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DevOps Training in Bangalore targets mainstream goals of achieving continuous integration, delivery, and deployment using vital DevOps tools. Undertaking the Best DevOps Training in Bangalore provides in-depth knowledge of DevOps methodology and configuration management. The DevOps Course in Bangalore is suitable for IT professionals, application developers, and aspirants who want to work as DevOps professionals. A DevOps Training institute in Bangalore provides access to crucial skills like Git, DevOps, Maven, and more which is why DevOps Certification in Bangalore is a highly sought-after program. 

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Key Features

  • 40 Hours of Live Virtual Training
  • Hands-On Assignments for Each Module
  • 20+ years Highly Experienced Trainers
  • 6 Months Project Experience Certificate
  • Life time Access to Recorded Sessions
  • 35 PDU's offered
  • 20 Live Demos of Popular DevOps Tools
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • No Cost EMI Available

DevOps Course Certificate


What is DevOps? What will you learn from the DevOps training

The IT industry is booming with the need for an increasingly large number of DevOps professionals. DevOps refers to collaborating, testing, and developing an effective platform. It bridges the gap between the operational and development teams. It has led to an increase in demand for DevOps Training in Bangalore. The course can be segmented into controlling, automating the code, and a series of continuous integration. Professionals want to upskill their portfolios to become eligible in the field of DevOps. 

DevOps Training in Bangalore will teach candidates the objectives, tools, lifecycle, and benefits of DevOps. Professionals will learn from real-world projects and gain experience to be job ready after completing DevOps Certification in Bangalore. 

The learning objective of the DevOps certification training will be following: 

• Collaboration 

• Automation

• Integration 

• Communication 


Training For Corporate Team

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Course Reviews

StarAgile Trainer And The Training Method Is The Best

StarAgile trainer and the training method is the best. I am a working professional with 15+ years of experience with a coding knowledge still they way they teach is fabulous to attend and Quality wise no one can compare the training. Thanku StarAgile for making me a part of your training.


Mansi Sharma

DevOps Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

The Training Was Absolutely Superb

The training was absolutely superb. A great introduction to DevOps. Gives an overview of DevOps components, related processes, and primary reasons for implementing DevOps. The course is mostly a conceptual overview and discussion of elements involved, thus no tool knowledge or hands-on necessary.


Niranjan Reddy Nellepalli

DevOps Application Developer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Really Liked The Hands-on Examples Covered During This Training Program

I really liked the hands-on examples covered during this training program. Nice DevOps Course. Explains the process in detail with examples. gives you an idea of what next things you can do if you already using DevOps, It's helped me articulate DevOps concepts in the office and communicate effectively with the development and operations team.


Abhishek Jagadish

Reliability Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Excellent DevOps Training

Excellent DevOps training. it was a great learning experience. The session was completed handled on a practical based and hands-on based. Would recommend others to take training from StarAgile


Manoj Puneeth

Release Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Best DevOps Training Institute

Best DevOps training institute. Projects and case studies were given to practice for each and every tool. Trainer explained from basics to advance level. A certificate from IBM helped to get more opportunities. Thanks to StarAgile


Manoj S

Platform Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Just Want To Share That I Had A Fantastic Learning Experience With Staragile

I just want to share that I had a fantastic learning experience with Staragile. It is one of the best platform for anyone who wants to build a promising career in the field of DevOps and the best part is they even help you build it with their 100% Placement Guarantee Program. It's just great. Thank you StarAgile.


Rahul Kumar

Build And Release Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Staragile Made Me Job Ready

Staragile made me job ready. I had an Amazing Learning experience, I just completed my DevOps Certification program from StarAgile, and the trainers in the program covered all the major topics in a very interactive and innovative manner through assignments, projects and a lot of rigorous training sessions by the mentors so that I can get hands on experience in real world problems to make me a job-ready candidate.



Build And Release Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Literally Got A Job, I Wasn't Even From A Tech Background

I literally got a job, I wasn't even from a tech background. I had a great learning experience with the StarAgile Team. I am a DevOps enthusiast and wanted to learn this since a very long time, I have spent months in watching youtube videos and scrolling webpages even attended offline trainings too, but couldn’t get much out of it, but the training I got here cleared all my doubts and the concepts and even got me a job


Deepak Joshi

Release Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

If We Talk About Placements, Staragile Has Got A Great Team

If we talk about placements, Staragile has got a great team. I was assigned a dedicated mentor who assisted me in almost everything required to crack an interview. Just wanna thank the entire Staragile team.


