What is AWS DevOps ? Top 8 AWS DevOps Tools, Best Practices

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What is DevOps - Introduction

The traditional IT with operations and development individually faced many problems, such as the developer had to iterate again and again the SDLC, a lot of bugs in the applications, unable to find the bugs and mistakes early but only after the execution is complete, development was not faster, plenty of wastage in terms of time, many defects, loss of efficiency and loss of profitability. 

Operations faced issues to manage and maintain the applications once the applications were developed, such as incorrect configuration, IT infrastructure was managed disparately, lots of incidents, the configuration of the systems were not perfect and increased lead times, loads of security issues, etc.

Then came the DevOps, which means the combination of operations and development together. The DevOps is the culture that provides continuous development, continuous testing, configuration management, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous monitoring. They were in one cycle now without having the disparate processes. DevOps life cycle management consists of Plan, code, build, and test of the Development phase and deploy, operate, and monitor of Operations phase. How they are integrated with the most popular DevOps tools is shown in the diagram below.

The phases of DevOps are integrated with the DevOps life cycle management as shown in the diagram below.

phases of DevOps    

The benefits of DevOps when compared to traditional dev and IT is as follows

  • Frequency of deployment is faster
  • To achieve a faster rate to market
  • Improve the recovery rate to high value
  • Lessen the lead time between the fixes
  • Lessen the failure rate of new releases
  • Orchestrate the Dev and IT

What is AWS  

First, we need to know what is cloud computing. Cloud computing is a technology where you access and store data in a remote infrastructure and it is hosted in cloud service providers. It contains three service models namely the IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS - Platform as a Service, and SaaS - Software as a Service. Also, the 4 deployment models namely the Private, Public, Community, and Hybrid clouds.

AWS is an abbreviated form of Amazon Web Services which is a cloud service provider to the customer offering all the 3 service models and 4 deployment models. AWS cloud computing solutions offered are reliable, scalable, cost-effective, easy to use, and flexible. AWS was launched in the year 2002 however the cloud offerings were offered only in the year 2006. By 2019 it has in its portfolio around 100 cloud services offerings.  

The most popular and core services in AWS are listed below,

  • Compute
  • Application services
  • Storage and Content Delivery
  • Network
  • Databases
  • Analytics & DevOps
  • Deployment and Management
  • Administration and Security
  • Mobile Service
  • Enterprise Applications

Each service has several modules and applications on which these services are built.

AWS Services

AWS and DevOps together - what is AWS DevOps

Above we have seen what DevOps is and what AWS is.  We need to see what is AWS DevOps or DevOps AWS mean?

AWS, the cloud service provider offers DevOps as a service to the developer and Operations with a host of tools. DevOps AWS is the host of tools to help with the following,

  • To manage the complex IT infrastructure and SDLC environment very easily
  • Increases the efficiency of all the key processes in the Software development life cycle
  • To manage by automating the low-value manual tasks
  • Orchestrate the infrastructures tools and processes
  • Promote an integrated and improved work culture
  • Faster releases on the cloud
  • Fix the Bugs and errors on time
  • High Profitability and revenue generation
  • Build  highly scalable and secure applications on the cloud
  • To deploy the integrated applications on the cloud

DevOps AWS is the offering which most of the software developer and operations community prefer in the cloud. DevOps AWS transforms and disrupts the way traditional DevOps has done in the private environment. DevOps AWS is easier and offers scalable applications at a low cost. If you want to develop small or large applications that otherwise require expensive infrastructure, a large number of human resources and hosts of Dev-QA-Prod environments can be done at a fraction of cost in DevOps AWS. The system can be integrated and automated and DevOps AWS can offer all these and Dev-QA-Prod environments on the cloud. 

DevOps Training

Overview of AWS DevOps Architecture

The sample DevOps AWS architecture is shown in the diagram below,

DevOps AWS architecture

The most powerful process is the EC2 which is expanded as an Elastic computing cloud. It helps the organization to easily configure VM’s and other infrastructures on the fly. EC2 helps the organization to manage the compute, network, and databases only to the extent the organization demands and is very cost-effective and efficient. 

From the diagram, we have VPC which stands for Virtual Private cloud, where you can configure the web servers and databases on the fly for highly scalable web applications. From the architecture, we can find that there is Amazon S3, ELB, DynamoDB, CloudFront, and Amazon Route 53 to support web applications. DevOps AWS cloud to support the DevOps AWS architecture is explained further below.

  • Amazon S3 – This web service interface helps in storing and retrieving data from and to the web at any time.
  • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) – It is virtual load balancer which controls the traffic to the web applications
  • DynamoDB  – This is an AWS database system that supports the data structures. It has main benefits such as backup and restores, auto-scaling and memory caching for web-scale applications  
  • CloudFront – This is the content delivery network service which delivers high-quality streaming videos, data, API's and applications to any part of the world with low latency and high transfer speeds
  • Amazon Route 53 – It is a highly scalable and highly available Domain Naming Service which helps users to find web applications on the cloud from virtually from any part of the world. 

Top 8 AWS DevOps Tools

There are many AWS DevOps tools and the top 8 AWS DevOps Tools are listed below 

  1. Code Pipeline – To have a visual view of the end to end delivery process
  2. Code Commit – It is a source code repository in the DevOps AWS
  3. Code Build – This is the build service tool
  4. Code Deploy – This is to configure approvals and code deploying the tool
  5. Lambda – A code deploy tool without the underlying infrastructure can be configured with scaling and usage rules.
  6. EC2 – Stands for Elastic compute cloud for managing and configuring the infrastructure on the fly.
  7. Cloud Trail – It is a tool for knowing who is doing what on the cloud for your architecture
  8. Cloud Watch – It records events for the applications and services and is required for knowing what’s happening on your architecture.

AWS DevOps Best Practices

  • Using DevOps AWS tools you can configure and deploy your resources for easier, flexible, and scalable applications for your organization.
  • Use DevOps AWS for cost-effective and efficient solutions for your enterprises
  • Use EC2 to the maximum extent to manage and configure the Infrastructure
  • Use Cloud Watch to log the events on your cloud services
  • If you have a tight budget and you do not have the underlying resources go for the DevOps AWS cloud.

We feel glad to take you through this journey via our blog to explain what is AWS DevOps. Further, if you want to master what is AWS DevOps and work on it, then register for a DevOps course with us. 


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