Why Project Manager should get PMP® Certification?

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Oct 16, 2023

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The world is big and so is the population. You need to make yourself competitive to find a place to stand. Why this philosophy you may ask? But, I have an answer. Every one of you studied hard and work towards getting placed in a well-paid job. Again you work harder to get promoted and see to it that you increase the earning potential year on year.

Educational qualifications can help you during the first few years of the job hunt. Later on, you must look at getting certifications relevant to your work experience. Getting technical certification is one option and a managerial certification is another option. A technically qualified person will find your job in one area of focus. On the other hand, managerial certification will fetch you a position any project.

Yes, I am coming to the point now and you need to get a PMP® Certification when you gain experience to become a project manager (PM). With experience, you can become a PM but with a certification backing your experience, you will earn more respect in the industry.

Let us understand the main reasons behind getting PMP® training and certification. We will analyze these two perspectives. One is from the employee angle and another from the employer viewpoint. Both will converge at one place and that is when both the employee and employer come out in flying colors.

Without beating around the bush further let us move into the actual details. Make a note that this blog is not written as just a flow of thought but has carefully researched for statistics to help you understand about the pum certification advantages.

Top 7 reasons for PMP® certification from employee and employer perspective

 Employee Standpoint

1. Job opportunity

The first and foremost thing that we need to discuss is about career growth for an individual. Only when there is more opportunity, then an individual will have promising growth in career. Therefore getting certified will offer more jobs across the world and find below pmp® certification jobs in India alone. You will be astonished!

                    PMP Job opportunity by location

Source: PMI.org

You can see that there are plenty of jobs available for project management in India. But, one can get the job offered only if they prove their talent. Getting PMP® Training from the reputed training institute will allow you to win the race among many competitors.

2. Salary

                   PMP Certified Salaryx`x

Source: PMI salary survey – 9th edition

From the above graph, you can witness that PMP® certified professionals will be paid on between USD 10000 and 25000 based on the country they live in. In India, the PMP® median salary is INR 18 lakhs. Yes, you will now agree with the salary earning potential and accept the pmp® certification value. At this juncture, we are bound to give you a comparative picture of the salary earned by PMs with and without certification. Only then our discussion will be complete. 

This survey further extended to do a comparative study and you can feel glad that there is a 20% difference between the salary of a PMP® certified vs non-certified PMs. If you look at this country wise then you see South Africa on the top of the list with 47% difference. The topmost paying country for PMP® professionals in the descending order includes Switzerland, Australia, USA, India, and the UK. Therefore in this perspective also pmp® training course wins the race. 

Check Out PMP Salary for more information

3. Recognition

Obviously, when you earn the certification you will have a better recognition not only in attending the interview but in your existing project. It is because PMI has designed the pmp® certification syllabus in such a way that it has obtained recognition globally and has high standards. Hence when you attend pmp® certification classes you stand above excellence and learn many detailed concepts for becoming a professional PM

4. Agile – Knowledge

Most of the companies are moving towards Agile approach and to be precise 71% of companies have embraced Agile methodology. PMs can apply for PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) and still hold their place in the organization. 

One more supporting data says that companies have started doing away with excel sheets for project management and the percentage has gone down from 74 to 67. This will now demand PMs understand the tools used in tracking data and work in progress. PMP® course material covers all aspects of using advanced technology and tools like to Asana, HanSoft, Scrumpy, Trello, etc.

You must go with the flow and choose the best PMP® training institute to master Agile concepts. 

Employer View 

So far we have been looking from the employee shoes such as growth, rise in salary, etc. Now, let us focus on the need for PMP® certification for PMs from the company standpoint. We mentioned that there are so many job opportunities for PMP® certified professionals in India and abroad. Let us now analyze the reason behind the same.

PMP Certification


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5. Customer Prefer PMP® certified professionals over other PMs

Every company treats the customer as the king. Project development life cycle focuses on the need of the customer and then designs the entire structure. In this scenario if we look at the need of these customers they look for PMP® certified PMs.

Until 2010 and before it was only government clients were looking for PMP® certified PMs but now every organization has started insisting on the need for PMP requirement. One article presented in CIO.com by the IBM director Steve DelGrosso made a note of the customer need for PMP professionals. In that, he mentioned that due to the rising need by the customers in IBM alone 14K PMs out of the total 25K professionals attended pmp certification training and got certified. 

                                      Demand for PMP Certified

Source: PMI.org 

Find the graph above that indicates the demand for PMP® certified PMs Customer-wise. Irrespective of any industry you must accept that there is a overall rise in demand for PMP® professionals. 

6. Common platform

Companies believe that PMP® certified professionals can handle customer, business and people in a common manner. They will learn a common speaking language and hence the business will find it easy to close the deal in a phased manner. Project managers mainly involve in communication. They either talk to the team or to the customer. 

They can interface in a uniform manner with the skills acquired in the training. For instance a certified professional will know the difference between the free float and total float, also they know how to conduct a procurement audit as well as a performance review. They will help the team and client to achieve their goals in a smooth fashion. 

7. Structured project management 

All those who have experience as a project manager in at least one project will appreciate this point. Yes, nothing can happen as per expectation in project management. Every PM should be on the toe to manage the unexpected. It could be the project outcome, team behavior or client’s requirement. Everything is volatile. However, a trained PMP professional can handle things in a structured manner. 

Bottom Line 

In summary, getting a PMP® certification will make you a complete professional. You can widen your career prospects, earn money, get recognized and become an agile professional. Also, you can contribute to your employer by understanding customer needs and providing the right outcome. Further, you will become a seasoned professional to handle all business situations. 

We would suggest you to apply for a pmp certification online course and get certified. The pmp certification validity is for 3 years and you can renew it with a professional development unit (PDU) after that. Today’s investment will fetch you a huge ROI year after year. Think wisely and act quickly.

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