Scrum vs SAFe

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December 12, 2019
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In order to learn the dissimilarities between agile and safe agile, it is necessary to have a proper opinion of what is Scrum, what is agile, and what is SAFe. So let's go topic by topic and study them in detail.

What is Agile?

Agile is an iterative strategy where the task to deliver a software product is divided into small bits of assignments. This will direct us to bit by bit delivery instead of full delivery at once.
One of the major benefits of delivering the job bit by bit is that we can act on the changes required on the delivered tasks bit quickly and positively.

A project divided into small bits is, at times, referred to as user stories. This breaking down of the plan into small bits heads to proper prioritizing of the tasks, continuous delivery of the bits which might have been at once, and we can see a pro-active approach by the team working towards the triumphant delivery of the project.

What is Scrum?

Scrum is an agile process structure, with its basic importance in Software Development. It is used to manage complex managing tasks. Although it was developed for managing the software development tasks slowly and gradually, it has started spreading in other complex tasks across enterprises.

It is designed for a team of ten or fewer members who break their work into smaller parts/pieces. Multiple tasks are iterated in a single sprint (normally fifteen days cycle is assumed to be a sprint). A project is submitted in multiple sprints. There are usually scrum meetings organized every fortnight, where the major discussion is about which all tasks are in priority and which all can be taken during the up-coming sprint. Tasks are assigned to the individual team members during the scrum meetings, and accordingly, the sprint works.
These meetings are hosted by Scrum Master.

Certified Scrum Master

What is SAFe?

Scaled Agile Framework is abbreviated as SAFe. Scaled Agile Framework help organizations to achieve success in complex tasks using an agile framework and developing the system at a scale.

SAFe is the world's leading agile framework, and it is used across the industry. It is used by hundreds of organizations in the market to drive faster work to complete the tasks before time, improve the quality work, increase the productivity of individual team members, and to improve employee engagement across the table.

It is designed for continuous business development. Also, it helps in delivering value-added products on a predictable and defined schedule. It creates a knowledge bank for the team members, which is derived from the experience, principles, and practices that are followed while using SAFe in an enterprise.

Scrum vs SAFe

What is the Difference Between Scrum and SAFe?

To understand the difference, let us first differentiate it with the principles of both the concepts which will give you in-depth learning about the concepts, and also will make sure that the difference between the concepts is visible.

-    Scrum is an iterative method of developing a product that centers on the regular delivery of the tasks assigned in a particular software development project. It is dependent on cross-functional teams, set of stories (sprints) & some specific roles that help in delivering the assignments. It is developed for a team of ten or fewer people working in a sprint.

-    Whereas, SAFe, which stands for Scaled Agile Framework, is an approach of calibrating the SCRUM to make it worth the bigger teams of an organization working on the same product.

-    The limitation of SCRUM, which is meant to increase the productivity of a team of not more than 10 people, is withheld in the case of SAFe.

-    SCRUM is an agile framework for a team. Whereas SAFe is a SCRUM of SCRUMs, i.e., it is an agile framework for an enterprise. It is not limited to small teams.

-    Scrum is a tool to divide a task into small manageable pieces of tasks that can be done by the cross-functional team members within specific timelines. Scrum is reliant on 3 big processes that are used to plan, organize, administer, and optimize the process of Scrum. They are,

●    A Product Owner is responsible for initial planning, organizing a team to work on the project, and communicating the required information with the company. They work as a bridge between the company and the client.

●    A Scrum Master is responsible for dividing the tasks into smaller bits. Dividing these smaller bits into sprints and taking care of each sprint and its delivery. They stay in touch with the Product Owners/Managers to properly understand the client's requirements and get the required output from the team.

●    A Product Developer is responsible for taking care of the tasks assigned to them during the sprints and its on-time delivery.

-    A Scaled Agile Framework is a little bit different from Scrum. Instead of covering the agile framework across the team, SAFe includes the agile framework across the organization. Secondly, SAFe focusses on team management, portfolio management, and product management. It majorly focusses on release planning and development, which is a major difference where Scrum somehow lacks. SAFe is divided into 3 major tasks,
●    Lean Product Development
●    Agile Software Development
●    System Thinking

-    Now let us consider the differences in other areas, SAFe has continuously been in the scenario of major criticism. Everyone has their way of thinking. A few critics have a view that SAFe is naive when it comes to field testing. Some say that it is simplified for all the teams across the industry.

-    Some say that SCRUM is more practical, whereas few are of the view that SAFe is more practical. In any case, considering the last few years of work, SAFe has always dominated SCRUM because SCRUM has a major drawback, i.e., SCRUM is for a team, and SAFe is for an organization.

-    SAFe has a benefit of riping benefits in any case of work as its anyways uses an agile framework only. But, it considers an enterprise as a whole.

-    SAFe needs crucial planning, and it takes more time in its analysis as it focusses on the whole organization. SCRUM does have a crucial plan, but it is not time-consuming as analysis takes lesser time as compared to SAFe.

-    One more difference which you need to keep in mind while implementing any of the agile methodologies in your organization. SCRUM can easily be customizable, whereas SAFe is not efficiently customizable as it is a SCRUM scaling process.

-    Using SCRUM, you can deliver your tasks quickly, whereas it is time-consuming in the case of SAFe.

-    SAFe ensures faster delivery in larger organizations where everyone is working on single product development, and employees are not divided into smaller teams.

-    There is a good reduction in the delivery of defective products if SAFe is used.

SAFe Agile Training

To sum up, SAFe and SCRUM are methodologies that use the agile framework as per the specification. If you are implementing the agile framework in an organization where members are divided into teams, then SCRUM will be a better process to implement. But, if an organization is focussed and working on a single product (Also subject to the number of people working. It should be more than 10 people), the SAFe will be a better option. In both cases, there is a substantial increase in the productivity of the work, quality of the work, and on-time delivery.

SCRUM or SAFe depends on your requirements and focuses, which differs from organization to organization. The final decision and goal cease on your side to attain success.

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