Priyanka Sati

Site Reliability Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Highly Recommend This Institute For Placement

Highly Recommend this institute for placement. I took DevOps training from Staragile and I will definitely give them a 5 star rating for their quality training, placement portal and all the efforts of the team.



DevOps Architect

verified-logoVerified Learner

Thank You Staragile For Helping In Building My Career

Thank you Staragile for Helping in building my career.I attended the DevOps training program from Staragile, and in this 4 months of continuous training, I was completely drawn deep into the concepts and learning process, on the weekends we had lectures and the weekdays were for mock interviews, doubt clarification sessions, revision sessions and assignments. This continuous process prepared me well according to the market needs and currently I am placed at Concentrix India only and only due to StarAgile and its dedicated placement team.


A.K. Singh

Infrastructure Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Got Placed Before Even Completing The Course, Thank You Staragile

I got placed before even completing the course, thank you staragile. I am actually a fresher, and except for the interest and zeal I didn’t possessed anything, but StarAgile’s training prepared from for everything, literally everything, from basic programming to deep learning. They covered all the necessary topics in 6 months, but in the mid 5th of month I started getting Interview calls and I made it, I got placed even before the completion of my training.



Linux Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Got My Dream Job

I got my dream job. I have registered for DevOps training program with the placement option. Our trainer was Shubham Sir and he had a very good knowledge of the subjects and he taught with very relatable real world examples. With the help of all the lectures, assignments, capstone projects and briefing sessions of the placement team, I joined Fractal Analytics.


Afjal V.

Cloud Consultant

verified-logoVerified Learner

Wonderful Training, The Trainers Are Also Very Good

Wonderful Training, the trainers are also very good. Great training, challenging assignments, very professional team and generous support by all the members of the StarAgile I had a great experience during my DevOps training and got a job at Bridgei2i



Linux System Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Very Good Training At Very Affordable Price

Very good training at very affordable price. Greatly helped me secure a JOB in MNC. I had a great experience with StarAgile during the entire DevOps Training Course. The training is overall very good, the cost is also affordable as compared to other courses in the market and with the placement assistance(that comes with the course) I grabbed a job in Accenture and will be joining them soon.


Neeraj Tiwari

DevOps Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Great Platform For Growth

Great platform for growth. The teachers are also very professional. The DevOps lectures by Anuj Sir were really great, the approach he used to deliver the lectures and made us do assignments was next level. He made sure that even the slowest learners grasp everything. Overall I had a great experience with StarAgile.


Ankul Mishra

DevOps Application Developer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Thank You Staragile For Helping Me In Becoming A SRE

Thank you Staragile for helping me in becoming a SRE. For my batch, Ravikant Sir was our instructor. He covered a majority of the topics in a very effective manner through projects, real world applications and assignments. The assignments were a grill, but that hard work and dedication is the only reason I got placed at Musigma as a Site Reliability Engineer


Manoj P.

Site Reliability Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

The Pre-briefing Session Helped A Lot In Clearing Interviews

The pre-briefing session helped a lot in clearing interviews. I have just completed my DevOps training from StarAgile and I want to thank each and every member of the StarAgile team who assisted me and mentored me in this journey. The lectures were amazing, simple straight to the point and our trainer Shubham Sir never hesitated to clear doubts or answer questions. The efforts of the team were really great, especially for the briefing sessions before my Interviews. Thanks a Lot.


vijay Prasad

Security Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Very Good Teachers

Very good teachers. Lok Sai Sir is a very well-versed mentor for DevOps and he really teaches from the student’s perspective. He is very simple, concise, willing to answer all our doubts and always motivates us to push our limits.



DevOps Architect

verified-logoVerified Learner

Great Learning Environment For Freshers And Job Seekers

Great learning environment for freshers and job seekers. I am a newbie(fresher) from non-tech background and looking for job since last 1 yr . I always wanted to work in the IT sector but due to my qualification I couldn’t. Then I registered for StarAgile’s DevOps training and completed it. The training was great, simple, informative and most important they got me placed too. I would recommend this to everyone.



