concurring issues.

The term Six Sigma can be associated with multiple courses, therefore confusing the candidates. Best Lean Six Sigma certification as well as Six Sigma Certification requires a lot of research on the candidate's part.

Both courses contain three certification levels:

  1. Green Belt
  2. Black Belt
  3. Master Black Belt

Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma Green Belt seems to be the best Six Sigma certification for a candidate possessing over 3+ years of experience.

You can take the Black Belt course in case you have been a part of one or two projects. The Master Black Belt certification should only be considered after garnering some experience first.

Lean Six Sigma Green or Black Belt

In case the candidate possesses some relevant field experience, then Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt would be the Best Six Sigma certification for you.

Choosing the best Certification Body

Multiple factors should be weighed out while choosing a certification body for Six Sigma certification. Ensure that the counselling body is:

  1. ASQ-certified in case of Six Sigma course
  2. IASSC-certified in case of Lean Six Sigma course.

To get the best Six Sigma certification, you need to learn from a highly-knowledgeable instructor housing expertise in every relevant field. Opting randomly can cost you money, time, and efforts, so be thorough while choosing your institute.

While picking the certification body, you need to research three vital things:

Accreditation’s creditability

While aiming for the best Six Sigma certification, there is no point in choosing an institute that is not recognized by IASSC or ASQ.

Availability of the preferred learning mode

You might prefer an online class over offline and vice-versa, so first check whether the institute offers both.


Flexibility in class timings and training duration is another crucial factor in getting the best Lean Six Sigma certification. Therefore, look for an institute offering the same as per your needs and level of experience.

Given below is the details you need to know about the Six Sigma Courses:

Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma
Number of attempts
No restriction
Twice in three months
Expiration Date
Three Years

Certification Cost 

The certification cost for the course varies from institute to institute, but here is an overview of what the fee structure looks like: 

Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma
Course Level
Average Fee
Course Level
Average Fee
Green Belt

338 USD (Members)

438 USD (Non-members)

Green Belt
295 USD
Black Belt

438 USD (Members)

 538 USD (Non-members)

Black Belt
395 USD
Master Black Belt
665 USD
Master Black Belt
665 USD

Moreover, the candidates can also avail of mock tests or sample papers beforehand to better prepare for the exam. The choice of the best Six Sigma certification depends entirely on the candidate’s proficiency along with relevant work experience.  

Key Features

  • 20 hours online Live Classroom Training
  • Trained by experienced Six Sigma expert trainers
  • 20 PDUs offered
  • Practical knowledge with Casestudies & simulations
  • Real life Projects
  • Life time access to recorded videos
  • Course completion certificate included
  • Course content aligned with ASQ
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