Top 7 Advantages of AWS

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Given its large-scale popularity, AWS or Amazon Web Services does not require any formal introduction. It is a web-based platform providing scalable along with cost-effective cloud computing services.

It also offers a number of on-demand processes, like content delivery, compute power, and storage of databases, to help organizations measure and achieve immense growth. In the whole world, it is among the most adopted cloud platforms, which works on the concept of the pay-as-you-go.

Spread across a total of 245 countries, AWS dominates the public cloud market with a 39% share. There are 200 AWS solutions across varied times, serving millions of consumers like Samsung, General Electric (GE), Slack, Netflix, and Coca-Cola.

Amazon Web Services is a protected, steadfast, and versatile cloud solution provider and the most sought-after cloud computing solution in the market. AWS has a wide reach because of the quality of its services, advantages as well as support.

Advantages of AWS

The AWS cloud platform offers a number of advantages to businesses. AWS comes with out-of-the-box features and server-devoid computing benefits for users. Some of the essential advantages of AWS are as follows:

1. Ease of Use

Ask anyone who has undertaken AWS DevOps certification training, and they will tell you how easy it is to use this service. It has been specifically designed to help application providers, vendors, and ISVs to host their applications in a safe environment without taking much time.

You can use well-documented online services APIs or AWS Management Console for accessing the application hosting platform of AWS.

2. Mobile-Friendly Access

It is easy to access AWS on mobile. There are two ways you can do so, and they are through AWS Mobile Hub and AWS Mobile SDK.

AWS Mobile Hub helps the users in accessing the attuned and fitting attributes for their apps. It is convenient to create, examine, and monitor different apps using the features of AWS Mobile Hub. AWS Mobile Hub also offers various other attributes like content delivery and message push notification.

Conversely, AWS Mobile SDK offers features like React Native, Android, Unity, IOS, and Web support. These attributes help the users in accessing different Amazon Web solutions like DynamoDB, AWS S3, and Lambda.

3. Secure

AWS offers a protected and regular standard infrastructure where users need to offer money for the services they are actually using. AWS offers a wide assortment of solutions in terms of security. One such service is IAM or Identity Access and Management, where an admin manages all kinds of access to the users so they can make the best use of available services.

Recently, AWS has also presented tools that help in the automatic assessment of assessing security risks. The users also get tools with proper hardware and software encryption, protection for Distributed Denial of Service attacks or DDoS, Transport Layer Security certificates, and separation of all kinds of dangerous traffic against varied apps.

Then you also get an Amazon Inspector that can be used to automatically assess the cloud placement of a user for identifying deficiencies and various other threats. In the same way, the private cloud feature helps users in making private or public instances based on individual requirements.

4. Pay per Use

Dissimilar to the other platforms, AWS does not make the users spend their money for all the services, and AWS users need to pay for the services, resources, bandwidth, and storage that they actually use. The pay-per-use feature is one of the most critical advantages of AWS for businesses that want to operate within an affordable range.

5. Storage

You get high storage that can be used either as combinational or independent storage. High storage EC2 instances can help the users with major input and output apps like Data warehousing and Hadoop. The different storage options available include:

  • EBS or Elastic Block Store can be effectively used along with EC2 or Elastic Compute Cloud instances that help keep data persistent.
  • Simple Storage Service helps in offering storage through an online interface.
  • Glacier is mainly used for long-term storage, where data not used on a frequent basis remains stored in a protected environment. Glacier offers storage for data archive and backup.
  • Elastic File System is storage used for apps and assignments present in the public cloud.
  • Storage Transport Devices are for different business purposes. These include Snowball and Snowmobile, which can easily be transferred from one spot to another. Snowball effectively transfers data in and out of AWS at the cost of 1/5th less than that of transporting data online. Snowmobile is used to transfer large quantities of data by trucks holding different hard drives for data petabytes storage.

6. Multi-Region Backups

AWS offers several regions where users can store their data. These regions are availability areas forming through failed efforts in varied zones. One of the essential purposes of Multi-Region Backups is launching EC2 instances in any location to protect the users' apps. In case the areas fall into the same region, expenses and network dormancy will be less.

The regions can be in varied geographic counties or areas, and the users have the flexibility of choosing regions as per their convenience. A third-party service or Cloud Ranger automatically backups data in varied areas.

7. Scalability and Reliability

With AWS, you get an infrastructure that measures based on usage. Scalability has become the most excellent solution for large business organizations as there’s no need for any additional resources.

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The Bottom Line

The attributes of Amazon Web Services are advantageous in several fields. Scalability, pay to per use, and location backups are essential features that make this service different from the other companies. Do you like to know more about AWS? You can take the AWS DevOps Certification course that offers technical expertise to operate and manage different services.

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