Cloud Consultant

verified-logoVerified Learner

The Soft Skills Training Before The Interviews Helped A Lot

The Soft skills training before the interviews helped a lot. I was very shy and Introvert type of person, and specially in GDs and PI, I could barely speak, but the StarAgile’s placement team pushed me a lot and worked on me a lot and polished my soft skills that after the DevOps training I got a job in my very second interview. They are literally available 24/7 for any assistance we need.


Ashish Suveer

Linux System Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Got A Specialised Session For All The Different Companies

I got a specialised session for all the different companies. I would like to say that the entire 6 months of training were very nice, all the modules were very well designed and the content was delivered in a very precise and easy-to-understand manner, I learned a lot. They brief us on everything required to clear that particular interview just before it.


Mohamed Fayed

Infrastructure Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

This Training Landed Me In Capgemini

This training landed me in Capgemini. I had a great learning experience with Anuj Sir and StarAgile’s Placement team. The assignments and projects are very innovative and industry oriented but also rigorous, but hard work pays off and finally, I got a job after my 6th interview in Capgemini.


Rajiv Pandey

Release Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

DevOps Certification and Training FAQ's

How does Job Guarantee* Work?

  • Maintain at least 85% attendance in live classes for each phase of the program
  • Successfully clear all the courses and modules of the program
  • Submit all your course-end projects and capstone project within the given timelines.
  • Complete all the mandatory assignments and projects within the given timelines.
  • You need to clear the mock interview once you graduate from the course. Only those candidates who clear the mock interviews and projects will be allowed Career Services by StarAgile. 
Job Guarantee is completely dependent on how the student is attending training and career preparation sessions. From StarAgile, we will provide complete assistance with your resume preparation and we will prepare you to crack interviews in the first 5 attempts. However, StarAgile provides 20+ Guaranteed interviews to have a 100% placement track record overall.

Will the Job Assistance program guarantee me a job?

Job Guarantee is completely dependent on how the student is attending training and career preparation sessions from StarAgile. We will provide complete assistance for your resume preparation and we will prepare you to crack interviews in first 5 attempts. However, StarAgile provides 20+ Guaranteed interviews and has a 100% placement track record overall.

I am a fresher. Can I participate in the Job Assistance Program?

As this training starts with the basics, it is suitable for freshers with zero DevOps knowledge. Yes, you can take part in the Job Assistance Program and get 20+ guaranteed job interviews

How can a fresher get a job as a DevOps Engineer?

After you successfully complete StarAgile's DevOps certification course, you can easily land a lucrative job in the DevOps domain. We provide complete assistance for your resume preparation, mock interviews, assignments, and capstone projects as well as we will also prepare you to crack interviews.

Does StarAgile offer 100% money back for DevOps Training in Bangalore?

Yes, StarAgile offers 100% money back on DevOps Certification. If you don't like our DevOps certification training, file for a refund of the DevOps Online Training In Bangalore on the first day.

Will there be any assignments under DevOps Training in Bangalore?

Yes, DevOps certification training course features practical sessions, projects, and case studies. The candidates who sign up for DevOps Course in Bangalore will work on the AWS cloud. StarAgile's team will help you set up AWS free tier account to complete an assignment for DevOps certification training.

What projects or case studies are part of the DevOps Training in Bangalore with Placement?

Candidates will work on the following projects under DevOps certification training:

Project 1: Demonstrating the integration and delivery by Dockering Jenkin Pipeline

Project 2: Installing Docker Containers with Dry Tool featuring containers and images. 

Project 3: Deploying Angular Application built with Angular CLI and Docker Compose for Development and Production

Project 4: WordPress Application Automated Delivery on Kubernetes

After completing the DevOps certification training Projects, the candidates will gain six months of experience.

Who will be teaching the DevOps Certification Course in Bangalore?

StarAgile features some of the most experienced teaching professionals with 20+ years of experience in DevOps Training. After rigorous tests, industry experts are selected to teach DevOps certification training.
With this, StarAgile make sure to provide the best DevOps training in Bangalore.

What is the duration of the DevOps Certification Training Course?

Working professionals can sign up for 5-weekend classes to complete their DevOps Training in Bangalore. They will work on real-time projects during their DevOps certification training course.

What are the fundamental requirements for a DevOps engineer?

