What Is Scrum Testing in the Scrum Project?

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Apr 25, 2022

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The methods used for software testing are changing very drastically and all the organizations are always looking for the ways in which the testing of the software can be made when they consist of complicated processes. One such way of doing that is Scrum Testing. There are many teams in organizations worldwide who are switching to this method of testing the complicated processes for their software. And there are all the right reasons for doing so. So in today’s article, we are going to learn more about Scrum testing and unearth various concepts related to it. First, we will give a fresh look at what is scrum and why teams are going for scrum methodology in their team, and later on, we will dive deep into the scrum testing and know all about it. 

Scrum in Project

Scrum is a framework that is used by companies to resolve some bottlenecks coming in their way while also ensuring that the deliverables in the projects are not impacted. There are many situations in the project lifecycle where many things change and there are many complicated processes, but with the help of scrum, those can be handled very easily. This framework makes sure that the quality of the product that is being delivered at the end of the project is high and it should not have any impact because of the complicated problems or issues in the way. Even though it is light to understand, if you are looking to master it, there is a lot of practice required. For this, you can go for scrum master training and make sure that you are familiar with all the things needed to ace this role.

There are many people involved in the scrum team which comprises- the product owner, the scrum master, and then there is a team of developers and testers. One of the major features of scrum is that it consists of small development and deployment cycles so that it can make pace with the changing needs in the product, these cycles are commonly known as sprints.  There are many release cycles in the scrum project. Not only this, in the scrum project, you are going to find the repetitive meetings and milestones that are happening on a regular basis. The work that needs to be done is known as stories which make sure that the work is there when the release day comes. 

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Testing in Scrum

There are various complicated processes that need to be checked in order to determine the quality of the product being released in production. The testing needs to be done and various parameters like the quality, and the performance. So, for complex software, scrum testing is very much needed. Now we know about what is scrum in software testing, let's see about the objectives of scrum testing.

Objectives and advantages of Scrum Testing

1. The objectives of scrum testing in the team are very clear and it is done for the below purposes:

2. Using scrum testing, the quality of the product that is going to be released is determined.

3. The scrum testing in the team is done to know about the complexity of the project and the upcoming functionalities.

4. This plays an important role in unit testing and helps the team to develop various functionalities easily.

Now coming to the various advantages that come with scrum testing in the team, some of them are discussed in the article below:

·  If you are looking to have software that can perform various complex tasks, going for scrum testing is needed in the project. This can help in knowing the performance of the product with various complicated processes.

·  With the proper implementation of scrum testing in the team, the reusability, the performance along with the quality of the software can be determined. This scrum testing can help in increasing those in time of the development and then help in delivering the right product in the end.

·  Not only this, you are going to have a better return on investment when scrum testing is being used in the projects. This is going to have better customer satisfaction as the functionalities and new features are tested extensively by the team which ensures that the high-quality product is being delivered to the customer.

· Using scrum testing, the unit testing of the product can be achieved efficiently. There are many times that the team faces issues with unit testing, but when the scrum testing is one for the stories, the unit testing can be much easier.

Reporting Scrum Testing

Various metrics can be used in scrum testing and two of them are:

Burndown chart: This is the graphical representation of the tasks or work that is pending against time. The work that is yet to be completed is plotted on the y-axis against time on the x-axis. This is kept by the scrum master who keeps track of the time remaining to complete the tasks assigned for a particular sprint.

Velocity chart: To represent the work done by the team in each sprint, a velocity chart is used. It is a bar graph that shows how much work is being handled by the team in each sprint. This is very helpful as using this; the team can see how much work they can complete in upcoming sprints.

Best Practices for Scrum Testing

There are some common practices that can be followed when the team is going for the scrum testing. Some of the best practices to be followed are mentioned below:

  1. The best way to make sure that nothing is missed in the testing is to have a single engineer test the program. The engineer will be familiar with the process and in this case, nothing will be missed as they have tested it already and know how to raise concerns regarding this.
  2. Make sure that you treat the new bug and the regression bug differently as they are different. The new bug can be found and solved but if the regression issue is coming then it is most likely to come again. This does not need just to be fixed at that time but given due to resolve it properly. This is needed to be addressed separately and carefully.
  3. When the teams are coming together, they are going to achieve more. Make sure that the developers and QA team are working together in the testing. This will help in seeing the issues early in the project as they have a different skill set that can be used to perfect the scrum testing.
  4. To make sure that the product or the software is all ready to be used by the end-users, the team should make sure that they are testing on different platforms or equipment. This will make sure that no errors come when the software is going live.
  5. Automation testing is the best way to find out the results for the fixes that you have done for the regression. It will compare the results and will let you know if the plan works.
  6. Having ready-to-use test scenarios are very helpful when you are going for scrum testing. This is going to save time and effective scenarios can be created which can be used to deliver efficient testing of the services or the product.

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Coming to the end of the article, we have seen that scrum plays a great role in the success of complicated projects, and using the right methods in the scrum, the team can achieve what is planned. Also, scrum testing is very much needed to make sure that the complicated processes are being carried out in the right way. The team can work with others in the scrum and make sure that everyone is aware of their work and then deliver it on time. We have also seen that in scrum testing there are various sequences of testing that are repeated over time and this is done to make sure that the product is ready to work with the complex processes.

Now if you also want to become a scrum master of a thriving team, then going for scrum master certification can open various doors for you. There are big names in the market that are always looking for certified scrum masters and you could be one of them. So set your career on the desired path with StarAgile and the best course for CSM Certification for you and work in your dream job now.

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