A DevOps engineer must have the basic knowledge of the following;

  • Fundamentals of Linux
  • A scripting language like Shell or Python
  • Intermediate knowledge of development, testing, and deployment of software
  • Basic knowledge of Jenkins, Git, Nagios, and Chef
  • CI/CD pipeline development
  • Familiarity with AWS or Azure Cloud Services

Are there any prerequisites to enrol in DevOps Certification?

Thereare no prerequisites for DevOps training. However, knowing scripting knowledgeand Linux fundamentals will come in handy during the DevOps certificationtraining.

How does No-cost EMI work for DevOps Training?

StarAgile offers an interest-free EMI option for DevOps certification training to candidates for 3, 6, or 9 months. To apply for the No-cost EMI for DevOps Certification training, candidates must submit a 3-month bank statement, PAN, and AADHAAR cards.

How do the 3 C's work in DevOps?

DevOps methodology works on three c's, which are:

  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Continuous Deployment (CD)
  • Continuous Monitoring (CM)

In summary, DevOps involves continuous improvements, which help to maintain the software application. The steps to deploy an application starts with planning, then coding, building the application, testing, and the final deployment by the operations team. The team further looks into monitoring the application.

Is there any eligibility for placements/interviews?

To get eligibility for placements, candidate is expected to complete all the eligibility criteria like assignments, projects, technical mock interviews and any other criteria set by the career services team.

What technical skills does one learn from DevOps Training in Bangalore?

The candidates will get an opportunity to learn and master the following skills in their DevOps Certification:

  • Concepts and various strategies of DevOps
  • A version control system, cloud models, and CI tools
  • GitHub and Bitbucket
  • Relevance of Cloud in DevOps and AWS in the deployment of private Kubernetes cluster
  • Hands-on experience with private TeamCity tools, Git, Maven, and Jenkins
  • Configure test-driven and behaviour-driven framework

I am a beginner. Can I master the DevOps concept after this DevOps Training?

Yes. DevOps Training in Bangalore by StarAgile is built by keeping beginners in consideration. We understand that DevOps is extensive, and a working knowledge of Unix or Linux may come in handy. Thus, we have designed our course in a way that beginners are able to grasp the concepts easily. Along with this, the students will be provided practice exams and support from our team. Register with our best DevOps training in Bangalore to grow your career in DevOps.

How to start DevOps Training in Bangalore?

Candidates looking for the best DevOps training and wishing to earn DevOps Certification must sign up for the globally recognized DevOps Training in Bangalore.

What is the learning objective of the DevOps Certification Training?

The learning objective of DevOps Certification in Bangalore is listed below:

  • Introduction to DevOps Course in Bangalore vocabulary
  • DevOps Certification Course covers certain tools like Kubernetes, Nagios, Chef, Docker, Ansible, Git, Jenkins, etc.
  • Feedback loops and how to communicate are part of the DevOps certification training
  • Real-time projects
  • DevOps Training will feature all DevOps practices and concepts
  • DevOps Training in Bangalore will improve confidence in the automation
  • Application of DevOps training at the organization level

Does StarAgile offer practice tests in the course of DevOps Master Certification?

Yes, students will work on real-time projects during their DevOps Certification. They will be given accreditation upon completing the projects successfully.

What is SDLC in DevOps?

The Software Development Cycle for DevOps is closely taught in the best DevOps Training in Bangalore offered by StarAgile. The DevOps certification training covers the following steps of the SLDC:

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring

Why choose DevOps course in Bangalore from StarAgile?

StarAgile has the best track record of offering the best DevOps Training in Bangalore. We have trained more than 20,000+ professionals, and have been offering consulting services to many IT firms.

What are the computer and other system requirements necessary for DevOps Training in Bangalore?

  • The candidates must have a system (windows, Mac or Linux) with 4 GB RAM minimum, 20 GB HDD Storage, and a Core i3 or above processor.
  • A headset, speakers, and a microphone to connect and interact during the session.
  • Internet with a connection speed of more than 2 MBPS

Why choose a DevOps Course online?

DevOps Online Training in Bangalore will help candidates save time and give them the freedom to do DevOps Training anywhere and anytime.

What are the job roles of DevOps engineers?

The candidates who complete the DevOps Certification training course are responsible for the following job roles in any organization:

  • Act as a bridge between the organization and developers
  • Collaborate between the operation team and the management team

How can I pay for DevOps Certification Training Course?

The candidates can easily make payment for the DevOps Training Fees in Bangalore via Debit, Credit card, online banking, or using cheque/NEFT/Wallets.

What Certification will be offered after successful completion of DevOps training in Bangalore?

The candidates on successful completion of their DevOps Training in Bangalore will receive IBM + StarAgile DevOps Certification. It is a globally recognized Certification.

Who issues the DevOps Certification?

In collaboration with StarAgile, IBM issues the completion certificate for DevOps Training in Bangalore.

Who generally signs up for the DevOps certification training course?

The professionals who wish to upskill themselves sign up for DevOps Training in Bangalore. Some of them are listed below: 

IT Professionals
Security Engineer
Solution Architects
Software Testers
Integration specialists
System Admins
Application Developers

Are DevOps Training sessions live or pre-recorded?

All classes of the DevOps course are conducted online on Zoom. These interactive sessions enable students to ask their doubts and participate in discussions. Also, they get each session's recordings for future reference.

How to upgrade my DevOps career?

Candidates can upgrade their portfolio for DevOps by signing up for the DevOps Certification training in Bangalore. They gain enough skills to work on real-time projects and collaborate with industry experts in the field.

What is the cost of DevOps Certification?

The certification is a part of the DevOps course offered by StarAgile. You only pay for the course, not the certification. It can range between Rs. 15,999 to 20,999.

DevOps Certification & Exam FAQ's

What are DevOps Training Fees in Bangalore?

The DevOps training costs in India are listed in the table below:

S. NoDevOps Training Cost at Different Aspects
1DevOps Training Fees in Bangalore (Instructor-led training)
₹15999 - ₹20999
2DevOps Training cost in Bangalore for Classroom Training (Exam Fees included)
₹17999 - ₹20999


DevOps Additional FAQ's

What is the salary of a DevOps Engineer?

The DevOps Training in Bangalore with Placement offers candidates a handsome package after the successful completion of the best DevOps training. They can expect a salary between 4 LPA to 20 LPA. The median salary falls around 7.15 LPA.

Do I need to master the coding for DevOps?

DevOps requires coding but it does not mean that you need to master it. You must know how to code in Java, Python at the intermediate level, as coding is required for task automation and application/software development. DevOps Course will help you equip in coding to upskill yourself.

What DevOps tools are high in Demand in 2022?

The DevOps certification course equips candidates with on-demand DevOps tools. Some of the tools are listed below:

  • GIT

Candidates will gain in-depth knowledge of these tools and much more in their DevOps Certification Course. The DevOps Course in Bangalore offers 36 hours of teaching.

Can I access DevOps Certification course materials even after the completion of DevOps Training?

Yes, StarAgile offers lifetime access to DevOps Training material. In addition, once the candidates sign up for the DevOps Certification Course, they will access all study material and recorded sessions to prepare for the examination.

Mention some skills needed for DevOps.

Some of the skills needed for DevOps are - Cloud, development, continuous delivery, operations, data and security.

Can non-technical professionals sign up for DevOps courses online?

Yes, non-technical professionals can sign up for DevOps Training in Bangalore. However, they must have the dedication to earn DevOps Certification. StarAgile's best DevOps Training in Bangalore offers easy-to-understand study material to help beginners masters DevOps certification training course.

Will I be paid more after completion of the DevOps Course in Bangalore?

Yes, the candidates can expect a salary hike after completing the DevOps course. There is a high demand for DevOps professionals with an average salary of 7 LPA.If you wish to build your career in this field, you can attend the demo classes for the DevOps certification training course to understand the offerings of the best DevOps Training in Bangalore.

Who issues DevOps Certification?

IBM, in collaboration with StarAgile, offers DevOps Certification. The certificate offers the 6-month worth of experience to candidates who complete DevOps Training in Bangalore.

How Agile and DevOps are different?

DevOps employs multiple hyper-releases of software by working on continuous integrations and delivery with two major teams. Whereas, Agile handles development schedules by teaming with smaller operational units by engaging sprints.

What is the duration of the DevOps Course?

StarAgile's course is specially designed for working professionals. They run the course on weekends for 4 weeks with real-time hands-on training and instructor-led sessions.

What should I do to prepare for DevOps certification?

You should have a basic knowledge of any Scripting Language and Linux to prepare yourself for the DevOps certification.

State the features of the best DevOps Training in Bangalore.

StarAgile offers one of the best DevOps Courses in Bangalore. Here're the reasons why;

  • Live virtual DevOps training for more than 40 hours
  • DevOps Training in Bangalore directly from Industry experts
  • 6-month worth of project experience Certification after completing the projects.
  • Assignments after every session of the DevOps Course.

Agile vs DevOps - how are they different?

The primary aim of Agile methodology is to make developers efficient, thus enhancing the development cycle. DevOps will incorporate the operations with the development team to facilitate continuous integration and delivery. DevOps is a successor to Agile, which overcomes all the challenges that agile has with its optimized approaches.

What is the DevOps Life Cycle?

The project development cycle requires extensive development, testing, and integration. Hence, DevOps is known to be the finest software development software to have the best processes used in the project. Therefore, DevOps is used by many tech giants to make sure that quality projects are completed and delivered on time.

What are some of the best DevOps Certifications?

The candidates who wish to learn more from their DevOps Training in Bangalore should focus on the following:

  • Gain a basic understanding of DevOps lifecycle, DevOps tools, and how to utilize CI/CD tools online by signing up for a basic DevOps training course
  • To gain in-depth knowledge of AWS architecture, choose AWS DevOps Training in Bangalore
  • Learn Orchestration and Containerization via Docker and Kubernetes Certification course

Is the DevOps course in Bangalore in demand?

Yes, more and more professionals are seeking DevOps certification courses to upgrade their soft skills. Unfortunately, the sector pays well and lacks a supply of good DevOps professionals. The IDC market claims that the DevOps Software market will be worth more than $6.6 billion by 2022. Sign up for DevOps certification course today to not miss any opportunity.

How can DevOps be helpful to developers?

DevOps brings different teams together to work on a single goal. It helps the development team fix the bug as soon as they arise. It saves time for both the management and development teams. Furthermore, with DevOps the developers can integrate new features easily, and it has also improved team communication which results in better output.

How can DevOps be helpful to businesses?

Implementing DevOps can help businesses reach greater heights. Some of the benefits that businesses gain after implementing DevOps are given below:

  • Better Customer Experience
  • Effective Deployment
  • Innovations
  • High Productivity
  • Increase Profit Acquisition
  • Better Automation
  • Increase Collaboration
  • Decreased issues

Can DevOps Engineers be considered as Developers?

DevOps engineers and Developers work on code releases. DevOps engineers have to work on basic developments as well as they have an interest in deployment. They work on operations and also act as the system admin. A well-trained DevOps engineer can perform the development process and make the deployment process smoother.

I'm a beginner. Can I also learn DevOps?

Yes, you can also learn DevOps. DevOps is more of a methodology or approach for software development & operations and not a standalone technology. So, having some basic IT operations and software development knowledge will be beneficial before you start learning DevOps.

How does DevOps support IT domains?

The candidates who complete the DevOps Certification course become real assets to the IT domains. IT infrastructure aims to offer better support and safety, and it is only possible using DevOps software. DevOps makes the IT infrastructure more durable and apparent.

Is demand for DevOps increasing?

Recently, the demand for DevOps engineers with DevOps course certification has grown as many companies have adopted the DevOps strategy. As per different market research and studies, we anticipate seeing a huge demand for DevOps professionals in the future.

What does a DevOps Engineer do?

DevOps Engineer works on different phases of the DevOps Life Cycle management. They focus on pipelining and coordinating with IT developers. They are accountable for the entire team and delegate responsibility in the DevOps culture. Let’s look at other job responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer:

  • Collaborate and coordinate with developers
  • Work on operation, testing, development, and deployment

How is DevOps transforming organizations?

The main role of DevOps in an organization is to fasten the application delivery process. It makes the application deployment quicker by making the employees work together. This improves the RoI of the business. Furthermore, DevOps enables companies to combat network downtime, thus, saving software release costs.

Can I learn DevOps easily?

There is no suitable answer to whether DevOps is easy to learn or not. For some students, it may be easy, while for others, it is not that effortless. It all depends on your skills, interest, training, and resources. You can enhance your DevOps skills by putting effort into DevOps training.

How to choose the best institute for DevOps Certification in Bangalore?

The candidates who wish to do the DevOps Certification course must look at the following features before signing up for the best DevOps Training in Bangalore:

  • Minimum 36 hours of training
  • Real-world project experience
  • PDUs
  • Lifetime access to recorded videos
  • Demo Sessions for DevOps tools
  • Assignment at the end of each session
  • Course Completion Certificates

What's the major difference between DevOps and Agile?

The development and operation team work hand in hand in DevOps. Continuous development, testing, deployment, and then delivery is the procedure in DevOps. However, Agile is iterative and mainly focuses on collaboration. Customer feedbacks are checked on every stage with Agile methodology. Earn a DevOps Certification by signing up for StarAgile’s DevOps certification training course.

Is DevOps challenging to learn?

There is no definite answer to this question. To be successful in a DevOps environment, you must acquire proper skills and knowledge. However, it is possible to become a DevOps professional with the right resources and proper training.

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About DevOps Certification

What is DevOps?

The very name indicates what DevOps could be. It is Development + Operations in one hand for every product development. In the past, both these functions worked in silos and that had several disconnects. However, the DevOps life cycle includes the testing team, operations team, and the development team working together and this is a cultural shift adopted from the agile methodology.

DevOps Certification in Bangalore

DevOps Certification course is one of the most demanding courses today. The increasing application of DevOps operation in product development is remarkable. DevOps Training in Bangalore aims to equip candidates with various DevOps tools. The DevOps Certification course trains professionals in DevOps Life cycle management.

How to choose the best DevOps Training in Bangalore?

Online training is becoming more and more preferable. DevOps Course in Bangalore from StarAgile helps candidates acquire expertise in not only one area but focuses on the entire product life cycle. It is one of the effective ways to learn and implement DevOps software.

Every high-performing DevOps team is built on a culture of shared ownership, openness, and faster feedback. According to the 2020 DevOps Trends poll, collaboration and problem-solving are the most crucial characteristics of a thriving DevOps culture.

Professionals sign up for DevOps Course in Bangalore to upgrade their portfolio. However, the DevOps Certification in Bangalore is not only for developers or software engineers. Even professionals from non-technical backgrounds can sign up for the DevOps course from StarAgile.

The certification program helps them move higher in the hierarchy of authority with a pay increase.

What are the steps to choosing the best DevOps Certification in Bangalore?

Candidates must understand their learning needs to select the best DevOps Training in Bangalore. They can follow the steps given below to choose the best DevOps Training in Bangalore:

Step 1: Look for a DevOps course Online. A professional doesn't have time to visit the training institute to acquire skills. Look for DevOps training that offers live or virtual sessions.

Step 2: Inquire about the trainer's experience and expertise in the field. Candidates must verify the profile of the trainer.

Step 3: Check if the DevOps certification course feature real-world project as its content.

Step 4: Ask questions to assigned counsellors as to whether you will be working on the real-world project as an assignment or not.

Step 5: Lastly, check the fees of the course and determine if it's in the budget.

What is the cost of the best DevOps Training in Bangalore?

StarAgile offers one of the affordable DevOps certifications in Bangalore. The candidates need to make a payment of INR 15,999. The best part about the package is that it comes with EMI for 3,6, and 9 months. And, if any candidate doesn't like the course, they can ask for a refund within seven days of signing up.

Why choose StarAgile for DevOps Certification in Bangalore?

StarAgile offers the best DevOps training and here is the reason why you should sign up for DevOps Course in Bangalore:

  • 36-hours of training
  • Effective customer Support
  • 20 Live Demos of almost all DevOps tools covered
  • Study Material and recorded videos for a lifetime
  • Job Success Guarantee.

Why DevOps Training in Bangalore?

Bangalore is the IT hub of India and outsources software to countries abroad. The city is offering many DevOps jobs as companies are adopting continuous integration, development, testing, and deployment to develop quality projects. Thus, there is great job scope for the people who have done DevOps certification in Bangalore.

Who is eligible to sign up for DevOps Course in Bangalore?

Professionals from any field or sector can sign up for the DevOps Online course. The candidates will be rigorously trained in the development, system administration, and software testing. Technical and non-technical professionals are welcome to sign up for DevOps Training in Bangalore. However, having a basic understanding of Linux or other scripting knowledge can come in handy.

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